Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing

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    I would sell these in AH all the time. It had been awhile since I last found and sold one. I recently found one and ran to the AH. I did a search, did not find one which is common so I put it on there and got charged the usual listing fee of a lot.

    A few days I go back and do a search to see if my Superboy was still the only one and it was not listed. It was listed under my wares but not found in the AH.

    Thinking some sort of not listing bug, I pull the sale to repost when I notice on the collection piece "Cannot Sell". When did this happen?

    I put under bug because if it cannot be sold, then it should not even show up to sell AND I should not be charged a listing fee for listing something that cannot be sold.

    "Cannot Sell" on the Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing is just UnDCUO.

    Edit. NVM. Just read in other post that usable by me works for collections. My Superboy shows up now with several others unfortunately. Still don't recall the "cannot sell" though. My free market crisis averted, thank you.
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