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    Didn't see a thread about this so thought i'd post one. I'm aware that there are "tell us which style" threads but this feels like it needs to be separate as its 1 style item per Month, instead of full sets.

    Before i list out my suggestions please be aware of 2 things:
    1) these aren't all my ideas, some are highly requested and long overdue
    2) there was criteria set for this, rules. To help narrow down the list. If you'd like to add suggestions its in your best interest to follow the criteria or else you may set yourself up for disappointment. The criteria was:

    - No Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman items. WW Time Capsules dropping soon and the legal loopholes for Batman/Superman stuff is ridiculous. We have enough of all 3 in the game.
    - 1 item. This ones simple. Its 1 item per Month. Each suggestion should be 1 item. Not 1 suit, not 1 full style, not 1 set of armour. 1 as in one. Singular.
    - No "enhanced" versions of existing styles. We get that already and it breaks the rule above.
    - No existing styles at all. If you dont like the grind theres a broker.
    - No "exclusive" items or singular style. No OG Auras or Materials. And no Legends Batman, that breaks rule 1.

    So, the list so far:
    - Catwoman Head style
    - Murk Head style
    - Damian Wayne/Tim Drake Hair style
    - Crossbow Sound effect for Dual Pistols
    - Joker Grin Face style
    - Spectre Skin style
    - Arcane Circle Accessory (think Sorcery power)
    - Validus Head style
    - Black Lantern Zombie Henchmen Trinket
    - Alternate Primal Personality Stance (think Atrocitus and Bane)
    - Unicorn Transformation Trinket (had to include it, April Fools?)
    - Scarecrow Gas Attack Orbital
    - Iconic Orbital (5-7 Iconics drop down one-punching the hell out of target one after another before jumping/flying away, Heroes and Villains variation)
    - Cyborgs New Handblaster style
    - Beast Boy Trinket (Transform from normal -> BB Gorilla -> BB Bird -> BB Octopus over 1 minute and back to Normal, aesthetic item not for combat function, attks disabled to prevent exploits)
    - Anti-Monitor Ally (Towers above behind you and reaches out his hand, spreading Antimatter in an AOE circle)
    - Perpetua Head style
    - World Forger Hawkman Head style
    - Doom Symbol Accessory
    - Booster Gold Hand style

    Thats all i can remember so far. If anyone wants to add to it pls feel free. I only ask that the criteria is kept.
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    Even though they took it down, they should still have the list Megzilla had started.
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  3. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    She'd put a lot of work and attention to it. I hope it is in progress. Especially Miscellaneous requests.
  4. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Yeah they definitely should, and I know the Devs themselves not only likely have at least the next 6 months of exclusives figured out, but also have likely thought of most of these. Just thought a new thread could help. Theres been a few styles or suggestions of styles since Megz list. If even one is a new suggestion, from anyone not just me, and makes it in it'd be worth it
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    It should be. Lord of Chaos accessory was requested and I believe was on that list.