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  1. GarrickTheFlash New Player

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that there is no option to change the color of the lightning while using super speed movement. I have i large collectiong of flash comics and almost every speedster has a different color for there lightning. i think it would be a nice addition to the game. Doesnt seem like it would be that hard either, they did it with skimming
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  2. Professor Zoom Well-Known Player

    Welcome to the Jungle...
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  3. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Ok do you really think it's fair to compare Lightning which varies in length and form to a disk which is the same one every time?. people keep saying something isn't hard because they already did it, when in reality it's not the same thing. It's like people who say "Guy Gardner and Kyle can change their rings so we can do it too", no we can't, those are NPC characters programmed for a specific instance. It's a lot easier to to make the Skimming disk and make them change colors than it is changing a bunch of lightning bolts do the same.
  4. BLK Well-Known Player

    we want blue lighting
  5. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    na na na na naa knees knees..