Survival Mode Coming Back in 2020 ?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by HEALB4, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. HEALB4 Level 30

    Dear Devs, since the latest Content has been just lame considering how easy it is/was , why not bring back a Survival Mode Event in early 2020 ? Gear is pretty much ready and there won´t really be that much until the next episode hits.

    Would like to hear Feedback from Players and Devs , thanks.
  2. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    There needs to be some challenge. Why gather op stuff and elite gear when we do stuff 1st day with old stuff. This doesnt make any sense to me at all. So I highly agree on SM.
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  3. dresserball Dedicated Player

    I would prefer if SM just stayed up year round. I didn't play it much but others enjoyed it.
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  4. Fleurrougee New Player

    I was thinking the same anyway the fiture will tell us
  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I would love to see a Metal themed SM.
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  6. nawanda Loyal Player

    Once a year please.
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  7. myandria Item Storage


    I think Survival Mode needs an endless version; have all the enemy npc's in the game challenge you at your current CR level and increase the difficulty with each successful defeat. If you go through them all, repeat the enemy lineup and continue increasing the difficulty. This would allow solo and duo modes to be included with the 4-man Survival Mode that was offered before.

    The Survival Mode vendor should also be flexible with currency; items under 14 Data Chips should cost Source Marks. All Survival Mode items should be account bound as well; that would make them seem more exclusive and not just overpriced broker items.

    If Survival Mode were to return, it should re-launch after the Summer Event and before the Halloween Event; usually there is little to do in the game at that time.
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  8. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Solo survivor mode will never work.
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  9. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Go solo an alert or raid. It's more fun than SM. :p
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  10. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    My idea from back in September... #4

    "They need to make Survival Mode more visibly interesting.

    For instance, why have us battle in an obvious room? I've long stated how nice the Olympus raid was. Because even though it was a confined area it was outdoors. The walls weren't as psychologically obvious. This is what we need.

    My idea...

    + Take the central park area of Metropolis and adjust the benches and debris to make the fight area. Not a complete circle, just one where the boundaries are obvious but not intentional
    + Have iconic Heroes, Villains, and generic NPCs fighting all around us. Make us think we're part of something bigger.
    + Add Mobs - Have them run into the fight area rather than just appear.
    + Bosses - A ship quickly passes over and the bosses jump out and land like we do when falling.

    I think this would be pretty damn epic.

    We could do the same thing in Gotham. But there we could do a more supernatural theme. Or even Black Lantern one. Where instead of the enemies dropping down they could rise from underground like Swamp Thing does in the Seasonal."
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  11. gemii Dedicated Player

    Wasnt last season around April or May and ended in july? id imagine a season 2 would release around that time.
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  12. HEALB4 Level 30

    Yep that have been my thoughts for years aswell. Great idea !!
  13. High Troller Loyal Player

    i suggested batcave sm many years ago. while still maintaining 8-player (to keep traditional trolls that wear troll gear relevant)--revisit outer, inner, and subconstruct. instead of waves of adds, you have the usual adds (more or less) that appear in the regular raid. can be optional, but builds supercharge between "boss rooms".

    FWIW, I do not approve of 1-, 2- and 4-player SMs because of the SM community making controllers "battle troll" to get through higher rounds. Trolls that wear troll gear should be encouraged to wear the top troller gear from the vendor and run SM.
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  14. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Never so Never
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  15. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    SM could have replace the value, lock box, and time capsule.
    Use the bell revee start with item level 1 thur the highest item level ???

    Let run by yourself or q up with 2 players, 4 players, 8 players
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  16. Brit Loyal Player

    I would strongly prefer 8-man survival mode. I washed my hands of the 4-man version within a day or two.

    As a support player, it seemed odd that I spend all year gearing and working hard to become the best possible healer/controller/tank, to the point that I can solo heal or solo tank the Elite endgame raids, and then when Survival Mode is introduced, it is with an announcement of "Surprise! You will operate with only half of your regular group, and all support players are going to be expected to have some hybrid Battle-Whatever gear and loadout if they want to be competitive."

    It's like training for years to be an Olympic level boxer, and then the day of the Olympics finding that you've actually been entered into Kick-Boxing. Close, but still a whole world of difference.

    If the endgame elite content and endgame elite gear is built around 8 player raids, then Survival Mode should be 8 player. If the most challenging content is intended to shift to a four-player situation, then we need Elite Alerts so that we can be practicing in 4 player groups to prepare ourselves.
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  17. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Thats funny for someone that wanted a 4-man player sm:). To be honest, I was not very interested about an 4-man sm, myself. However after I experience it I somehow enjoyed it.
    My sugestion would be to use both 8-man and 4-man SM, there is no need to waste all the work that has already been done.
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  18. gemii Dedicated Player

    Yeah I like that idea both a 4 man and 8 man.

    The 4 man can stick with the 1 boss theme and the 8 man should have adds/bosses through the whole fight.
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  19. The Anxient Loyal Player

    It will never work. Tanks will be the only ones able to excel at it. Then everyone will come here crying "guess survivor solo is only for tanks. " It will inevitably get nerfed so other roles can compete. Then even average tanks will be blowing through it.
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  20. gemii Dedicated Player

    Players would still aim for a battle troll but you would probably have more groups available that wouldn’t care whether your one in an 8 man SM. I plan on getting my claw artifact to at least 160 maybe even 200 if I have enough nth metal during double xp weekend. 1 troll to pump out regular power and 1 battle troll with the claw to buff the groups stats while doing damage :)
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