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  1. Caroline Dedicated Player

    I love playing on alts, but the more new artifacts and allies we get - the harder it is to keep them up to date. I know you'd say "just stop playing on so many" or go as far as to simply change powers, but it's just not who I am. I like playing on multiple characters, but I also want to be able to play on them freely and be just as good on them as I am on my main.

    I try to help multiple leagues with all roles, therefore having alts does help, however I can't maintain them properly. It feels like the game has become way too cash grabby... I can't afford having a lot of legendary allies and I most definitely can't afford having a lot of artifacts either.

    Another thing that gets expensive with the more alts you have is resetting content and buying feats, leveling up augments, gear and such.

    So Devs, is it possible to think about an alternative way of supporting alts in a more money, time and energy efficient way? Would it be so bad if we were to share the same augments, the same skill points, the same artifacts, allies and such between our characters?
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  2. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I would say the first thing we have to figure out is what we actually need.

    When it comes to artifacts, its quite easy to tell that its most likely Nth metal. But when it comes to allies it could be either ally favor, catalysts or both. For adaptive augments its usually catalysts.

    With all those different resources its quite difficult to find a proper solution that wouldnt give players that only use one character a great advantage, ultimately leading to the same problem.

    The easiest solution is account-wide unlocks. All progress among certain systems is shared and can be used by anyone. That would simply not be feasable and could only be tackled by making the ranking-up process even more tedious. The thresholds would need to be increased by x2 or x3 in order to account for the potential revenue loss.

    Another option would be to only grant shared account progress for one system. If the decision would have to be made on whether its artifcats or allies, i would choose artifacts, since many players have already built up a massive amount of XP in form of artifacts and there is less intention to actually buy XP from the marketplace.

    Something that could work would be a collection system for artifacts, wich saves the artifact on the highest breakthrough across all characters. That artifact can then be redeemed by any other character with the same amount of XP it would have for the max. current rank possible. In order to still have an incentive on sales, the breakthroughs could not be shared.
    This would mean that if i have a Demons Fang on Rank 120 on my main character, i can redeem it on any other character with 167659 XP, but without breakthroughs applied.

    There is one major flaw in this system however. Since artifacts can be fed into each other, this would be incredibly easy to exploit. The only ways to tackle those, are to either make all artifacts not able to be fed into another one, or applying that restriction only to artifacts redeemed through that collection system.
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  3. UT Firefly Well-Known Player

    that brings me at least nearly to my problem too.. fine we dont need really money for that BUT the OP items DESTROY play with alts...i know i know focus on your main ...but lets be honest i dont do alts if i just wanna use a main....anyway i talk about the loot stuff since the quintil shardes in the 31 metro its horrible to chatch up all chars with the highst lvl of the op gears all u got is stuff for nearly each box....

    but what about higher our plektrons..and all this stuff?...i mean we can buy it at the vendor BUT we need also the stuff for the breaktrough (amp) so we dont got mutch choices as focus on one on both things

    a long text short we need alot more Plektrons and this stuff or alts become totally useless to play
  4. fightfriend Active Player

    I really agree with this, I have a toon with full 200 arts yet I don't have time to play on it, and with the ally system it has become even harder with thr amount of ally favor and source marks required.
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  5. GermanM Committed Player

    Like someone (sorry i dont remember the name) said in another thread, this game was not designed to have alts, only a main character and a lot of mules, if you want an alter capable of run elite content and stuff (if you only wanna do normal content well... that´s another history, is very easy) you have to invest a lot of time or a lot of money. I love alts, i get bored playing with only one toon, but this game make´s difficult, i only have two character and is like a hell have then both in endgame. But well let´s hope this change in the future.
  6. GermanM Committed Player

    I would love see things focus in that, but i see it difficult. They cannot give skill points because that will impact in their sales of Retry Badges. They cannot give us much Nth metal or seals because that will reduce their income in those things too.
    Ally favor seems not matter much to them because they are giving it for free in the STU event (doctor fate sell a stack as well) the hard part is have alliances, but you can buy those if you farm :)(Doomsday and fos 3:() Source marks.
  7. zNot Loyal Player

    If you wanna run Elite raids on a super endgame competitive mostly meta type of alt sorry but thats too much to ask for,alts do fine for all content except when you are trying to have everything to compete at top end against other maxxed toons but it should also be clear that a alt is a alt and not a main and if you want to have it as main you should be putting that effort into it and not expect to get 2-3-4 alts at max because you have one maxxed out one.
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  8. Tolly Committed Player

    same complaint here: ;)

    To make DCUO more enjoyable on artifacts DCUO should really take the idea of engravings linked to the account on Lost Ark, this is really the only really fair idea to do for this part of DCUO, as suggested in the link above.

    DCUO should be more in the air of MMORPG 2022 than still being in 2011 on many things in the game, it would certainly be a nice re-invitation to players who dropped the game because of this system!
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  9. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Or make them available through the Base Vendor, like orbitals/henchmen recently were. Those items specifically say they don't grant feats upon use, so perhaps other items taken from it (such as artifacts) can not be used for feeding.
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  10. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    I totlay agree with this ! What im doing on my alts is minimum to get to next content becouse of allys and artifacts .
    Also what i dont like is base mods system becouse its holding me back not only with alts but on my main i want to play prec one day and other day might and dont get me wrong i can do 4 prec and 4 might mods no problem but not every time i want to switch ! so it would be nice to have something like only one type of mods for dps like prec/might or extra slots in generator so i could put 4 prec mods and 4 might mods once per dlc without overwriting nonsens !
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  11. Stark23 Committed Player

    Alts died with Arts and Allies, I’d love an option to pay in some fashion to open both up on Alt toons.
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  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    I am all for that. I don't intended to take my alts into elite like my main but I do enjoy playing different roles\powers and test myself. Allies are somewhat easier for me to rank up on alts (I use the same allies too. HOL Bot\Cyborg\Oracle) so they do not cost much. But Artifacts are harder for me, and I think having to unlock 500+ sp worth of feats is just unrealistic with the amount of DBC it will cost me :( And doing all the feats in the game will take about years lol for each alt.

    So anything that can make alting easier would be a blessing. Alts are important part of gameplay as they let you explore more the game possibilities. Movements, Powersets and even styles.
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  13. Tolly Committed Player

    In real life in DCUO, Artifact and Ally should be linked to the account !
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  14. spikeat Well-Known Player

    For my alts, the Allies doesn't make much impact in the game.
    However, low lv arts does limit the amount of play style for them.
    My alts would play more support roles if they had SP. (priority heal with 100 sp is poop)

    I like the open world with the boosted stats. I can freely play my alts there in either role without concern about gear/SP.
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  15. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    I feel lots of things have gotten too complicated/clunky and could be simplified. 4 or more new catalysts every DLC, tradable and untradeable versions of the same level of nth metal, How many different types of exobytes from salvage gear are there? Dozens? I end up with tons of cr@p spread all over and loose track of what's worth keeping/selling/trashing or where it is when I do realize I (or somebody I know) needs it. Some like the nth metal only seems actually worthwhile during a double xp period (or when starting fresh/new artifacts). Exobytes are mostly only useful at the start of a new DLC. BLEH!
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  16. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    What do you mean when you say compete? Are raids not a team effort? Especially in elite+
  17. Proxystar #Perception

    Artifacts and allies should be account bound

    I.e I can access whatever I have leveled on any character on my account
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  18. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I mean I agree with you. But weren't you the one that used to tell everyone how money wasn't an issue and you'd spend a ton of money on the game every month?
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Everyones wallet has a limit fam
  20. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Just ironic.
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