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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by NerdOfPrey, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. ForumJunky New Player

    The question you want to ask is why is my league so much better than yours. Also just to point out, I think OP is washed and well new league are taking over, time to sit the bench and wait till we post YouTube videos so you can copy what we do :)

    good luck to all the PC league dominating in SM and can us USPS HEROS, please step it up and let's beat PC! :)
  2. Radiohead Restored Active Player

    my league has beaten an sm... have you seen a round past 15? :cool:
  3. Benn 10 Committed Player

    This game is to dead for forums and server/faction beef. Lol #Justsayin
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  4. Skeptikraze Well-Known Player

    More to come!
  5. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I ran this Yesterday Afternoon with my League and all I got from Rounds 1 & 2 was a Frackin Soder Extreme each time.
    Round 3 I finally got a Crappy White Color Shirt and a Base Item...IS This Crap Normal?
  6. BIGBOYSEAN132 New Player

    Usually you will get a base item as well
  7. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Must have been my cruddy luck
  8. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The shirt comes from every second round, so you would get one in Round 2, 4, 6 etc., not Round 3. I have had the same bad luck as you with odd numbered rounds though, usually just getting a soder each time.
  9. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Ahh ok, Glad i am not the only one feeling shafted by each round
  10. Loche Developer

    A couple of things to point out here:
    1. There is a slight tell for the lasers. The target will show and you will need to move very fast
    2. There is a mechanic that will help you avoid the majority of the laser attacks (I have seen at least one group use it)
    3. Base items have a chance to drop every round. There is a 50% chance to get something from the generic list and a 50% chance to get something from the SM specific list.
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  11. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Lol on pc you can't even start on round 1 on villain side.
  12. BigDaddyDru New Player

    Allright, it's time for Daddy to share his ever so valuable feedback concerning Survival Mode > Happiness Home:

    Firstly, I absolutely love the Laser Mechanic in this SM. Frankly and Realistically speaking, I'm certain all the Elite & Competen(t) participants of this SM are aiming to get the almighty Round 15 Checkpoint. I really don't see anyone beating this Survival Mode with both these Lasers AND immensely powerful Bosses out there. Batwoman & Stompa at R18 will make sure of that (I won't even BEGIN to fathom that Round).

    The first 2 points from Loche in the above quote couldn't be anymore True. As you will see in the below R11 USPC Server First Video, there is certainly a method which CAN be used to avoid the lasers the MAJORITY of the time.

    Additionally, Super-Speed and Acrobatics users have a HUGE advantage in these Higher Rounds with the lasers in that these players can crawl up the wall and avoid danger AND they move FASTER than Flyers when it comes to Picking People up. If you are Flight, I strongly recommend you start farming those Super Speed Exobits in Central City so you can get Super Speed for this SM. That Drone which constantly grounds you in this SM has made your Flying capabilities absolutely worthless.

    Trust me, I am a die hard Flyer myself, so I can understand any resistance to changing from Flight/Skimming. Luckily for me, I have the Joker's Jet-pack, so I always have the OPTION to Fly whenever necessary. But if you aren't so lucky, then you need to find a way to go Super Speed or Acrobatics for this SM. I can assure you, your performance and survivability will both increase GREATLY! ;)

    In Conclusion > The race is on to get the ALMIGHTY R15 Progress Point. Any group who captures that Progress Point is sitting in a VERY comfortable Throne. My people and I are definitely after it and I'm certain my fellow Elite & Competen(t) SM players in the other Servers are already working hard while I'm wasting time typing this post.

    I'll leave the below Video as a refresher for everyone to see all the Bosses from R1-R10. This way, you know who you will be facing throughout R11-R20 (I'm still dreading Batwoman & Stompa :()

    P.S > Credit goes to my good sir: Skeptikraze ;)

    As always > Stay Competent my fellow Survival Mode Friends! :cool:
  13. Hyper RL Level 30

    Solo Healing R11
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  14. Nawtae Well-Known Player

    That's not solo healing ****. You exploited it. You have 0 respect from me, and for you to be proud about it?! Are you serious.
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  15. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Exactly. I have no idea why anyone would consider this a "legit" strat. You're basically avoiding all of the mechanics of the room. And then to boast about solo healing this round when you are in ZERO danger of anything, I don't get it.
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  16. Nawtae Well-Known Player

    I sent the video to Loche and Mepps. I hope exploiters get banned.
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  17. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I didn't even watch the video but wow thanks for the heads up. That's not intended. It can't be. I'll give him props for the creativity and thinking outside the box but that's just breaking the rules man. Other healers who beat round 11 and 12 on USPS didn't even use this makes this guy look bad.

    I'll bet I'm going to get some snarky reply and to that I will say this:

    I am not competent and elite enough or worthy enough, good sir! Please leave me alone! I want no conflict!
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  18. Stark23 Committed Player

    He should have been competent and elite enough not to post that video. So funny.
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  19. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Oh. My. God. Elite & Competen(t) my behind! Ridiculous.

    I don't believe Sun Tzu said in The Art of War to stand on an invisible platform.
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  20. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    When he said that......I was like...what does a video game have to do with military tactics and The Art of War?! Do you truly take the game this serious?

    It's like in Star Trek where Captain Kirk says: "What does God need with a starship?"
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