Supergirl Legends?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Echephyle, May 7, 2014.

  1. Echephyle New Player

    Can't find her both in the legends vendor and marketplace. I thought she was part of dlc10?

    I guess not?
  2. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    No she isn't. I got that impression but she was indeed supposed to be released around the time of DLC 10, not as part of it.
  3. Hero of Justice New Player

    They said she would be released sometime after AF, so she's not quite here yet. I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty soon, though :)
  4. Pureshadow New Player

    seems like a waste of a char though. there's already superman, bizzarro, zod, ursa, powergirl. i can't think of much they could add to supergirl that the other legends don't already have.
  5. kawe Loyal Player

    That is pretty much how I feel. I can't imagine her bringing something "new". But she will be fun to play either way.
  6. spack2k Steadfast Player

    she brings new patters
  7. MasterOfTheHunt Well-Known Player

    Why would they add Supergirl instead of Wonder Girl?
    Wonder Girl is the Amazon right?
    Supergirl is Kryptonian or am I getting this backwards?
  8. GodofSorcery New Player

    Who is Wonder Girl ?? If you mean Wonder Woman then she is a marketplace Legend.
  9. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    We need Aqualad
  10. Hero of Justice New Player

    You're right in that she's Kryptonian, but since I believe she's not tied to Amazon Fury (wasn't released with it), the devs decided to put her in the game. They wanted more ladies on the roster, and Supergirl was one of the most requested I believe. Wonder Girl is coming too, but sometime after Supergirl.

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  11. GodofSorcery New Player

    ohhh yeaaaaa that is her name lol my bad
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  12. MasterOfTheHunt Well-Known Player

    I like the idea of them adding the whole family, but I would like a new character without brawling.
    The peace walker guy really isn't good in legends - it's probably just me though
    I prefer Amon Sur.
    I would actually like them to add Green Arrow and Black Canary - Black Canary power would be fun to use in legends, Arrow just because he is better than Batman!
  13. Hero of Justice New Player

    Haha, yeah I figured you just needed your memory jogged :p
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  14. Hero of Justice New Player

    I agree, I'd love both of those in Legends. We don't have any bow Legends yet (it's the only weapon not represented), so I'm guessing it's just a matter of time. And hopefully they'd introduce Canary along with him, she'd be pretty cool for Legends.

    (But no, Green Arrow is NOT better than Batman!) :p
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  15. TheLoneLantern New Player

    They are both coming at the same time. Supergirl will cost MoL for legendaries or bought from the Marketplace if premium, but Wondergirl will be a Marketplace purchase regardless of subscription.
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  16. MasterOfTheHunt Well-Known Player

    I would actually like WG to be MoL, ohh well guess I'll never use her
  17. LaughingRiot Well-Known Player

    They've already said that Super Girl will be released sometime after AM Pt.1 was released, and Wonder Girl was accidentally leaked that she'll make her appearance. Both I think will be available in the Marketplace for Free/Premium, Wonder Girl will be available for Legendary member for MOL's.
  18. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Well for one thing, they could give the Brawling characters stronger precision. That nerf has really changed things. MA's rule now.

    I for one enjoy kryptonians so much. How about that be the next DLC. The Super Family (Heroes) vs every evil Kryptonian united under General Zod (Villains). (Hank Henshaw included)
    Perhaps even Luthor and Star Labs could have a role.

    Kryptonian Might Part 1

    1 Player: Two instances where we discover how Zod escaped the Phantom Zone, possibly with Luthor's aid. And how Superman got caught into it.

    4 Player: A group must assault a base or something to aid in the war.
    8 Player: A group must go straight for each Faction's HQ. (Fortress of Solitude for example)
  19. Lemon Lass New Player

    Supergirl has a better skirt than powergirl. Plus she is more feisty and spunky.
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  20. Alex Denton Dedicated Player

    That's true :)
    I loved the SuperGirl from Batman TAS, especially in that episode where she works with BatGirl.
    You know it would be cool if the legend characters had lines they would say at key point during the match, like every 3 powers. Something that would match their personality and background. That would definitely add some colour to the legend matches.

    **** did I inadvertently necro a thread? I'm sorry guys, didn't see the dates :(
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