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  1. Jonny Active Player

    There was a while back if i remember a thread about some changes coming for supercharges. Is there any chance we see them in the foreseeable future? Asking because with the Eye of Gemini changes that we had, some powers do not have a 10k offensive supercharge to run that 30 % DMG taken from allies. We are still running around with neo venom.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    They had at some point a couple years ago pushed some changes to test: And the changes were unliked so much so that they had to shut it down:

    So who knows if and when there will be a second attempt.
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  3. Massah Committed Player

    I would like to see a Supercharge Revamp/pass

    Possibly changing to allow Role-type SC to be 2-Supwrcharges (Like how Hard Light Light Weight got split into Light Weight and Light Weight Strike)

    So being able to use Word oF Power Damage variant while a Healer/Tank/Controller

    Or for Gadgets use Battle Drone SC possibly both one for Power and one for Passo e pet damage (both still being 5000 SC cost)

    Movement mode SC are lackluster damage wise (at least Acrobatics)

    Also I am unsure how Neo-Venom Boost works (says 40% damage increase) but using Bird's Blitz from B.O.P. Commlink, Blood Moon Brand or Cull : all the damage stays the same with Neo Venom active or not.

    Same for the Amulet of Rao dot ticks : they damage number is unaffected by Neo Venom Boost

    (Not sure if NVB is worth a slot on Stealth Load out when it doesn't affect the controller debuff oriented artifact damage (RAO Damage ticks, Bird's Blitz damage, nor Blood Moon Brand nor combo Cull damage)
    Have Battle Drone as my Power return SC...would be nice to also have another Battle Drone as damage : if NVB is not going to affect the damage from Amulet of Rao, B.O.P Commlink, nor Brand of Hecate
  4. VariableFire Loyal Player

    So supercharges are never getting revamped unless a TC and/or new artifact is involved somehow? Remember, WoP's change coincided with a new artifact that changed its function.

    It sucks for me that most damage supercharges either are terrible to use or don't fit my characters. My main is fire...and I hate Volcanic Calamity. Of my 17 endgame characters, only 5 use a power specific supercharge, a few use WoP or NVB, and most don't use any at all, including my main 99% of the time.
  5. L T Devoted Player

    Have you given Word of Power a try?
  6. Massah Committed Player

    Yes Word of Power takes on the Controller role aspect when on Stealth Loadput bar when I am in controller role.

    So there is no damage buff to Amulet of Rao, B.O.P. Commlink, nor Blood Moon Brand +Cull

    Edit: Was why I suggested for Word of Power SC revamp: It allows for 2 Supercharges one that is Role specific Tank/Healer/Controller and another that is Damage.

    That way a Healer/Tank/Controller can run the Might boosted Damage variant of Word of Power