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    Was a bit hesitant to make this thread, but here it goes. You may have seen my old thread about allowing every power to have every role. This is a revised version I decided to make because caffeine, late nights and having no life drove me to it. In this revision I've produced a more organized piece which will hopefully attract more attention and be taken more seriously. I do not doubt that this CAN work.

    Now at first glance you probably think each power will allow you to toggle between all four of the roles, that's not the case at all. The way It will work is when you're creating your character, the full list of powers shows up first. After you've selected your power, the list of roles appears next with a brief description of how each role works. This way you will only have the support role you selected and the default DPS role to begin the game with. If a person decided they want to be another power, they can switch powers using the power switch token and will only switch powers, not roles. If they want to switch roles they could use whatever DC would have for that. devs, think of all da moneyz u can get off ppl who want to switch role AND powers, i kno how much you want da moneyz

    Anyway, gonna post my ideas for new roles for the current powers in hopes that it causes some sort of a discussion and be taken into consideration. Some of them may look a little similar though, but it all comes down to how the powers are made if that ever happened...
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  2. Fourth New Player

    • Control: Solar
      • Harness the energy of the sun to manipulate in your very hands, then share it with your allies to replenish their energy. Superman approved.

    • Heal: Phoenix
      • Bestowed with phoenix like abilities, you have a longer lifespan, which means a great deal of extra health. You can then use portions of your increased health and power to heal your allies.

    • Control: Freezing?
      • Generate ice energy from your frozen core that you can use to send a power chill to your teammates. This chill can be spread onto enemies through your teammates which will then allow you to absorb the cold energy from fallen enemies to slightly increase your power out.

    • Heal: ???
      • Utilize ice magic to summon ice crystals that radiate healing energy, or mystical ice storms that heal any allies within them.

    • Control: Core
      • Harness the internal energies of the earth, and feed them to your allies to restore their power.

    • Heal: Minerals
      • Absorb the raw power from minerals in the earth to heal your teammates.

    • Control: Enrage
      • Empower your allies by controlling your unending rage. Fill your teammates with that rage giving them the fuel for the flames of battle.

    • Heal: Blood
      • Instead of incinerating enemies with your spoiled, bubbling, acidic blood, use that power to restore your allies health. Just as the red lantern ring acts as a life support for the red lantern, you'll become the life support for your team.

    Celestial might be a little tricky. It would have to replace both trees in order to keep the good/evil combo theme. But it shouldn't be too hard? I don't know celestial too well but I assume the powers are the same on each tree, only one is the holy version of the power and the other is the darker, eviler version?

    • Control: Priest/Heretic?
      • Use prayers to grasp the power of the gods, then give that power to your allies to restore their energy, or fulfill demonic contracts by causing damage and chaos, which will grant power to your allies.

    • Tank: Divine/Demonic
      • You've obtained the physiology of a celestial being, you can switch between a holy being and a demonic being, either gaining defensive buffs for grabbing agro, protecting your team and gaining rewards from the gods, or gain offensive buffs for dealing damage, gaining rewards from demonic forces.

    • Control: Shaman
      • Tap into the spiritual side of nature, becoming a shaman in a way. You can summon animal spirits that bestow power into your allies, or call forth empowering gusts of wind that carry the forces of nature.

    • Tank: Beastial
      • Truly embrace nature by letting your primitive side free. You become a power beast with great defensive capabilities that grow as you stay in this beast form and spread your primal influences onto enemies.

    Sorcery could possibly the easiest power to expand upon. Sorcery can be used to create any form of magic, there could be an ice sorcerer, fire sorcerer, anything. I originally wanted to use blood magic for controlling but I pretty much used that idea for rage healing.

    • Control: Scrolls
      • Restore power to your teammates using the spells from ancient, magical scrolls.

    • Tank: Enchanting
      • Bestow enchantments and wards upon yourself and allies that protect them from harm. Absorb the magical auras that surround us all from fallen enemies to strengthen those magical enchantments.

    • Control: Conduction
      • Become the perfect power source by driving electrical energy into your allies. The electrical currents travels through your ally replenishing their power. When allies are grouped together, the electrical currents you've given them combines and gives off even more power.

    • Tank: Momentum
      • By taking in damage and dealing damage, you build up electrical energies that will increase your defensive abilities. The more active you are, the stronger the electricity inside you becomes, which will make you even stronger.

    • Tank: Flyrogenesis
      • Use your mind to create a force-field around your body. This force-field takes it some of the damage for you, increasing your defensive power. You can also create force-fields around your allies as well which will grant them defensive buffs.

    • Heal: Biokinesis
      • Use your mind to manipulate the biological structure of your allies, healing their physical wounds, restoring their health.


    • Tank: Cybernetics
      • Use your advanced intellect to create advanced technological armor to protect yourself from damage.

    • Heal: Technomancer
      • Use a mixture of magic and gadgets to manipulate technology, creating healing drones and other gadgets that supply heals to yourself and your allies.

    • Tank: Defense
      • Using your willpower, you can create light armor that protects you from damage. This armor will instill green energy into your enemies, giving them the overwhelming will to attack you. You can then increase your own strength even more by feeding off the willpower of surrounding foes. Or, instill soul crushing fear into the hearts of your enemies that powers your yellow light armor. This fearful armor will help spread fear onto the battlefield with more agro you gain.

    • Heal: Medical
      • Fill your allies with the green light of will that will restore their health. The more willpower you and your allies show by engaging combat, the stronger your heals. Or strengthen your yellow ring through the fear you instill in enemies by attacking them, then use that fear to heal your allies. The more fear you spread, the stronger your heals.

    • Tank: Reality
      • Manipulate reality, changing the battlefield itself. Make your enemies weaker, causing them to deal less damage to yourself and allies. Or even erase incoming projectiles from existence preventing damage completely.

    • Heal: Matter
      • Manipulate matter itself, recovering any damage your allies have taken.
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  3. Fourth New Player

    um reserved or whatever
    editing posts have a time limit or something?
  4. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Too much work for it, easier make new power, than it. It's like make 12*2=24 new powers. Not for DCUO 1.0.
    But in DCUO 2.0 could be family concept like that:
    Family - Controller - Healer - Tank
    Tech - Gadgets - Engineer - Cybernetic
    Magic - Sorcery - Divine - Shadow
    Flame - Thermal - Life - Fire
    Liquid - Weather - Water - Ice
    Ground - Metal - Mineral - Earth
    Sky - Sound - Electricity - Air
    Human - Mental - Spirit - Physical
    Nature - Blood - Flora - Fauna
    Lantern - Light - Hope - Rage
    Universe - Cosmic - Atomic - Quantum

    Consider, this way l just space-time controlling power pushed to Cosmic, but Quantum will be reality control (improbability fields to avoid bullets, quantum immortality etc). Nature & Celestial splitted to trees respectively. You may respec between Power Sets inside one Family without any tokens (just buy DLC required for it) - when tokens are for Family respec only.
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  5. Fourth New Player

    How long does creating a new power even take? Does it really take a whole year? Who knows how long this game even has with how things have been going, but still, I don't know. I feel like it could be done within a year, and your idea does make it simpler, never even thought of it that way.
  6. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    Really, the challenge in this idea would be to take the various roles and balance them within the existing Powers structure.

    In other words, each power set should keep the same powers and animations, but have different effects in terms of game mechanics and possibly different trees for those same powers. The change to make this happen would need to take place behind the scenes and then be balanced against existing powers of the same role.

    With that many powers it is still a great deal of work, but it would not be as much work as creating fully new power sets.

    I have always supported this idea, and I still do.
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  7. Ghostof91 New Player

    I would like for this to work, Technically if the Devs was to consider this I suggest them to start now before they bring new Powers so the new Powers will automatically fit in well with the idea.

    Role tokens can be sold for the same as power tokens. +1
  8. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    If I could celestial tank I'd be in heaven
  9. JRsoFLY_123 Committed Player

    As much as I would like this...this type of set up should be for DCUO #2 lol this would be a revamp to the game power mechanics and you don't understand ,maybe you do, how much work that would be. What I say is if there ever come a day for another Dc universe game not even having to be a mmo come out, this better be the system or imma get pissed :mad:!
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  10. Krossssss Well-Known Player

    would be interesting :)
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  11. recoil2 Dedicated Player

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  12. The Dark Kryptonian Active Player

    I would like to see added in the Iconic power set Fire Breath and Ice Vision
  13. granddaughterlover Active Player

    2014 thread... FOR REAL?!:mad:
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