Superman Day

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by kallader, Apr 25, 2024.

  1. kallader Committed Player

    Why the special only last 1 week? Receiving any info about the duration of the celebration is confusing .April fool last 3 week with nothing to do but cannot have at least 2 week of Superman day celebration?

    Some of us got bug and the reward box was not dropping every time so was kinda hoping they would fix the reported bug for this week with the special still running but seem like not.
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  2. Virgo Metropolis Resident

    Unfortunately, from what I saw regarding the reward box, you weren't missing much.

    The items I received I already had from previous content.

    As far as events go, this one was pretty disappointing.
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  3. Multiverse Creator League

    You did not get the Pet trinkets?? :oops:
  4. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Weren't you complaining literally just last week that the Superman Event was bad because it was dropping "recycled loot everyone have already"?

    Yes. Yes, I think you were...
  5. Ryll Committed Player

    People are allowed to ask questions on forums because that is one of the many intended uses of them. Whether or not they like events is irrelevant.
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  6. kallader Committed Player

    Read the post again I say the event will return for batman and wonder women so I ask peoples what they would do to improve it it was before they give us the poster goal was to keep receive free gifts like pass year inside the reward box or to have some rare drop that you cannot have other place in the game since event will return again to make it better I have never say remove it or to replace the event just looking to make it better :) I was mad not receiving the free log in stuff this is why I was saying this is downgrade to me no new items just recycled stuff that everyone (almost) have already
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  7. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Would have been nice if it lasted longer. I would have personally prefer another week of Superman Playlist than the Titans spotlight.
    But It's not really a seasonal, so I guess it will not last as long. (Though April Fools is still active and filling my inventory regardless lol)
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  8. Great Architect Loyal Player

    My point was that he was complaining that he already had the stuff in the boxes, but was then complaining that he wasn't going to get any more boxes (of stuff he already has).

    I agree that the buggy drops were a problem, and would personally have liked to see the event last longer (maybe a forntnight in total?), but complaining that you're not getting more stuff that you've already said you don't need seemed a bit weird is all.
  9. Ryll Committed Player

    Oh I know what your point was. It still doesn't change a single thing about people being allowed to post again about it. Even if it deviates from his original topic.

    You are literally just trying to paint him in a box for no valid reason.
  10. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    The whole “event” felt rushed and designed to placate the player base.
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  11. kallader Committed Player

    Lack of information make it worst for no reason .
    Should tell us how long the special will last in the main post
    Show pics of loot possible to drop from box with teaser like the pets the rare sunstone decorations or styles so peoples will say oh I miss that one or oh I like that pet would look good with my style !! etc no visual support was bad idea.
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  12. kallader Committed Player

    Again you did not understand what I mean I say they usually create special item for those day some item that show you been part of the celebration that year by login in like look my batman day 2023 shirt etc you only get it if you were there .Then this year no special style to say hey i was there like all the pass years no emblem etc and no way to get stuff from pass years they give reward box with decoration that exist with pet that exist and styles that exist already .
    So I say my opinion is they should still make the special shirt etc and add them to the box drop same for pass years special styles then you freak out for some reason following me on other post to show your frustration because i ask to improve something to include what they give us since like 10 pass years ? all because you got offended when i have use the word ''Everyone'' because you feel triggered for some reason like if everyone literally mean 100% peoples so you feel included?

    I have specify I'm French and have bad English and still you try to turn word around like if I mean something else
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    How many different color pet trinkets does anyone need? They didn't look all that good in any color anyway.
  14. Multiverse Creator League

    You need all the colors..... alll of them. ;)
  15. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I liked the event and liked how much it brought people into the older content .. content I actually enjoy …

    I think it should be part of the omnibus as well I think that aspect got more people wanting to do it

    It definitely should have had a better reward at the end but I loved the posters.

    I think it could be a week long thing where we collect marks for the week that will expire and there’s a special vendor to get base items from past and present pets styles etc that you have a week to farm for it.
  16. Snowy OwI Devoted Player

    This "event" feels like them just: "let's just throw something together for them so the don't bother us in some time" attempt...
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yes...they looked very pretty all in my trashcan. Whatever.