Suggestions for Monthly Rewards thread

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zoe·, Nov 15, 2022.

  1. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Do you know? all these styles are good and I will be glad if the players get them (even if most of them are not interesting to me ... of those that have already been used, I probably used only one ... the rest are gathering dust somewhere in a bank of some alt (due to a bug i can't even see where exactly ;/ )...but i wish it was something that would be useful for everyone regardless of their tastes...every time when the 21 day reward is announced we have a bunch of angry players screaming that the reward complete ******** and that it is not worth a subscription... perhaps if you add additional artifact exp or exp for allies... or even an additional 50-100 Fate Token, this calmed some a little (whom I want to deceive, the screams were as they were and will be, even if developers adding real money there....)...
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I would prefer a new complete style set you can collect through the month like they did with Blue Beetle. The Day 21 reward should not be a style at all but something players actually need and will consider purchasing a subscription for.
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  3. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm... I think we need some base items sprinkled in the monthly rewards. They don't have to be the last day reward; instead, they can be staggered throughout the month as a subscriber-only perk.

    The police wall monitors and terminals that show the faces of the main villains
    Orrery of the Multiverse (large and small) I know, I know, it was a 'limited offer' but still...
    Ranx Base Items
    Qward Base Items
    Mogo Base Items (crystal growth stands, 'plant' consoles, green lantern teleport platforms and Mogo's Lantern Ring[League Hall])
    Charging Console Base Item Pack or Individual (Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black,Orange, Star Sapphire, Indigo, Ultra Violet, White)
    Large/League Hall sized Grecian Base Items (Amphoras, Urns, Floor Tiles, Themysciran Wall Vines, Invisible Plane/Warship Models)
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  4. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    So what would be your suggestions?
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  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I like this idea too, but with how long it took them to get this thing in the game, I don't see this being a regular thing. Maybe, they could set it being a once a year thing. Like every July, new themed suit. Would be very cool to have.

    I also liked the free set being regular and the member version being enhanced.
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  6. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    The thing that really kills the daily rewards for me is the lack of rewards after level 21. I understand that it takes work to do to make a style and such but if we are expected to pay for member for 30 days, surely we should be able to get at least 30 days of meaningful log in bonuses instead of 9 whole days of basically nothing (for those who have all the styles anyways)

    I would much prefer:
    New style set
    Day 21 reward to be an actual good style item. Maybe not something iconic but more like a pack of chromas, a new material or even multiple themed styles as 1 reward instead of a singular let down of an accessory
    A bundle of Selectable items on day 25-28 where you get to pick 2 items per bundle and this bundle includes small amounts but valuable items such as

    Select 1 of them. (You are granted 2 boxes per month. Those in green are only selectable once due to value. Those in blue are selectable Twice. The boxes will be different. One box will have all these listed here. The other only the blue items)
    • 25k Artifact Exp
    • Seal of Preservation x5 bundle OR Specific Catalyst bundle. 10 green/7blue/5purple
    • Replay badges x 50
    • Quarks
    • Seasonal Vendor currency (Only in the month of the event)
    • 2 Stabilizers
    • A tier 3 pet. could be something such as Bat Sentinel or Lust Demon etc (exclusive to that month, 0 point feat attatched. (please stop putting feats behind pay walls <3 ) Collecting it allows you to purchase the pet/turret from the egg guy in HoL. Account bound)
    • Fate token x 100
    • Source marks x25
    • 1 Destiny TokenJust wish to post my ideas in hopes someone would see. Any change that adds more loot to the daily system is a welcomed one
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  7. Tolly Committed Player

    have an iconic character style element as was done with Doctor Fate's helmet.

    Quarks, for subscribers.
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  8. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    Imagine the Community Style Initiative being a yearly recurring thing, that'd be so awesome :eek:
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  9. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Good point. If they were do a style set for every month they would need to be planned out and started well in advance. I was thinking to save time/resources these new monthly styles don't necessarily need to be a full 8-piece set every month. There are a lot of requested style sets that would be better suited as 4-piece sets like they have done with certain seasonal styles.

    Another possible idea they could split up the 8-piece sets and release half for one month and the other half the next month like they used to do back in 2015-2016. That would still give us an additional six brand new costume sets a year to play with which is a lot better than zero or one.

    I would also like to see more original or themed costumes versus iconic costumes.
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  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    My birthday is in July. Just sayin'. :D
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  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    A vote created every year, that would be a great community boosting event, IMO. The Blue Beetle one was really good and people were logging in to vote! Heck people were pinging me because Blue Beetle was on it! XD

    I don't want to see monthly content release like that ever again. The whole method they designed that was to escalate upward and only upward. It was a terrible thing for the players and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Same for the devs as they couldn't even keep up with their own schedule, it was too much and everyone suffered.

    With that said, that wouldn't be a whole lot different than what I was suggesting, as the whole set would have to be modeled and designed, then split up for each of the 8 parts.
    Mine too! :O[IMG]
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  12. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    a texture updated Gadgeteer jacket
    mats are pretty and all but it's not the same
    I will die on this hill


    edit: and an intergang penthouse base theme pls and ty
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  13. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    What about toys? I would still like to see some balls based on shape changing characters. It’s like having another ally in the mix (even if it’s just for immersion and not any gameplay benefit).

    Characters like Plastic Man:



    Bouncing Boy:


    Lead (from the Metal Men - change the physics so he drops like a lead weight and rolls instead of bouncing)


    Elastic Man:



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  14. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I.... don't disagree or anything.... but dear lord is that last image horrifying. Like that's.... legit just light body horror..... JFC.....
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  15. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    Anything. Half of her list is gender specific. So go ahead and scratch those off the list. Elf ears? Those should just be a Christmas seasonal style. Personally I think base items or new lairs are a good start. Then you move on to iconic pieces, or JL backup.

    Zoe is just thinking of things that pertain to her. Not the other half of the membership paying players. What are they supposed to do with canary’s fishnets? Each monthly reward should appeal to both genders and factions.
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  16. Zoe· YouTuber

    Why are you speaking for everyone else? Speak only for yourself - also this thread proves you pretty much wrong. It's a suggestions thread, I collected requests from friends too and put them all together. Just because it doesn't speak to you personally doesn't mean It's not good for anyone else. Also yes I'm a woman so most of my suggestions are for female characters - but the Devs can make it work for both. If you have a issue with that just come up with your own suggestions instead of acting up like you know better and speak for everyone :D
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  17. Zoe· YouTuber

    That's a great idea!
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  18. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    You're the one assuming that just because YOU don't want them or have a use for them, no one else except Zoe does, either. You definitely don't speak for me, because I certainly could use the Harley hair, Lantern batteries, Bat-Mite, claws, Robin emblem, Superboy hair, etc. And Caroline also said "it's like you read my mind" so clearly there's people that could use these things.

    And these things are only gender specific if you're boring. A man can wear all the fishnets and pigtails he wants, too. And I say more power to him. Don't deprive us of amazing drag queen looks. My gay heart would weep. :p

    And the pointy ear skin thing is MY idea she put on the list. It's in reference to the new Black Adam model. It can be used for elves, or it can be used for Vulcans, demons, aliens, etc. At least suggest something specific. What are the devs supposed to do with "I don't want these ideas"? That tells them nothing about what you DO want. No point in badmouthing someone else suggesting things they'd like and not giving any ideas you think are better. Well... there's one point, but it's not very helpful: just for the sake of being negative and complaining about HYPOTHETICAL ideas a PLAYER suggested. And what if I don't want what you want? What then? I could just as easily complain about YOU only suggesting things YOU want. But it wouldn't help anyone and would completely miss the point of what suggestions are for in the first place. The entire point of this thread is "here's some things my friends and I would like to see, what would you guys like to see?" It's ASKING you to share what you'd like to see as well. That's the whole point. For everyone that wishes to throw out there what they personally want to see. If you don't like these ideas, suggest your own. That's why the thread exists in the first place.
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  19. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I agree with him that most of the ideas listed here would be better suited as episode/seasonal or even loot box rewards. Every single one-off style they make only appeals to a desperately limited few which makes them a cheap and sometimes tacky membership perk.
  20. Wonder Boi Well-Known Player

    The SOE Las Vegas Elvis Jumpsuit! lol. If they gave out the Batman / Two Face Hack Mask, then why not?
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