Super Charge Balance 25, 50, and 100

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  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Good morning,

    I wanted to talk and see how much testing everyone has done on Supercharges? I ask because with the artifact that gives SC back from heals and tanks and does the 20% thing from dps and trolls. Are all SC balanced? I ask, not because I'm looking for a nerf, but I like to put out good damage numbers. This weekend I went from using BigGun to speed drain. Its definitely cool how often I can use speed drain. Especially if a heal or tank is using the artifact. It almost becomes part of my rotation. But is this balanced? I seem to be doing much better dps with a 25% SC in place of the 100%.

    Again, not looking for nerf, it not opposed to buffs for 100% SC.
  2. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I believe we ran a couple raids together with Battery Power this past weekend. I know you been on a hiatus, but EoG has changed the game probably as drastic as the VWD did for precision. Its all about the SC cheese now. 25%rs are being used now as much as they ever were previously. For Muni, Speed Drain is perfect. Mounted Turret can be viable too. 100% SC's are more rare now. Only toon I use a 100% SC with is my Quantum (bc Oblivion is ridiculous). Powers like Rage, Electric, and Earth all have great 50% SC's I would use over a 25%. But to each their own. Now Nature is benefiting greatly with its Wolf Form (for dps) and Bug form (healing...Who knew?) both 25% SC's.

    Point blank if you got a good ranked scrap, coupled with a good ranked EoG, nodded for head and chest tactical mods to replenish SC fast as possible, you're going to do great damage.
  3. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I think actually buffing all powerset s 100% SC's could balance some things out. Reward the patient folks. Some 100% SC's need buffed more than others.
  4. L T Devoted Player

    For the most part the 100 supers do more damage than 4x 25 ones. There's a few 50% outliers that are way strong.

    Want me to repost my supercharge damage numbers?
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  5. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Agreed, but the hard to figure variable is the 20% tick added, plus whatever bonus you get from how ever many stand in your EoG circle.
  6. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    And not to mention healers and tanks using EOG to build super charge. And taking into consideration how many times you can pop those 25 percenters vs 100 especially when healers and tanks have the EOG as well. And my opinion 100% super charges are almost obsolete for any EOG user.
  7. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    And another thing to consider is nature and it's Unique supercharges what they do for DPS. In wolf form I can parse 50, 60, 70k parses in 10 seconds. With my rage using EOG, I can hit berserk and parse 100 k per second. But that's dropping my supply drop DPS trinket and fully buffed. In wolf form with nature, I get a crit chance buff, so over the course of four X going into wolf form I'm going to do more damage overall versus rage
  8. Cadens Dedicated Player

    Nothing about these are unbalanced if they make the content hard. I would rather them focus on making raids better, and not requiring one of the tanks to roll around the room kiting adds like he OD'd on Ritalin. I have made a super charge part of my tanking rotation for survivability.
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  9. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    And people forgot about precision.....thats how op this stuff is lol. Even though yes, precision benefits too haha.

    Either way.....the people that do this are making a significant investment buy rushing 2 artifacts to 120 even..
  10. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Lolol....hey kiting is fun. And It's not every boss, just this specific fight and mostly because people are too lazy to use proper roles.
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    No, because it would only back my thoughts. Those numbers were don't before this artifact, correct? So you wouldn't have regen time and/or how many uses in certain instance, ect. These factors change how much dmg all SC are doing now.
  12. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Yes and thank you. :)
  13. ALB Dedicated Player

    I believe players are using 25% because their powerset 50% and some 100% suck. The people using the 25% are the same people who was using neo-venom. I hope the devs balance the 50% and 100% between SC before anything els3
  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    You can't look at it like that anymore in terms of base supercharge, we have to incorporate potential EoG now. Using 4 25% supers vs 1 100% the base damage of the 100% supercharge will be obviously stronger but you have 4x the EoG effect so you can have consistently a 25% super absorbing 20% of the total damage from all the players within it and directly back as damage. You have earth/rage etc using their 50% supers any melee dps you can have a weaker power like atomic by comparison using a 25% speeddrain that will be able to be used nearly back to back to leech off the earth, rage and all other dps. So we can't look at it as 4 25% VS 1 100% you have to look at it at 4x EoG's vs 1x EoG.

    But we can't balance supers around an artifact but in this case we almost have to because of how stupid the EoG is for tanks and healers. If it was just normal Pollox Gaze and not Castors watch it would be more in line but we are left with DC Supercharge Online because of this
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  15. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Any improvement is welcome imo. There wasn't a balance before EoG, there definitely isn't one now. Funny how the game is pushed further towards being supercharge centric, yet the supercharges themselves haven't been balanced the beginning of revamp. 5000 sc's dominated before EoG for the most part based on the tests I've seen and obviously playing the game, and now it's both 2500 and 5000 sc's. 10,000 sc's were already on the weaker end as a whole with a few exceptions, and the EoG meta has made them even less appealing.
  16. BlackFalconXXL Well-Known Player

    Tbh, I'd rather them just add base regular stats to EoG and then have it as a passive boost to already existing white tactical mod effects. So say:
    80/120/160 = 50/75/100% extra benefit from white mods. So at rank 160, it would double say your supercharge regeneration from the white mods after using a super or as a dps it could double your crit increase from your head or double core strength's magnitude or double the cd reduction from a back socket.
  17. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    100% agree.
  18. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    In the devs mind and its been like that since phase dodge its hard to balance supers like berserk or circuit breaker because it is solely dependant on the user to maximize it and the devs were always not good at doing so. They never felt that spinchop was too overly powerful of a combo because they weren't good enough to clip with it properly.

    In terms of the supercharges during revamp were brought up but towards the end after they were tested they changed them again then rushed out revamp so they were never looked at again. Stats revamp let alot on the table unfinished but in the devs mind it was finished which is why we haven't see any power updates when powers like you are fully aware of like gadgets stealth is still super buggy with dovetail animations clipping you out of stealth and stealth's inconsistencies.

    EoG was just supposed to be something fun you could mess around with for damage but now its completely a meta in itself where entire groups rotations are designed specifically around supercharge usage, where dps can simply make any sort of rotation they want as long as it has a supercharge generator on it, forget what it parses, and just rely on tanks and healers to fill their supercharge while they use a weaker loadout and spam 100% supers like oblivion.
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  19. ALB Dedicated Player

    All these complaints are based off 160 artifacts. Everyone don't have 160 artifacts because everyone don't have the money or didn't knew about the exploit. I hope the devs balance SC within powersets first before they touch EoG. Imo Soul Cloak is way more op than EoG. Without it 100% couldn't be "spammed" because of the longer cooldowns
  20. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    But it doesn't even take the player itself to have the 160 EoG, there could simply be the tank in the group with a 160 EoG and using dash attack or bloom so you have the tank spamming SC for the group or the healer with a 160 EoG spamming shield SC's to throw off completely the balance in the group. The extra 20% dmg is obviously great but if you don't have it and still get to use your supercharge nearly off cooldown just because other group members are spamming it then its still an issue despite the player not having it at 160 or even having it equipped.
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