Survival Mode Base Items (Guide & Trade)

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    I wanted to make a guide/trade center type of thread about Survival Mode base items for base decorators and people who don't know about the exsistence of these items.

    All of these base items randomly dropping from survival mode rounds (1 to 30) since Survival Mode Season 1. They also can be purchased from Survival Mode vendor during survival mode event.

    I did not list non-themed survival mode items like tapestries, teleporter signs etc since they do not related to 4 main survival mode themes.


    Survival Mode - Oan Sciencells (

    Conduit Console

    Electromagnetic Dynamo

    Green Orbicular Lights

    Oa Porthole

    Oan Charging Console

    Oan Gateway

    Oan Monitor

    Oan Systems Interface

    Reinforced Synthium Crate

    Small Synthium Crate

    Synthium Barrel

    Synthium Shipping Crate
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    Survival Mode - Trigon's Prison ('s_Prison)

    Cathedral Bell

    Clutching Damned

    Cocooned Damned

    Demon Worm

    Demonic Stone Seal

    Emissive Demonic Sconce

    Hellish Pile of Parts

    Impaled Damned

    Large Demonic Spire

    Maggot-Infested Grinning Cat Doll

    Meat Hook

    Meat Hook with Meat

    Otherworldly Demon Skull

    Small Demonic Spire

    Used Guillotine

    Wall of the Damned

    Weeping Damned
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    I listed the items I have and I will be updating them as time goes on. (Im still debating on adding price tags to base items. Selected items can be in broker and because of that prices can vary time to time. TBD.)

    Pick the items you want and you can; dm me on forums, mail in game, dm in game.

    Server: USPC/PS
    Villain toon: Water Steam

    Items in stock:

    Survival Mode - Oan Sciencells
    • Conduit Console x 3
    • Electromagnetic Dynamo x 2
    • Green Orbicular Lights x 5
    • Oa Porthole x 3
    • Oan Gateway x 1
    • Oan Monitor x 3
    • Reinforced Synthium Crate x 1
    • Small Synthium Crate x 18
    • Synthium Barrel x 12

    Survival Mode - Trigon's Prison
    • Cathedral Bell x 2
    • Clutching Damned x 10
    • Cocooned Damned x 8
    • Demon Worm x 3
    • Demonic Stone Seal x 2
    • Emissive Demonic Sconce x 2
    • Hellish Pile of Parts x 4
    • Impaled Damned x 2
    • Large Demonic Spire x 1
    • Maggot-Infested Grinning Cat Doll x 1
    • Meat Hook x 13
    • Meat Hook with Meat x 2
    • Otherworldly Demon Skull x 3
    • Small Demonic Spire x 2
    • Used Guillotine x 1
    • Wall of the Damned x 3
    • Weeping Damned x 13

    Survival Mode - Fortress of Solitude
    • Lunar Landing Scene (LexCorp Logo) x 6
    • Lunar Lander (S.T.A.R. Logo) x 3
    • Sunstone Ceiling Light x 11
    • Sunstone Divider x 1
    • Sunstone Floor Console x 3
    • Sunstone Module A-B-C x 4
    • Sunstone Window x 8

    Survival Mode - Happiness Home
    • Apokolips Energy Monitor x 12
    • Apokolips Exam Device x 4
    • Apokolips Induction Fan x 4
    • Apokolips Logistics Terminal x 1
    • Apokolips Propaganda Monitor x 2
    • Apokolips Propaganda Screen x 1
    • Apokolips Status Monitor x 2
    • Apokolips Wall Light x 18
    • Granny's Special Monitor x 7
    • Happiness Home Nightlight x 12
    • Robotic Blade Arm x 3
    • Robotic Ceiling Blade x 3
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