Superman's new power

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    Neither the top of the pants briefs still took more than new powers?:D
  4. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    I thought they decided to discard that idea after turning Supergirl into a walking solar battery during her own new 52 series? :confused:

    Anyway, chances of getting that in the game are probably slim to none.
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  5. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    It has minor cosmetic changes with boots, belt, and lack of a color which actually look better. However, they added atrocious sleeves with built in finger less gloves LOL.
  6. ChuckLess New Player

    So just super Heat Vision?

  7. Zernam New Player

    Remember when Superman would pull planets with a giant chain? I don't see them listing that power...

    There's probably dozens of powers that aren't listed there (wasn't there like a reality punch or something?) that we'll never see in DCUO. Still, would be cool to see him fly through a building or something :)
  8. Supergirly Dedicated Player

    It drained Supergirl too, and she has not done it since she was disintegrated by her father, and then reintegrated.
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  9. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Sounds dumb. Superman is just one character that should be left untouched (aside from the costume change). Hate that they changed him like they did in the New 52. In the few I read, he was just kind of a ******.
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  10. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    Super Flare lol reminds me of Office Space
  11. isamunore New Player

    as far as the power is concerned it's not new, it's the first time this universe Kal_EL is using it. All-Star Superman could do it and prime earth Kara did it also. The costume I take as romita jr.'s lazy crappy art work not being able to keep up with the Jim Lee standard.
  12. isamunore New Player

    I don't like that romita jr's art makes it look like spandex when Jim Lee made it look like armor for story purposes and every kryptonian in this universe received an armor set after they passed the trials. I also hate the fact that under romita the fact that the kryptonian armor help his body regulate his solar energy ie; helped keep him in check is being ignored with this new arc where he figures out a new way to use his energy but now he can't control for 12 issues.
  13. isamunore New Player

    they didnt discard it, it left her drained and weak till H'EL took her to the sun to recharge.
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  14. Gwalir Loyal Player

    Makes me think of Dragonball myself.
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  15. Zernam New Player

    JRJr has done much better work than that, I'm with you there, maybe he's rushing it.