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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Mepps, Jun 6, 2019.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread for any summer event and rewards feedback and bugs!
  2. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report

    For the "Coral History" feat, it states "Collect 10 base items from 2019 Tides of War". However, the counter starts off at 0/20.

    Which one is supposed to be right? Take the average and make it 15?
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  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    If anyone is interested in seeing the rewards added to this year's event, here's a couple of videos I've put together showcasing them:


    With the cheap plugs out of the way...

    [ Bug Report ]
    There are two items called "Atlantis Seashell Ceiling Lamp" listed on the vendor. However, one of them is actually wall-mounted base item. I think it should be renamed to "Atlantis Seashell Wall Lamp".
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  4. hazard099 Level 30

    ever since king shark came into the game ive wanted a shark fin for my water dude thank you devs
  5. DCAutymn Developer

    Thanks Penryn. It's supposed to be 10 -- I'll fix that today.
    Thanks Torikumu -- fixing that as well.

    Hazard, you are welcome.
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  6. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Seeing as we’re technically revisiting the swimwear from the previous year I wanna report a weird bug with the female Beach Tank. It’s not quite attached properly at the front. There’s a slight gap through which you can see the wall beside you. It’s really bizarre. Still one of my favourite styles, and I’m really happy we’re getting variants, but I just wanted to put that out there.
  7. tukuan Loyal Player

    Shorts and tanks I can take or leave but those base items look great.
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  8. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    just curious, why no bikinis for girls, only beach shorts?
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  9. Aerith Rose Well-Known Player

    I really like the bubble sand floor base items. I have wanted something like this for a long time. Is there time to make a ceiling or wall version? If not definitely put on list for next year. The coral items look good too.

    The shark fin is good. I have been hoping for more of a summer fairy wing look that is different than the butterfly.
  10. Cyro Well-Known Player

    Would prefer the statues to come in a smaller size as well instead of just the large sizes
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  11. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    For style organizational purposes, can "Dynamic" top just be renamed "Floral" to match the shorts with the same pattern? The other 2 are fine because they're more generic.
  12. Kuno Dedicated Player

    Same thing with different prints. Another event that I will skip.
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  13. darth_paul Committed Player

    Well, most everyone just uses the female briefs, one-piece, or reverse slimline leg styles to make bikini bottoms for their girls, so there's that. But, if they can just redo the existing board shorts with new skins/colors, I would think that they could also redo one of those tree leg styles for the ladies so that at least the tops and bottoms will match. Why they have not thought of doing this, who knows?
  14. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    If they would just do a different version of the Briefs style with the texture/material of the beach tank, it’d go a long way. I ask for textile type materials every now and again for exactly this kind of application, but we just keep getting metals and glowies.
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  15. myandria Dedicated Player

    I love the new base items; thank you for making more larger ones for league bases. I do agree that we could have used some smaller versions of the statues, even wall statue versions like the Aquaman/Mera statue would have been nice. :D

    As far as the new summer styles, I will collect them for the feat, but that's about it. It is officially Boardwalk Season here at the Jersey Shore and the traffic is horrible; school isn't officially out yet. These styles are a reminder that the main highways and the Parkway/Turnpike will soon be a parking lot....:rolleyes:
  16. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Is this going live next week?
  17. Zneeak Loyal Player

    The new base items overall made my day! Finally we get those environmental items from Atlantis/Spindrift, I just wish we had a version of the corals without the planter. Some of the statues are a real nice touch for a royal Atlantean-theme. The Shark-fin style finally happened too, the only worthy style from the Summer Seasonal this year. Seasonal styles overall have been severely lacking lately imo. But hey, I guess they have to save the good stuff for the Time Capsules....

    What truly bums me out is that I will grind a ton of Base Items from the Summer Seasonal this year and still won't be able to place as much as I'm gonna need to in order to finish my Atlantean-themed base the way I want to, because of that lousy 500 item-limit. They really need to raise the limit in a GU or Hotfix in the near future....
  18. xm3n3hun3 Active Player

    thanks for the videos:

    The statues are well done - w/the exception of the seahorse - should have fins not legs.
    I do like having coral - sea themed base items, but the rocks w/seaweeds - change to larger rocks w/more kelp ( think kelp forest - or review marine kelp forest images) less sand
    also the coral planters - sigh .... the artist hasn't been underwater ever ... in the tropics it's a density of corals/sponges all squished closely together overlapping each other into bizarre and beautiful patterns of color and shape - the base items are too far spaced out

    the beach wear - uggh - ugly - are you on the west coast? have you lived the beach life? sigh...
    so conservative - seems so ugghhh
    no bikinis?
    no surfboards or boogie boards - but you had the blow up kiddie stuff ...lol

    you should create tats - tattoos - varying types - tribal, nautical, family - for whole body, just bicep, just forearm, just leg, just chest, just back.

    last year:
    you should/could add a different lei - google images of maile lei (for males)
    (there's also a version of haku lei's just for your head - with flowers, without flowers - I do like the spring festival, but I'd have more varieties w/colors and plants/leaves)
    I think if you investigated the polynesian culture or just searched for images - you could create so much more better styles for men and women. (feathers, kukui nuts are used often w/traditional wear)

    you could also create varying seashell necklaces, ankle/wrist bracelets (I do love the flowers from last year),
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  19. Michael7269 New Player

    This years seasonal styles are reskins from last years. I expected better. Love the Shark Fin though
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  20. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    i know what youre saying but briefs would work and there are probably bigger fish to fry...
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