Suggestions that would make DCUO a top MMO

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Rebornthunder, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Rebornthunder New Player

    What would you all like to see? very curious to know what others think
  2. Intense Action Sequence New Player

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  3. Rebornthunder New Player

    any other suggestions?
  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    A lot more money invested by SOE in DCUO so they can hire more devs and have more resources to create more content faster and better.
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  5. Rashadjc New Player

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  6. Intense Action Sequence New Player

    You want more? Uh, shoot. I don't know.
    This guy.
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  7. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    I personally liked the way it was. Everyone calls it grinding but I call it experiencing the game to the fullest extent. People now just ram rod through fast as they possibly can and half the time (at least for me anyway) it is literally so fast that I listen to Batman or Hal Jordan in the watchtower with the mission long done 3 minutes ago.
    Liking it the way it was means simply the currency change. Before the currency change it wasn't as easy to "skip through" as it is now.
    Saw a guy in chat the other day bragging that he had gotten to CR99 in 2 days and had only 45sp doing Nexus.
    Post on the forum a video shows someone soloing Mist Recovery the first day! True skills granted but nonetheless disappointing really.
    Make this an awesome MMO?
    Stop catering to the replay god's! Not all of us can afford to slam our bank accounts on a regular basis and replay our butts off to boredom. Make content faster? Seriously? All I can say is wow after 2 years here and seldomly using replays to constantly slam to the end game I still have ton's to do.
    Stop allowing these low CR groups to "walk-in" these teleports and gooble up ton's of gear that they haven't even came close to earning.

    There's my suggestions.
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    That's not speed. That's a bug a number of us get.

    But I completely agree with the general complaint that noobs these days get to rush through content and skip lots of content so they can gear up to CR 90+ in three days, and the result is a vast increase in the number of players running high tier, or any sort of challenging, content, and being clueless about their role and the game.
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  9. Dogico Loyal Player

    Any improvements going forward are limited by the PS3, so I guess they could just focus on PS4 and shut down PS3 servers? Then they could implement a lot more substantial improvements.
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  10. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Turn based combat.:D
  11. Mach DCLXVI New Player

    I have a suggestion specifically for super speed. I believe it could use one more power on its skill tree. This power would be very similar to Quantum tunneling/teleporting but it is just moving a short distance so fast that it appears you have teleported. It should have the added bonus of breaking crowd control effects and have the same cooldown time as quantum tunneling. A great example of this power is in the Gotham Warehouse solo when you fight the Cheetah Lords and Ladies. I have posted gifs of both the quantum tunneling and the Cheetah's "Speed Blitz" (if you will) to further elaborate. Bear with me guys, this would be totally schway.

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  12. Ghostof91 New Player

    This game is great in all but I actually agree that DCUO needs more attention from SOE, and Developers deserve more attention not just on FNL, I would like to see more interviews, perhaps introducing more Developers, so this game can become the game everyone wants whether having more customization, Powers etc. you name it.
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  13. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Better customer service

    Better top end player retention

    Better job with new players arriving to end tier equipment with little to zero knowledge of the game

    Loot has been poor in this game from day only exacerbated by DLC release schedules, more stuff base items, mods, styles, trinkets..... more moonscape paintings less extra marks

    Developmental kits for players for ps and PC

    More legends toons

    PVE/PVP legends phases that scales with your cr
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  14. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    Nothing will fix this snowball of impatient spoiled brat-itude elitism that is DCUO. All new content is forever damned (not cursing, I mean it in the biblical sense) as every time there is a new higher CR DLC, people wholeheartedly believe you MUST be the tippy top CR to run it even though the fact is: you just need to know your role well & it'll work just fine. You also have to learn the mechanics of new content, etc etc. BUT, [IMG]

    So instead, it goes: inspect, then kick kick kick kick kick if you don't see what adds up to CR106+. THEN you give it a go once you have a roster of CR106+ players. Instead of helping out & being "a community." So many people preach these days about Socialism, but holy hell, could you imagine a Socialist state run by these brats? Classic "...but some animals are MORE equal than others" Orwellian dystopia.

    Is this DCUO's doing? No. But they can't fix it w/ content or coding. Society is in a tailspin. Enjoy the ride.
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  15. Ice Lantern New Player

    It is way too late for this game to be a top MMO.
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  16. Shaveric Committed Player

    Here's what I think could be improved in DCUO.....

    1. I think we should give villains the ability to attack random civilians just for the fun of it since your not really a villain if you can't even mug a random person in the street for cash.

    2. There should be open world events such as a bank robbery, a plane hijacking, or at least something that will keep the DCUO experience fresh without waiting for the next DLC. If Destiny can handle open world events, then I think DCUO can too.

    3. They should improve the subscription system as I feel that subscribing just be relieved of restraints is kind of..... well... to put this way.... unnecessary as I believe subscribing should be mean't to give you extra stuff rather than taking away your restraints.

    4. I think they should do something about the cash cap along with a change in subscription as the cash cap really starts to get annoying in later tiers as the prices for repairing and buying gearing are rising. Those moments where I have the required marks for a piece of gear, but can't buy it due its price tag, which then forces me to grind for money can get really tedious at times.
    If they need to limit the most basic need in a game just to get people to put more money into the game, then there is something wrong with your system......
    I feel they should either do away with the cash cap as a whole (except for free-to-play players) and give legendary players a different, but more beneficial perk such as exclusive events or missions they can only participate in or exclusive (and I mean exclusive) items which they can only obtain and keep if they are legendary or maybe balance the cash cap in a way that is not so limiting along with giving legendary members a more beneficial perk.

    I have more suggestions but that all I'm going to post for now....

    Note: I posted these exact same words on a different post similar to this.
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  17. Ice Clown New Player

    I want to see alot more bug fixes, fix the PS4/PS34 lags and crashes that happens 80% of the time in the new contents, more contents (PVP hardly ever get anything new), stop nerfing raids/powers/legend toons, fix the dam bb/interrupt/lunge delay that has been around for like a year now, better boss fight and not a lazy super high HP with player combat mechanic boss fight that has nothing special, and finally...GAME UPDATES WHERE WE DON'T GET EXTRA DOWNTIME!!!! EVERYTIME A NEW GAME UPDATE COMES OUT, WE ALWAYS HAVE TO WAIT EXTRA HOURS JUST SO THEY CAN FIX ALL THESE GLITCHES.

    Why when we get hit by the most simple bullet from a level 5 thug/police we instantly move slow all of a sudden? and i think grounding is pretty dumb too... i mean it gives people no way to run/dodge. If you want to stop some1 from running, then put a Dot on them or keep lunging. Putting in "grounded", takes away the fun of the whole superheros/supervillains fight in the sky/leaping around buildings, and gives people an unfair advantage of not being able to run away.

    Its getting very annoying of the DEVs that this always happen. I mean come on, if you expect DCUO to be one of the top MMOs, then please make updates where it doesn't break the whole game. If making game updates was a test, the DEVs would get a "F" on it, then they have to stay after school to do extra credit to make up their grade to a "C"

    PS: i hope the DEVs do a revamp/improvement of the customization system. Why can't my toon wear a skull head while using a hat................oh, and put some claws in the game that is not all "armored up", I want my toon to be a animal.
    Sorry but I don't really see DCUO being one of the top MMOs.
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  18. The 13ht Doctor New Player

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  19. toast Well-Known Player

    Id would love to be able to get missions from citizens where you would end up in a small solo instance where you would fight/assist some of the B C & D list heroes/villains and then would have to return to the citizen you got the mission from, like in all other rpg's.

    would like to see missions inside science spire, wayne tech, lexcorp, stagg.
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  20. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    #1 - Stat caps for all levels of content
    #2 - At least as far as the duty queue is concerned, enforce 2-2-2-2. Premades can bypass this.
    #3 - Lock players who flag up for both role options in the duty queue into one role and associated role armories ONLY once they hit 'ready', simplifying matchmaking and cutting down on wait times.
    #4 - If none of the above, add role optional raids as a feature, which enforces the 2-2-2-2 setup.
    #5 - Add a fame system (taking precautions to limit abuse), adding risk and reward for players who are abusive and cooperative/can be reasoned with.
    #6 - I don't want to hear any more BS on the issue. Role certification missions that unlock at level 10 and 30 are needed to coach players how to use their role functions. The competing MMORPG enforces this with an entire campaign revolving around role objectives for each class you play as. At the very least DCUO should have 2 missions, one for basics and the latter for learning to work at the group level.
    #7 - That long lost UI update is needed. Too many issues stem from the current UI, UI speed, and bugs related to using interface features faster than the server can keep up with (like the trade exploit).
    #8 - New icons for every tray ability that more definitively represents the actual power being used. No more recycling.
    #9 - Single weapon mastery that adds depth back to the combat system along with the individuality of using a stand alone weapon and all of it's combo abilities with maximum efficiency. Skillful play.
    #10 - A very hard tweak to the game's notoriously buggy counter system. It's just not going to work with the type of lag setup offered by an MMO. I'll go as far as to say i'd rather see the entire counter system removed in place of a system that rewards hits against a blocking player more power, forcing the turtle into action. The timing requirements and buggy windows for the current counter system just do not work as accurately as hoped. Too ambitious. Looked decent on paper, sure.
    #11 - If not #10, all npc enemies need to follow the exact combat criteria that players do. 3 hits, not 4. Remove tap range block breakers which are now exploited by enemies like Kreon The Turrible. Boss attacks that are obviously channeled, like Penguin's rifle barrage need to be interruptable. Something that simultaneously throws players out of block stance and does heavy damage needs a counter option, which is what lunge was designed for (deflects projectiles, remember?). No point in npcs now having counter mechanics if they can't be bothered to follow them themselves. More work needs to be done in correcting these behaviors too. Other issues occur elsewhere, like in the Ferris Air' duo, when a player is holding the battery, the protectice field is still being penetrated by enemies who are programmed to lunge. The lunge happens faster than the barrier can respond, causing a hit against the player first, and the counter blase occuring only after.
    #12 - Faster response time correcting bugs. Too many long standing issues, like disconnections from operations (HoF raid ops) that are never addressed.
    #14 - More events that keep people playing. We had the furniture drop rate increase, but that was temporary and sort of a one shot deal. Promo events don't require DLC content or client updates.

    Could go on, but need to take a breather.
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