Summer Seasonal Event & More!

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    The Tides of War Summer Seasonal Event

    The battle for the throne of Atlantis continues!

    Ocean Master, Aquaman's conniving half-brother, has rallied a force of mutineer Atlanteans in an attempt to displace King Arthur and take the throne! The Atlantean civil war has breached the waters of Metropolis. Track Tides of War in your Mission Journal and check the Events tab in the On Duty menu to battle for the Atlantean Outpost. Or alternatively you can now use the Warp Menu to head directly to the Open World Content by selecting Summer Seasonal: Ocean Master. Fight for your side, and reap new rewards including new feats!

    New Feats!
    • Handheld Celebration
    • Tropical Gumshoe
    • Vacation Ready
    • Surf and Turf
    In celebration of our Summer Event this year, we have added new Chromas, base items, and casual beachwear styles to help you stay cool when the fight heats up! Level Requirement: 20





    New Emotes Available!

    Show off your style with all new Emotes, now available from Plastic Man in the House of Legends and on the Marketplace.

    Collect fun new emotes like Death Metal, Table Flip, and Casual Selfie to express yourself like never before!


    Feat Improvements!

    Feats throughout the entire game have been reorganized and rewritten to make feat-hunting that much more intuitive, fun, and easy! In addition, a new hotkey has been added to open the Feats menu (default “G” on keyboard).

    Celebrate Pride 2023

    The DCUO Team is happy to celebrate Pride Month with these free gifts!




    Remember: true heroes listen, support, and uplift those around them.

    Artifact Adjustments

    The Eye of Gemini Artifact has been adjusted and with it, we're kicking off a round of Artifact gifts and an Artifact XP Bonus week. Learn more here.
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  2. MystoganJella Well-Known Player

    In the first picture when the male toon is holding the sparklers what hairstyle is that and how do I obtain it ? :)
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  3. Eve YouTuber

    This is CW's Dreamer mask, love it!!!
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  4. DezFTW Active Player

    Lightning Lad hair for 150 source marks in the 31st century content. They have Statics hair also but LL hair is named
    Futuristic High Top Hair
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  5. DezFTW Active Player

    I was hoping for a lair discount.
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  6. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    THose are some cool colors and I love some of the art styles. Looking forward to the new emotes. Thanks for the cool summers styles and all the other things
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  7. Bhablam New Player

    I think it's in the World of Flashpoint, the guy in the sweatsuit sells it.
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  8. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Anyone else find that table flip emote hilarious lol
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  9. MystoganJella Well-Known Player

    Thank you so much can’t wait to get home and log in asap the new base items and styles an new updates are going be awesome :)
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  10. kallader Well-Known Player

    About pride month reward how many chara will receive it and could you guys put the flags etc on Cheetah base item vendor so we can get more than 1 of each i feel like if put many side of each other of the same colors would fit for all kind of decoration [IMG]
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  11. Elocin Level 30

    So Exciting!! Thanks so much!
  12. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Yay the servers are up!

    boo I’m stuck at work until 10 .

    now I really feel like I’m treading water……
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
  13. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    Cool stuff this month. I’m here for it.

    Is the pride gift just one per account or one per character?
  14. Zamara Dedicated Player

    On the pic for the chromas, the hairstyle in the middle anyone know where it's from?
  15. Limey Committed Player

    Historically, they gave the loot to every character. This year its once per account. I'm very disappointed since it includes materials that are once per account and account bound. When we got the pride supply drop, every character got one.
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  16. Corsair X Well-Known Player

    That pride gear is harsh looking. I would have settled for just the DC Pride emblem with out the letters, Just a circle and rainbow. Most of these items are just gag stuff. bummer
  17. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Well, that was fun!
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  18. Dead13 Well-Known Player

    How to get rainbow flag?
  19. Elocin Level 30

  20. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I guess you are literally.....

    under the sea
    under the sea

    ;) ;)
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