Suggestions for Hard Light DPS and Troll?

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by Lantern_AdamK4, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    Hi Everyone, the title says it all.
    I've been working on my hard light character, and as often as artifacts come, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on what the best artifacts are to optimize trolling, and for DPS (not at the same time, I'm looking for artifacts for each role)
    I figure it would be wise to ask before putting in too much work on any artifacts.
  2. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Dps: transformation, grim, soul cloak/la mort/philosophers stone

    Troll: rao, soul cloak, strategist/omegahedron

    A lot of people will say parasite for last slot but I personally don’t like it
  3. Mazahs Loyal Player

    DPS - Grimorum, Soul Cloak then either philosopher or Solar (solar gives 1% more might, but some like phil)
    Troll- Rao, Cloak & Parasite
  4. Krytin Active Player

    Honestly it is going to depend on your style of play. Do you work the supercharge way or the combo or tray for dps.

    And as in troll I have seen it work well with multiple arts again depending how you and your team do thing.

    Plus I know some people hated it but I saw and used it bring back the wall man that worked great in so many raids until you took it away devs
  5. Mazahs Loyal Player

    For DPS- Unless you are using prec "should" or are likely using both combo and tray. Something like (p)Entrap >(p) Whips (c) whips clip with LW. (P)Ram (c) whips clip (p) Ram

    I've seen quite a few go the non SC way, but with the damage boost NV gives...why?
    Troll side I agree you can go different ways, and Yes I want Barrier back. Used it in Nexus quite a bit back in the day
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  6. DiscoSoup Level 30

    I have been using the three cards from the latest episode and spamming my finisher. Tears through crowds. I am kinda a trash player, but i have been getting like double the amount of damage as some other DPS players in 8-player content.
  7. Xibo Loyal Player

    For DPS: Grio+Trans+soul Cloak
    Go Battle Troll instead of just Troll with: claw+tetra+soul cloak
  8. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    For battle troll I would rather suggest claw, strat, soul cloak. Only reason I say strat is because it’s the only other way to give some power without the use of your power dump.
  9. fm0987 Well-Known Player

    “Scrubs”, jk lol
  10. DiscoSoup Level 30

    :D I really am. Got to 293 through sheer perseverance.
  11. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Adds thru out raid leading up to bosses. Gem scrap and grim using 7 supers in the first 5 mins with 2 supers in ur loadout. Once ur supers are drained and you padded the score then jump to grim /amp and stone shown below unless it's pure single target which is the only place I get the trans to work with light.

    Pure Single Target- grim/trans and solar
    Aoe boss fights with adds- grim / solar and stone. I pull 70k might buffed in newest content.

    Pure troll - Rao /scrap and parasite

    My battle buff troll all dps gear in troll stance claw/ tetra/ scrap run 2 trolls with a pure troll with u. The tetra n claw buff the whole group.
  12. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Saw you in game a bit back using (p) Impact (c) Lighblast
    Lightblast is only a finisher when played from the tray (not combo'd) At least that looked like what you were doing.
  13. gemii Dedicated Player

    its like the devs ignore troll powers.

    Light still has no aggro drop on its shield
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  14. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Yea the trolls have the worst artifacts out of all roles. And the trolls abilities aren’t in line either. Mental has a 60 second shield sc while all other have 30. Most of HLs debuffs are combos or limited in range. And as you said HLs aggro drop is Nom existent.
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  15. DiscoSoup Level 30

    Ug, for real? Thanks.
  16. DiscoSoup Level 30

    Oh, snap. You were right. I didn't realize that my La Mort card hadn't been triggering. Now these guys just melt. Thanks.
  17. Mazahs Loyal Player

    You think they melt with finisher, then try melee.
    It's a whole different level of damage
  18. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Something else you should note is that the la mort only applies the effect one 1 target even if you use aoe. Kinda a bummer since light blast didn’t get a full buff because it’s aoe and the card that would’ve worked perfectly for light doesn’t actually work that well since you wouldn’t be using light blast for single target anyways
  19. DiscoSoup Level 30

    Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. It's a shame. @Mazahs I might just try melee. Kinda worried that I won't get "clipping" down.
  20. DiscoSoup Level 30

    So having switched things out I am now murdering stuff. I've always buit for mobs and lone big, bosses. Just got 27 million and change in Phoenix Cannon while most people were pulling 12 at most. Thanks.

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