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  1. Kreachure Committed Player

    I'm convinced that more streamlined alt leveling would help the player retention issue.
    It's a game where you can be whatever super hero or villain you want with almost limitless customization. People want to create multiple characters and play on them often, but don't want to grind as hard as you need to for artifacts or allies. How have they not realized this? lol

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  2. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Alts have been in a terrible place since long before artifacts and allies. Did you guys farm exobytes for multiple toons? Thats horrifying to the imagination. I like it this way, personally. I don't want it to be reasonable to have 12 maxed out toons. Too many variables.

    If you get bored... just change your power for a week. Its way less daunting. You get to have one good support role and have a life too. Its pretty cool, man.
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  3. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player

    Before Arts and Allies, sustaining alts was actually really easy. I easily maintained 4 different toons with 2 complete gear sets with maxed crafted gear mods on both sets. Total recovery kits made that possible.. It was nice cause although I ran 3 alts (outside of my main), my alts felt like mains cause they had everything my main did from gear, skill points, mods, etc. The biggest “cash grab” then was total recovery kits if you wanted to take that route and replays for skill points which even then is pennies compared to the money required to rank a legendary ally to 10 or an artifact to 200.
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  4. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player

    As much as I would love for artifacts and allies to become account bound, even if you gave me 20/20 vision and a telescope I couldn’t see that happening. The sad reality is it’s too much of a $$ loss on them if they were to take that approach. I wish we could meet in the middle and maybe have some sort of system implemented where we can “replay” arts and allies or get the xp requirement cut in half if you maxed it on another room cause there’s 0 way I’m getting 2 rank 10 legendary allies along with rank 200 Strat, Trans, EoG, Quizlet, DKS, Philosopher’s, Scrap, Solar Amp, and Amulet on all my toons at full price. It killed my desire to play anything outside my main which is depressing cause I do like playing alts, just not when they’re performing only a fraction of what my main can cause my main has far more actual money invested in it.

    Something needs to change with this system we have now. Hopefully the devs can acknowledge this issue and make this game more alt friendly cause it absolutely isn’t in this current state.
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  5. Caroline Dedicated Player

    When, years ago? Totally, but like what Proxy said - things change. And with allies it has only become harder to support the game.
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  6. GermanM Committed Player

    Sadly this game in many aspects has reduced to a competition of who is the best dps of all times. Nothing else seems to matter for many players. Of course i cannot talk for the 100% of the community, but we know is a higher percentaje.
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  7. GermanM Committed Player

    I suggested in another forum thread that they give us lower versions of the artifacts we've brought to a decent level. for instance. if we raise one to lvl 160 the base dispenser could allow us to get a level 120 one with an alter (Only one time). We all know that developers make money from the seals and nth metal they sell, but I think giving us artifacts at 120 under those parameters would not be very harmful, on the contrary, it could encourage some to spend some on retry badges to increase the stat points of the alters. That could help, but we have to see if the developers like it.
  8. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

    And this is what's pushing players away. If you're a troll your main job is to buff the dps now. If youre a healer your main job is to fill the dps supercharge. I have 700 sp and have solo healed almost everything in this game. Doesn't matter anymore if im not running 3 supers in a raid because healing is so easy with artifacts that all I need is a priority heal and a group heal.
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  9. GermanM Committed Player

    I heal too, and i can´t care less about the EOG request´s that dps´s put over healers and tanks, my job as healer is keep people alive, noi boost their damage. That´s why i carry PHR, POD and Trans. If they want EOG they can use themselves or find another healer.
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  10. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Can't recall when. Could of been a year or so ago. Either way, you were pretty rude to people about the topic and acted like money was nothing. But glad to see you see our side of things now. I agree with you. I barely play alts anymore because its futile.
  11. Caroline Dedicated Player

    I remember the situation and I didn't mean to be rude, but have you heard of the saying: "You get what you give" ? Many, MANY have been rude to me in the past and I could never let that slide. Not in real life, not in the game and most definitely not on the forums.
  12. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Yeah I dont care about all that other nonsense. Just recalling what I saw. Either way. Alts have been dead for a lot of people in this game for a long time now. Artifacts and allies have ruined them.
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  13. GermanM Committed Player

    Artifacts mostly, yeah, they are toons prison´s, those puppies are the main problem. I lost the count of how many people i had invited to the game and they run because of that predatory system.
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  14. PrimaryMercenary New Player

    Artifacts/Ally as a whole is the problem, the devs never prepared themselves for such a dedicated system and it's original intent was to make gameplay more interesting but now we rely on it to be effective in DCUO. So making it available across the board might be harder than we think or tbh might be impossible for them to do. In my opinion they could allow the A&A (artifact and ally) experience to be easier maybe sell a pre 120-180 artifact or 7/10 ally for 20-30 dollars in the marketplace for so just to balance it out or with wishful thinking, they find a way to make artifacts and ally leveling tied to the users account.