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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by KN1TE, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    I've said this a while ago. Many supercharges are NOT super. Neo Venom is the go to mainly DPS supercharge. Your DPS should have one very good add 50 percent supercharge and one very good Single target 100 percent supercharge. With the same type for roles.

    Supercharges should not take up a power slot. It should be activated, like other games, with a button combination. pushing both ps4 analog sticks at once in or something. You have the option to activate at 50 percent or wait for 100 percent.

    Anyways, supercharges from all powers need a boost so not just movement and neo Venom are only good viability.
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  2. I3eleth Well-Known Player

  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I wouldnt mind seeing all supercharges being changed to how dehydrate works in the water power set.
  4. KN1TE Dedicated Player

  5. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Some, not all, supercharges are setup as a "compliment" to the powers abilities.
    Example: electricity, circuit breaker. Electricity isn't the go-to power for ST, but throw circuit breaker in (as it's designed) and now you can get competitive numbers.

    Rage, infuriate. Running an alert with no healer? Ok, use infuriate to increase critical strike for everyone, plus it heals the group based on damage out.

    That's just a couple examples. Yes, many of the SC's need work, but I would hate to see them all basically become the same thing, just different animations.
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  6. AV Loyal Player

    I agree that SC needs tweaking but to be fair, the majority (but not by much) of powers have decent options with a 5000 SC that does slightly less than two 2500 cost movement SCs, and a 10000SC that does moderately less than two 5000 cost SCs. Of note though:

    - Every channeled SC is worse than useless, often causing us to lose DPS vs if we just hadn't SC'd at all, because they didn't factor in the damage we're giving up by not being able to do our rotation for 3-10s/ Freezing Ray is the worst offender but every 10k that isn't an instacast suffers the same fate.

    - Celestial, Electricity, Rage, and Ice lack good 10k DPS SC

    - Mental's Mass Hysteria's base damage benefit looks balanced but since almost half of its value is from pets, which can't crit, it actually underperforms dramatically. Sorcery's Grand Summoning is the same way.

    - Munitions and Light lack a useful 5k SC

    - Some 5K SCs have a bit too much of a drawback, eg being a slow damage field like Blizzard or Whirlpool. This also fails to provide such power with an effective burst option.

    - For Nature to fully capitalize on their SC now places them in a uniquely precarious position where they have no backup if they need to form change or re-apply dots. This is semi-balanced by the fact that Neo + Wolf nets ~125% of the damage of using either independently, but it's still a hefty risk for the power. Their 10k SC doesn't hit hard enough to be worth the risk, but is technically a viable burst option I suppose.

    - Rage has no viable ranged option and no viable burst option besides Berserk.

    - Ice, Elec, and Water's overall performance appears to be balanced around the concept of them having large buffs on their SCs or better SCs (Dehydrate), which is a problem. Ice's Golem is pretty much useless since we end up losing too much rotation DPS on bosses for it to beat Neo and the reduced mobility makes it useless in hallways. Elec's Circuit Breaker is great, but in a fight where our rotations get constantly interrupted its value is undercut dramatically. Water's Dehydrate is excellent but not so excellent that it justifies the power hitting as light as it does vs bosses (it's not in an abhorrent state but it's not where it should be).

    Neo's the best overall damage if we can get off 15s of uninterrupted burn, 5ks are generally as good as most of a Neo's worth of damage and (generally) the burstiest route, and 10ks are niche toolbox powers for situations where it's like "the only thing that matters in this fight is that we deal massive spike damage all at once at one specific moment," like with the shield bots in CTe. The design concept is where it needs to be, just some powers are left in the dark while others aren't. It feels like the rest of the game has evolved but that SCs have been left in the stone age.

    The channeled SCs really baffle me, especially when the difference between 5k and 10k appears to be like "ok the 5k is taking the place of a power activation more often so it should do slightly more than a 10k which is only taking place of a power half as often." Then the channels be like "lol what rotation?" That's before even factoring in that they can be interrupted/canceled.
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  7. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Very in depth response. Thanks for all the time, thought and input. Your addition to the post is appreciated and to me with you posting on it, this only further confirms the reason I was posting.
  8. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    The problem with many of them needing work is that they Don't get worked on. If it was a simpler across the board option, it would more likely be fixed. Basically what orbitals are but they have different cosmetics. If the current options could be balanced better I'm for it, but that has yet to be done. Since supercharges as DPS role in a boss fight might get you 1 or 2 uses if it's a 100 percent supercharge. So if you choose to use a 50 percent on adds thats your choice, but if they had a single target, very good supercharge at 100 percent that would be better than what most powers currently have.

    They could split up to make a few powers the same but look different, but I'm calling for a viable solution that can be effectively done without of a lot of dev. work otherwise it won't get considered. What's better the lack of good supercharges for most powers right now or make a better solution that redefines the DPS side?

    I think most of the role supercharges are fine.

    To me if a supercharge has to be considered a loss of potential damage and better to leave it out of a rotation. That's not super.
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  9. Ryazan Committed Player

    I bloody hate Neo Venom and how almost every power uses that thing. It just shows how unbalanced SCs are when you have to resort to that ugly thing to optimize performance. I'm more of a "Fashion > stats" person, so it kinda upsets me to see people using Neo instead of the good looking SCs.
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  10. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Supercharged are already op because they can be frequented. Soul cloak, plus a green Gemini spammer is one of the best meta combinations right now
  11. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    That's not supercharges themselves though. And the one most used is neo venom. DPS have orange not green and A lot of DPS ditched gemini or scrapped scrap. Some may have both. The majority have TC SC SA or VR or one or a combination with SCrap or gemini. Now I know players that run with a tank and healer that spam greens to allow certain players and powers to get a greater boost of supercharge. But those are groups specifically setting up for instances with certain artifacts on purpose. And that's not the greater majority of players. Even in those instances most super charges used for DPS is still Neo Venom.

    Thanks for responding and adding another perspective.
  12. L T Loyal Player

    It's not that NVB is massively OP, it's that most of the other Supercharges are pretty sucky. AV's post above does a really nice job of summarizing the state of things.

    When everybody is pretty much doing one thing, it's a sure sign that something is wrong. Plus it makes the game really boring.
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  13. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Agreed. Thanks for your post.
  14. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    My Freeze Ray is super-duper, TYVM.
  15. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    LOL! Are you serious? See AV's post above. It's the worst. It takes too long and you could be doing other power rotations to gain more damage. It needs to be more instant.
  16. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Some people want the moon on a stick. :)
  17. Shadobi New Player

    I wish they added new additions to the existing loadout.
    At least 1 supercharge and 2 new abilities that doesn't require a artifact and are very useful.
    Members only loadout.
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  18. L T Loyal Player

    Like an alternate to Utility Belts? Or an additional add-on similar to utility belts?
  19. Shadobi New Player

    No items required just need to me a member to access those new abilities; If not a member it's grayed out saying you to broke get membership,
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  20. MrStoob Well-Known Player


    A seventh skill, that insta-kills with no penalties, that's only available to paying members?

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