Superman's 80th Emblem ALTERNATIVE !

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  1. JKR Well-Known Player

    sorry, *members have paid alot of money
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  2. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Sure, keep asking. We sure do. Every time it's relevant - and that's been at least 3 times this year. DC has not changed their stance, yet.
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  3. inferno Loyal Player

    I stopped hoping for something like these. Sometimes you're hopes get dashed to too many pieces, there's nothing left. :(
  4. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Translation: Use What IS Available, kids...

    --Fallen God Chest
    --House of El Warsuit Chest (Original or Updated Textures version from 2019... or was it 2018?)
    --Kryptonian Commander Chest (Hero Version)
    --Kryptonian Medico Chest (Hero Version)
    --STEELsuit Mk-1 Chest
    --Sunstone's Edge Chest (Hero Version)
    --Superboy Hoodie
    --Superman Hoodie
    --Subject 0 Emblem
    --Any of the new Kryptonian Emblems from the current Time Capsule.

    Still got a decent number of options we can use. :)
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  5. JKR Well-Known Player

    agreed. I respect my rights as a paying customer to put in a request on a forum about anything I want when I want to as well. lol
  6. JKR Well-Known Player

    Yep, I'm aware and I do but be honest... they all fall short.
  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The way i see it, there are 2 possible options if WB doesnt want to change the exclusivity.

    • Either make the feat disappear from the feat menu if not completed (like "Back from the Hack" or all SM Feats) - to make threads like this appear less on the forums
    • Or implement the feat in the next CR Skip upgrade without granting the style ofc.
    Either way is a better solution than just waiting for WB to change their mind eventually.

    I got it myself just to get the 10 feat points and i couldnt care less of either outcome... i even paid for 50 marks because i waited so long for the completion until last minute.
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  8. Toshknight Loyal Player

    well as a paying MMO customer, as the game is a Live multiplayer RPG, mmos arent call of duty or fortnite, where they bring back styles. there are items and feats that were given to us years back that are far in the re View that will never be brought up, this always happens, you should of seen the people before iconic emblems and masks were allowed into the game, with the pre order batman inspired mask, that was the ONLY cowl in game and only pre order players got it.

    This like the 80th batman emblem, they are EVENT gifts for subbing that ANNIVERSARY , not just for subbing anytime you want. thats the point, you get the reward for being subbed that month, and once you have it, on one toon, you can get it anytime you want. this will never happen, believe me. i missed the pre order , they will not re release this exact emblem,

    im hoping they do a proper Slimline like superman wears in the loading screen seen, with the standar Composite Open neck slimline, like he has on in the OG movie, MoS, and batfleck / dark knight returns ,, batman suit slimline is the same material, just doesnt have the open neck.

    this below is what we need, emblem or not.

    and i got the snyder symbols. but sadly no one else can buy them, they took them down FAST, i mean not even a month,
    but if they would put the Snydercut suits in the flilm of batfleck , henry CavilMan , and ezra flash, i would be complete cause you can do anything with these suits, that composite material, has the patern, but its a bit to bold, thats why the one sups is wearing In game above is perfect, the stalwart chest, is too much of the new 52, and pre / after new 52 suits are way better
    everything is so unique about all these

  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player


    And the whole debacle involving the Batman v Superman Swag Bags, and the CW Supergirl Legend is why. Warner Brothers didn't just burn their bridges with Daybreak Games on that, they flat out NUKED THEM with a multi-warhead Hydrogen Bomb! Daybreak will NEVER* license anything from the movies or TV shows ever again!

    *About 99.99% certainty. The odds of it happening are the same as me ever pulling the Black & White Neon Chroma Materials Box from the Time Capsule it comes from. I've opened over 200 of those TCs at this point and have STILL never gotten one. :(
  10. JKR Well-Known Player

    Yep, got all that. If you played the game and missed out then you still want it so you ask. If that doesn't work, you ask for alternatives. If that doesn't work, you ask again and then again and again and again and again and again and again until a sutiable remedy is made.
  11. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I think the Superwoman Emblem is a slept on Alternative.

    It ain't quite 100% superman accurate; but it's probably your best bet if your wanting to use something like the Stalwart Defender Chest.
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  12. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I did forget about that one, thank you.
  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    This is very confused. Daybreak can't unilaterally license rights from movies or TV shows because those rights belong at least partially to the television shows and movie productions. This should be obvious, but apparently isn't. You can't sell (or rent) what you don't the rights to sell or rent.

    DC Comics doesn't hold unilateral rights to images created by other licensed third parties. Why you think any of this is up to Daybreak Games, I have no idea, but it isn't in the slightest.
  14. Toshknight Loyal Player

    well. i believe the snyder suits wont happen yea, i just want them, but , the pic in line above first, of superman in game, that type of slimeline needs to be put into the game regardless. and this whole IT WILL NEVER* HAPPEN!!! actually warner got rid of the BVS stuff so quick cause of the poor state of what they thought justice league was in with the snyder version, and handing it over to whedon they had no faith after bvs so they thought it would fail so they pulled most promotional material ALL over not just this game. sadly those items are beloved by many and i wish more people could get them, im greatful i was here when they popped up and got them right away. remeber also they said we would never get batman cowls. back in 2011, through 2015, then they released the Actual canon batman cowl, and numerous others, also green lantern stuff, "cough cough" people like you said it would never happen, after me and a few annoying others, that understand how request forums work, typed out many x thesus of what should be put in the game, from a green aura, then they added that but it was a forest green, not a cosmic/glowing green like the lantern construct battery energy, soon after that we got the nimbus green aura, Right before War of the Light 1, jens leaked the blue lantern armor on twitter, and then in game we got Blue energy/Red energy weapons sets aka lantern weapons sets, then they did the Green/yellow, wol comes out, we get our first ever good looking lantern suits, along with rage which was also Debunked by tons of ya, and "suppose to be Rage and Hope "talk to jens" and it didn't happen "not going into it, ill be called FOS, but
    WE WANT FLASH STUFF, IT WILL NEVER* HAPPEN!!! WE WANT FLASH STUFF, we asked for just a face piece that was the lightning bolt ear pieces, but we ended up getting the whole speedster cowl, and more, then ALL the emblems even for some we dont even need, along with more.

    this year we got the Actual canon Flash suits eabard and barry from the button story line whole type of stuff with ACTUAL speedforce Aura/Energy back pieces/ accessory speedforce conduit, yea we got the sparking aura, but the way those look in the speed force and reverse speedforce and Enhanced speedforce that we can COLOR, its awesome.

    They added a Movement Style, which was another thing alot of us asked for in the beginning , that's here, maybe we will get a speedforce movement style, or a red version of the normal lightning we have, cause WE NEED IT, and dont say IT WILL NEVER* HAPPEN!!! CAUSE IT MAY AND PROBABLY WILL!!! along with we cways we can COLOR the Original HL Construct and Glowing "ring" aura on the player to Blue, Violet, Orange, and Indigo, via Accessories changing them, or a flight ring, so every powerset has use for the item, you put on , and get flight, and it changes your Green HL to Blue or what ever ring you buy/loot. out of everythiing i see this happening before alot of things, my point is KEEP ASKING , use the forums , cause if you think asking for stuff doesn't work, it does, the game is proof, everything i stated is proof


  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That's not why the BvS promotional items were pulled. The BvS Swag Bags and TV Supergirl Legends skin were all pulled in May 2016 because of a licensing issue - read this thread. Nothing to do with the Justice League film that was released November 2017.
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  16. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Next time y'all ask, ask them to approve Superman JUNIOR'S (Jonathan Kent's) entire outfit, with the Emblem built-in, so it's SUPER LARGE (yes, pun intended!) and FULLY TINTABLE!


    And also ask them to let you use Junior's Emblem as a separate Emblem that can be used anywhere in the game that Emblems display, again, must be FULLY TINTABLE!


    It's different enough from the Emblems of Superman and Supergirl that it can be considered its own thing to any REASONABLE person, but close enough to still satisfy players! ;)
  17. Toshknight Loyal Player

    that's kind of what i was referring too, i knew it was underlined with licensing, but, i say that cause, it was kind of perfect timing for it, if you think about it, for them to having "licencing issues, when Warner bros, wasn't happy with BVS" and swapped about Snyder for jostus league with joss wheedon. isn't licensing issues , kind of what they would say if that was the problem? just saying. either way they removed both pretty quick, but thx for linking that,
  18. Babù Level 30

    It's the Superman's 85th anniversary today. Is there an event or a special gift in Game/Marketplace?
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  19. VasquezR New Player

    Yeah we need a gift