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    From what Mepps and devs have said: it's largely an issue of DC/WB being fairly fickle and weird about what they will and won't give permissions for and when and how. They're definitely less strict overall than they were in the beginning, but there's still a few things they're a bit..... protective of. DB/DI has been asking about it whenever they get a good chance, but it unfortunately keeps getting denied. It's frustrating, but DB/DI can't really do much but continue to ask. Currently, my Superman and Supergirl characters are using the Enhanced Subject Zero emblem because it's really close, just without the background and with a gap in the shield/outline.
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  2. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    I'm not doubting that was said on the stream, I'm just doubting it's correct. 2 Kryptonian Family Crests that just so happen to have Diamond Shaped Borders and also just so happen to have 2 "kind of S shape symbols" in them? It takes a mighty leap in logic to think all those coincidences happened.

    My own personal belief is that the Devs themselves were probably sick of hearing "no" for the Superman Emblem and negotiated a way to get 2 "Variants" of it into the game. I could be wrong of course, I don't own every DC Comic published ever, but the way it was explained by Mepps, it sounds like the Devs have asked for it over and over and over, and this time tried to get the closest thing they were allowed.
  3. Skoll Well-Known Player

    It’s not incredibly incorrect at all. I’ll give you the “worn” versions of the BvS emblems, I actually completely forgot about them, honestly can’t recall the last time I’ve seen someone wear it. But the others you have listed are being disingenuous at best. Xos and Ah are not “Superman” emblems at all, objectively. I agree in that I’m pretty sure the devs made those Houses up. It’s obviously the closest thing they could get to the emblem, but that doesn’t make them so. Subject 1 is technically a “Superman” emblem, but not the one people actually want and as I said, is just being disingenuous. You know what people mean when they ask or talk about his emblem. Subject 0 is also not a “Superman” emblem at all and is a different person entirely.

    My original comment still stands.
  4. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Sure I can say it, I’ll say it again. There will never be another Superman emblem available again.

    Mepps is usually not so open when it comes to these types of things, but he has made it clear they do actually try very often to get it and it has been 5 years since the 80th was made unobtainable. Also for him to say “It isn’t in your best interest to hope”, you can’t read through the lines on that one?
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  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Here's the thing I keep in mind: years ago during the development of one of the War of the Light episodes, the devs highlighted the Brother Warth NPC that came in with that episode to show a version of his chest costume that was going to be available to players. In the process they showed a before-and-after pic of a change that DC had them make to get the chest piece where they wanted it to be.

    It's around the one hour mark.

    If they're gonna be that detail-oriented about the chest piece from a slightly obscure Lantern character, I think they're going to be even more picky when it comes to things Kryptonian.
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  6. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Your original comment stands corrected, yes. Try all the semantic angles you like, you were still giving out incredibly incorrect information, topped only by the last lines statement which you could never actually know or prove.
  7. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    That's great and all but there's 2 problems here:

    1) That's a video from 9yrs ago. Mepps already talked about DIs collaboration process with WB/DC improving immensely over the years. Its why we went from "cant even have a green aura" to "i now own 10 different Iconic Batman masks". As such that point of view of the process is likely out of date, literally.

    2) I genuinely don't get what the point was of the post? And I don't mean that in a condescending/insulting way, I mean it's genuinely not clear at all what point was attempted to be made with it. Read it over just to be sure and I'm still not even sure what your view of the Kryptonian Emblems is. Theres like a beginning of a point, but then whatever the point was supposed to be was never included in the post. It's extremely vague. Can you elaborate on what you were trying to get across?
  8. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Hmm, incredibly incorrect information in that there is also one other emblem other than I listed? Your bar seems to be very high. And you, saying there are 7 Superman emblems in the game is actually incredibly incorrect information, and you know, not even being disingenuous, it’s just plain wrong. Irony is a funny thing, also talking about me coming with semantics? Well, they do say ignorance is bliss.
  9. TriceraNL New Player

    You know... Mepps may be a part of the official DC team but there is a difference between hoping you get something and actually getting it. I mean, no offense or anything but we CAN hope but that does'nt necessarily have to mean we WILL get it.
    Only time will tell.

    Simply put: Maybe they'll bring it back at some point, maybe not, but i'm NOT gonna count on it.
    Meaning, i will keep in mind that it most likely will never happen again.
  10. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    That's basically just a post full of "sayings" you've heard over the years hoping one is relevant lol. They aren't ofc.

    You said there has only ever been 2 Superman Emblems in the game. This was very wrong considering there's up to 7. Even if we don't include the 2 clear attempts to get a Superman Emblem in the game through Ah and Xos, that still leaves 5. That's more than double the amount you advised people of. You very much were incredibly wrong.

    I can't help you accept that, that's something you'll need to learn to do on your own. Everyone's wrong about something eventually, but we get over it. It's time to start.
  11. Babù Level 30

    Do you think we could get, might be, a Superman 85th Anniversary emblem?

    This year the Boyscout is 85 years old, though it's a good occasion for players who missed the 80th version to have the 85th version, if a such version could be released.
  12. inferno Loyal Player

    I'm not so sure that dc particularly cares how superman can be used anymore. When a game like Fortnite gets a superman skin allowing a player to play as superman hacking, shooting, or sniping at people; i'm beginning to think mayyyyyyybe it's all about how many zeroes are written on a check.

    As for the original ask, if you're looking for a specific style of superman emblem to put on any gear; you are just not getting any until they are made available again and even then one would be lucky if that style fits what's in your mind.
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  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    DC has always been a bit weird when it comes to Superman.

    They were VERY protective when it comes to DCUO and allowing us to use a Superman emblem.
    When it comes to DCUO... they were very protective of the Superman brand.

    But not so protective when DC themselves were damaging the Superman brand with the New 52,,,, or when Zack Snyder was breaking the character.... damaging the brand..... and splitting the fanbase with Man of Steel .

    Fortnite is just one more example of how weird DC are when it comes to Superman.

    Makes no sense.... but that is DC Comics. :confused:
  14. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    You also have to pray for an emblem slot that isn't too small, or entirely missing from the style you want to use.
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  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    If DC didn't care they wouldn't keep saying "no" to the requests. Also, Daybreak/Dimensional Ink have already paid for the license to use DC stuff (and who knows how much game profits go to DC as part of the deal) so I don't know how much money might factor into the decision making.

    Finally, given how much more freedom we have in what we can do in this game compared to something like Fortnite, I can see why DC might exercise more caution and control over how we can play with their toys.

    It all comes down to DC and their whims, really. It's their IP and they control how and when it can be used, and as I've said many times, their decision-making doesn't have to make a lick of sense to us. They can be completely arbitrary in what they allow, where they allow it and how they allow it to be used, and they don't have to explain their reasoning to anyone.
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  16. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Yeah, plus there’s a BIG difference between letting people play as Superman himself and he has his own emblem on him vs letting us make our own crazy characters and do just about anything we can imagine with them and put the emblem on those characters. So “Fortnite has it” is a very unfair comparison.
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  17. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    But... but.... DC did let Zack Snyder make his own crazy version of Superman and put the Superman emblem on it.
    So crazy that he breaks necks and stuff like that. :eek: ;)

    So why not let us create our own crazy Supemran??

    There is no way we can damage the Superman brand as much as Snyder did. :eek:
    ;) ;)
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  18. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I think its crazy that in a dc game you can't use most dc emblems. Every version of every emblem should have been available from the start as well as full iconic suits.
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  19. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Well …. To be fair the games original tagline was “the next legend is you” or something to that effect… indicating you should make your own legend and not try and be an alresdy established character.

    I say that knowing full well within the first year it had tier 1/2 gear that was hero inspired with some of their logos on the gear.

    But I get people enjoy making their favorite iconic characters though… i wish that buying a legends character whether in game or on market place would unlock “skins” where when you switch on the skin of that hero your character will take on the look of the legends characters… similar to how the old vault trinkets worked but more permanent until you’re ready to switch it off.

    Also in theme of Superman

    I really wish the devs would add the enhanced house of el war suit that came out a few years ago. I missed it and it seems to be the only one they don’t let you buy on the market place or within the game during the anniversary event.
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  20. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Been saying this from day one

    This isn't a "play your favourite DC Characters" game it's a "play WITH your favourite DC Characters" game

    This all got worse when style sets suddenly became about copying iconics
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