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    So since we have the base items vendor (Cheetah) I thought we can gather some ideas here that maybe the Devs can consider add there at some point. Some stuff that are already in game, or stuff that they can add in the future. Not specifically for Episode 43, but for future additions.
    • Lantern batteries
    • Zatanna's Posters from House of Mystery (I asked for this way too many times at this point :( )
    • Light that you can turn on and off (interactable)
    • Animals Lantern Constructs (Like we have in the water pack on the marketplace with the Sharks)
    • More base pets. Dex-starr for example. Lions (Already exists in Amazonian content). Ace The Bathound. (How do we not have him yet???) and a Starro base pet. (Big for league hall and small for base) and make it so he can roam around the rooms in the league hall\base.
    • Iconic Holograms. Base and League Hall size. Of Mentors for example.
    • More Iconic posters like the bombshell ones. What about a Fracture poster?!
    • Iconic Emblems for Walls like stickers. Wonder Woman for example.
    • Available during Halloween only maybe: Zombie base pet for Halloween, blood flooring base item.
    • Amazonian windows with statues in them (Greek Gods or Greek statues, like seen in the Aegis of Truth solo)
    • Iconic Banners like the WW Banners from Wonderverse.
    • More base items like treelines for example one that shows the beach, a fortress, and etc. It will give a feeling of an outside base.
    • Interactable Joker toxin barrel (Maybe it can explode at us? idk)
    • Available during Christmas only maybe: Presents that open up if you interact with them
    • More unique dividers.
    • Gamer computer desk (Eh....possible? xD)
    • Character statue that changes emote based on our personality and style based on our used first 4 armories.
    Um I think I gave a lot of ideas so if anyone want to add anything, I hope Charon can chime in and say if some of these are even possible and if Cheetah will even get new items (Other than episode-themed base items) or just access to old ones.
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  2. Ryll Well-Known Player

    • Floor items like the glass looking into the terracotta warriors in Bruce Waynes office in Family Reunion
    • Glass dividers
    • More destroyed versions of existing base items. Like the Kahndaqi statue.
    • Knocked over versions of existing base items. Lamps, chairs, tables, etc.
    • Items that have sound. Like the hum of neonlights or floors that creek when you walk on them
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  3. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Iconics walking around like the Ambush Bug Base Pal (NGL, I mostly want this for my prison base)
    Ability to place small objects like the books or papers or pizza boxes we have on tables and shelves
    More non-construct Lantern stuff in general
    Harley's hyenas
    Alfred the Cat
    Staff (butler/maid/security/etc)
    More things we can put emblems on
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  4. Achikah Committed Player



    -thumbs through notepad and takes a deep breath-

    Investigation/Breifing/Collection Base Items Pre Metal Pt. 2 DLC
    These include, but aren't limited to:
    • LexCorp Floor Monitor
    • Replica Urgrund Weapon Rack
    • Bottle City of Kandor Pedestal
    • Spectrum Poster
    • Science Spire Poster
    • Green Lanern Exhibit Banner
    • Green Lantern Corps Memorial Statue
    • Black/White/Red Lantern Banners
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Monster's Anvil
    • Dionisium Display
    • Cosmic Tuning Fork Model
    • Window to Gotham- Cosmic Tuning Fork
    • More Ramps/Stairs that are opaque/walkable- Just generic ones even: wood, stone, concrete, etc. I know that’d be a hard sell to just put in the game that’s not themed to a specific DLC or flashy, but the quality of life for a lot of designers would be boosted tremendously to have varying platforms in the game. The Xmas ones are lovely, but the candy cane and lights on them really make them a niche item, whereas a generalized, regular one could be accessorized and used in a TON of different layouts. (We got the Bleachers so far so hell yes! Keep um coming!)
    • More half wall, both vertical and horizontal- Pillars of Eternity, Iron Pointed Rails, Pub Dividers, and Stacked Stone Walls have been some of my favorite items for decorating, not because they’re focal points but because they’re the silent stars that not only shape the room but also let it breathe. Adding more vertical half-walls (eg: Pillars of Eternity) as well as more horizontal fences/dividers half-walls (eg: Pub Dividers) would really be of use and allow for a more nuanced approach to dissecting larger rooms into smaller one. Full dividers are super useful, don’t get me wrong, but when they start to block light and have zero see-through options, the repetition can really suck the life out of a room and get slightly claustrophobic at times. Which brings me to my next request…
    • Standing Windows/Panes of Glass- I dunno how doable this is, but I do know there are several items that utilize glass opacity beautifully (eg: Empty Mist Containers, Chemical Tubes) and I’m wonder if that can’t be transferred to a glass divider/standing pane. Even implementing a freestanding divider with a window within it, much like the Savage Stronghold Doors have, would also be amazing.
    • More ceiling/wall rocks/crystals- Something like the Zamaron Crystal collection but recolored or textured, or even just Rocky/Charred Masses for the walls would be awesome.
    • Regular Star Windows- Starfield Windows are an AMAZING base item, but when you want to make a night sky, stacking multiples for a large room/space really makes a base overly busy. Having just a regular starry sky without the galaxy would allow for multiple stackings so when you do place an actual Starfield Window it pops as a focal point/centerpiece like it deserves.
    • Slot Machines- Vault of Chances from SOE 14 can stay exclusive, but please reskin them so those unable to attend/newer to the game have a chance at enjoying these. If you can release the damn Batman Cowl after all these years, you can give us Slot Machines.

    All unreleased furniture/now Omnibus Box Exclusive- Omni boxes have been dropping new Third World items, as well unreleased OP collections. Not sure how many of these are actually in rotation now; I've only managed to find/receive a few, but here's the list from the DCUO Fandom Wiki.
    • Brushed Dusk Landscape
    • Carved Stone Chest
    • Damaged Industrial Sandbag
    • Destroyed Medical Cot
    • Display Shelves
    • Fourth World Monitor
    • Fourth World Wall Seal
    • Fresh Portrait Painting
    • Large Damaged Rocking Horse
    • Large Robotic Arm
    • Large Robotic Leg
    • Large Tech Wall Divider 1
    • Large Tech Wall Divider 2
    • Poker Table
    • Round Threadbare Rug
    • Small Damaged Atlantean Statue
    • Thin Wooden Floormat
    • Third World Fluids Tank
    • Third World Hyper Conductor
    • Third World Magnetic Ring
    • Third World Pipe
    • Third World Portal Panel
    • Third World Server
    • Third World Ventilation
    Again, don't know how many are actually modeled in game and which were just datamined from the source code or what have you. But if there are any others besides the Third World things, add those to the pyre too.

    All the Paintings from Fellowship of the Arcane- Just all of them. Every one. Posters. Paintings. Whatever. Even give them to me in a marketplace pack I. Will. Pay. My Manor needs a Goya replica, stat.

    Also, give me the checkered floor in there and all the Limbo Town farming/crop things too. Just everything from FotA. Yes, thank you.

    Larger versions of already established items- A way to introduce larger version of some older items to better fit/fill the decor, that’d be really awesome. As for larger seasonal furniture, just adding them to their respective event’s vendor would be just fine. A few requests would be as listed: Stone Cascades, Miniature Ponds (request granted as of Spring 2022, ty!) Rock Waterfalls, Blood Moon Windows, Van Helsing Doors, Knotted Oak Tree, Ice Walls and Dividers, the various Zamaron floor and wall crystals, Tunnels of Love, just to name a few. Again, not all items would make sense being larger, nor really need to be, but seeing as there are size variation of several items already, I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask for a few more to be sized up.

    Chairs and Tables as ceiling items- again, I could definitely see Mr. Mxyzptlk being behind such things, so maybe a St. Pat’s day drop. Doesn’t have to be limited to just tables and chairs though, could be any number of generic furniture. Just something that might be fun for a funhouse or haunted base, among other things.

    • CACTI, PLEASE -insertshutupandtakemymoney.gif-
    • Ceiling Clouds- Any sort of cloud formation for the ceiling without precipitation. Taking the Snow Cloud and removing the falling snow, or the Reverse Ceiling Rain without the rain for a more stormy cloud would be awesome!
    • Full Cherry Blossom Tree- Just like the Full Oak Tree just a Cherry Blossom variety.
    • Arid/Desert/Island Rocks (leaning/group/formation): A reskin of the St. Patrick's Day rocks, just in a warmer color pallet to feel more attune to a desert/island locale.
    • Grotto Cavern: A larger base item that'd be a dome/cloister of rocks that a character could venture into, like a small cave. Possibly with an oculus, maybe some ivy/moss/markings on the walls.
    • Driftwood: Just a washed up piece of driftwood for any beach/ocean theme.
    • Large Palm Trees: Just a size variation on the Palm Tree item from the past.
    • Fallen Coconuts: A few scattered coconuts that could be placed on the ground, or on a sand mass.
    • Leafy Island Shrubs/Bushes/etc: Just a variety of tropical/island based flora.
    • Tide Pool: A rocky enclosure, similar to the Miniature Pond, but more oceanic themed, maybe with some shells, oysters, starfish or other various sea life.
    Shipwrecked Set
    This would be a set of debris that resembles piece of a crashed wooden ship. The piece could be self sustaining or be placed in sand mound to facilitate the shipwrecked effect. Potential items could include-
    • Shipwrecked Mast, Shipwrecked Figurehead/Foremast, Shipwrecked Crow's Nest, Shipwrecked Cannon, etc.
    • Also, Shipwrecked Debris (Various/Scattered/Sparse): To go with the set; various waterlogged pieces of debris from the ship, such as planks, crates, barrel, ropes, nets, etc.
    • Lighthouse (animated): This would be a larger base item, probably only able to be placed in larger base rooms or a league hall. It'd pretty much function as a large Lighthouse spire with an animated light at the top that'd rotate around.
    • Crashing Tide: Absolutely no idea if this is possible, but if there's anyway to simulate an animated tide ebb, that'd be amazing. It could be a transparent item, like the Blankets of Fog, that could be placed atop the Water Puddles and moves some seaform or gentle waves. Again, no idea if this is even doable or worth the work it'd take, but just wanted to add the idea.
    ...reached the character limit, going for a second post.
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  5. Achikah Committed Player

    -ahem- Pt 2:

    • Open Van Helsing Doors- The Van Helsing Doors are probably one of my favorite pieces of furniture, ever. However, as someone who curates their base obsessively, I really loathe breaking objects when going through or touring. If there's any way at all a variant could be introduced next seasonal there the doorway is open- either with the doors angled like the Theater Doors-Open from Valentine's Day, or just with the door omitted all together, I'd be over the moon.
    • Enchanted Broom- An animated base pet that floats around, possibly with a sweeping animation.
    • Haunted Mirror- I know logistically making a reflecting surface in-game is a ridiculous ask, but I did have a fun concept that would satiate the want for a mirror base item while also making it more doable. Much like the animated paintings, maybe make an old Victorian mirror, tinted over like the Olympian Moon Mirror, and animate different effects onto it. One could be a ghoulish face, another the mirror slowly cracks, or it could fog up with a spooky message, maybe drip with blood. Really, the ball's in your court. Bottom line- a spooky mirror.
    • Limbed Clusters Floor/Ceiling/Wall- this one is a mighty want for my haunted house: hands much like the Arkham Grave hands but in large clusters on varying surfaces, as if someting is reaching out and grasping from behind the wall/floor/ceiling. They could be opaque or spectral, but ya, just a bunch of creept limbs for maximum spookiness.
    • Sanguine/Inky Ooze-I know blood and gore have probably been asked for a million times over, and I understand why they haven't been placed in the game yet given the grizzly aspects. However, given the fountain added during Wonderverse and it's coinciding bloom room in FGS, I propose making Sanguine items for the next Halloween seasonal. If that's too much, maybe instead of red you tint them black, like ink. Green could also work as well to go with the Haunted items, or heck, all three with recoloring/skins. You could do various iterations of it such as Dripping(Ceiling and Wall,) Puddle, Pool, Splatter, Hand/Footprints, etc.
    • Old/Tall/Sparse/Full Autumn Tree variants- Same as the current Autumn tree but just having different variations as the Cherry Blossoms and Oaks have from the Spring seasonal.
    • Autumn Canopy variants- Just to complete the autumn foliage set for a cohesive base. A recoloring of the Cherry Blossom set would be perfect, especially with the fallen leaves coming down.
    • Harvest Moon Skylight- This would be a reskin the Enchanted Forest Skylight. It'd have the same autumn leaf colors and the portal aspect could be replaced with a warmer-toned black night sky and a bright yellow harvest moon, or there could be a blood moon variant too with the gnarled Halloween branches and violet or black foliage.
    • Dead Grass Patches (Large and Small variations)-Again, just another thing to add to an autumn base to utilize the trunks and branches already in the game. A recolor of normal grass patches but just brown/browning for more of a fall ambiance.
    • Cabin Walls/Ceiling/Flooring/Dividers/Columns- the means to make a log cabin aesthetic would be amazing, especially paired with the frosty windows, festive fireplace, and firewood piles.
    • Cozy Table- Just a nice wooden dining or side table, with or without a tablecloth. The main focus would really be the set of steaming coffee mugs on it and maybe an assortment of treats or cookies too.
    • Hat/Coat Rack- a standard floor standing one for long/heavy coats and then maybe another for the wall for hats and scarves.
    • Gingerbread Walls/Doors/Ceiling/Flooring/Columns- basically the means to transform a base into an actual gingerbread house, or construct one in a room. Candied furniture and accessories to go with it could be very cool too.
    • Freestanding Ice Walls- I'm sure this has already been requested, but thought I'd add it. (Also, sidenote- thank you for the walls and their generous hitbox/clipping. So great!)
    • More toys- The smaller toys are nice but hard to use in an actual base other than under trees. Hanging versions or table/pedestal/shelf versions would be really nice. Additional toys could also be added, such as hanging airplanes, blocks, action figures/models, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.
    • Red Curtained Frosty Windows- The Space Hog windows are amazing, however, logistically it doesn't make sense to have them on all 4 walls of a room seeing as the moon is clearly visible. The only alternative would be the Frosty Windows, but then there's the problem of the curtain sets no matching since theirs are blue and while the Space Hog's are red. I purpose a variant reskin/recolor of the Frosty Window so that it can coincide with the Space Hog. I'd also be ok with a reskin/color of the Space Hog in blue as well.
    • Orange Lantern Furniture- A leaguemate of mine adores the Orange Lantern Corps and though it'd be a very niche want, the Winter Seasonal is Larfleez' domain. I know there are constructs, but I was thinking something more like an Avarice furniture drop such as the Zamaron one for Valentine's Day (bed, couch, chairs, table, etc.) It could be opulent and and gilded with the insignias, maybe a higher priced animated item that rains gold coins in some way, or some slot machines even. Really, a request for more Larfleez love is all.
    For Episode 43, compiled by myself and others from this thread:
    • Dark Robin Transformation Pits- From the open world; would have to include the green flare animation though or else they’d really just look like a different size Lab Vat.
    • Apex Red Light Barrier- The red light barriers used to cage the lanterns. These would be SO cool to have, especially since tech dividers/walls are scarce (and they’d also look stellar with the new HoL Bleed Tube items.) Would love if they came in both a pin item as they are in the open world, or as a single wall so we could build our own!
    • Ultraviolet Source Crystal Shards- Both the larger shards and smaller ones would be great for rocky/cavern bases.
    • Perpetua’s Throne- From the last boss of the new alert; could be a larger base item, for both larger base themes and league halls, or I’d settle for it being the size of a Throne of Skulls.
    • Source Wall Rocks- The raid is absolutely lovely and has the desert stone walling/debris I’ve been wanting for years. If there’s any way to make that available as a base items for the ceiling, wall, and floor I’d be over the damn moon (or moons depending on how many the Source area has, hehe.)
    • Source Wall Entombed Icons- This could be like the Sixth Dimension Iconics from the previous DLC where it’s various statues done in the same style. This time though it’d be varying sealed/entombed Icons of the Source Wall. I know the light eyes would be a big and pretty much impossible ask, but just having them as larger divider-eque reliefs like the Kahndaqi Statues would be epic.
    • Red Sand Piles- the flooring texture from the new raid put into a Sand Pile/Mass like the other available for base decore.
    • Blighted Floor Tendrils- we have the coned Black Energy Tendrils, and the Blighted Wall Corruption, any way we could get those cool Blighted Tendril pools that spawn up when the tentacles do in the new raid?
    • Johnny Quick’s ‘Ring’ed out corpse- Bit morbid but… I do have a few bases that could really utilize him. >_>’ Just sayin’.
    • The Exhaust Flame Cauldrons against the far wall in the last room of the Apokolips Duo
    • The Uprooted and Dead Trees found out in Death Metal DC
    • The Destroyed Lexcorp Cars in the Apex Predator area of Death Metal DC
    • An Apokoliptian Window- like the Window to Thanagar or World Forge, but with the view and frame matching an Apokoliptian theme.
    • Ultra-Violet Lantern Wall Banner
    • Lexcorp Open World Vehicles
    • Apokoliptian Holo-Divider
    • Statues Of The Other Dark Knights (to join BWL)
    • Devastator Floor Gas
    • Source crack/ripple (to go over floor patches, effect from Perpetua’s incoming Orbital)
    • Ultraviolet Construct Base Pets
    • Dawnbreaker’s Tentacles
    • Monument (League Hall item)
    This is everything I've had written down/suggested in the Base Furniture Request Thread as of now. I'll collect my thoughts this evening and come back for a second pass.

    tl;dr:..... gg wp.
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  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Not gonna lie, wish she would sell seasonal crap if u had the seasonal marks. All these delays are making it irritating to decorate on a deadline
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  7. Achikah Committed Player

    I've been requesting a year round seasonal vendor for awhile now, but it hasn't been well received. Idea would be get the marks during the seasonal ONLY then have access to the vendor year round. Feel like it'd still get people to hop on the game and do the seasonal during the seasonal month but it'd also help to curb inflation in the offseason. Would help us decorators/fashionistas too with hoarding/inventory clutter or waiting on a specific style/furniture item for a whole year.
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  8. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Oh yeah, ramps like for wheelchairs and accessibility would be great for bases meant to be hospitals/medical bases or characters' homes or so on.

    I'd also love to see more statues of more characters, both full size and shelf statues, like the Earth 3 statues or Superman memorial statue or the Flash and Heatwave statues or so on. Some I'd particularly like to see would be:
    The mentors and sub-mentors (as in Oracle and Calc, or just their robots even)
    Some leaders and major figures for each Lantern Corps
    The "families" for each mentor or at least a few major figures from them, so like Donna and Cass to put beside Diana
    The members of the JLD
    Some members of the Teen Titans
    Maybe some cool big group statues to put in league halls like the big statues of the Big 3 in the Watchtower or that statue of the founding Titans sometimes shown being in front of Titans Tower in some comics.
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  9. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    I spent so much money today buying off season items to make that base perfect for u lol
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  10. EconoKnight XIII Legion

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  11. Aren Sul Committed Player

    I wish they would bring back the cat scratching post. We only got one and I'd like it on a couple of other characters I have now that we have 3 cats in game.

    I can't think of another base item more suited for Cheetah to sell ;)
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  12. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Oh yeah, I need to get some for my base with all the pets in it since I have all 3 cats. Hopefully I can get some when Halloween comes back around. TBH, I think more pet items in general to really make our bases feel that much more lived in and like someone actually lives there with pets. Like food and water bowls not exclusively bundled with the dogs, beds not exclusively bundled with the dogs, pet toys, litter boxes, cat towers, stored food and treats, etc.
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  13. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    Still hoping for Brine Hulk or Trench Creature Base items/Base pets
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  14. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    still no robot butler
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  15. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Robot butler? We don't want no R2D2, we want Alfred! :D Wait.... Give us both!!
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  16. MystoganJella Well-Known Player

    I love this thread I hope they get around to seeing these suggestions and everything such wonderful ideas here also me personally I would like to see more base items from justice league dark their was a lot of cool stuff in the fellowship of arcane they could release also I wouldn’t mind more lantern stuff either and if possible the statute of triumph we get during the anniversary mabey we can see some hero ones and for the new dlc out right now I would totally dig having those umrbax crystals that are laying around the open world and the Robin green dark pits could be cool but long story short there are plenty base items from new and old content I hope they will bring to us in our beloved cheetah vendor I really hope they see these post really good one here Zoe and such good ideas everyone :)
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  17. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Whatever the future path for base items is, I just hope that they don't just take advantage of this new vendor and keep chucking new base items there for new episode currency each time..... New base items should also be able to drop in respective new content, like they always have, I see no legitimate reason for them to change this up as they have recently. It shouldn't have to be either or.

    If they do insist on keep chucking new Episode base items into this vendor moving forward, it should atleast be for Source marks. The mark costs for each episode are high enough as it is.

    Rant over. :p
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