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  1. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    In my opinion the game is going through a rough patch right now.

    It is making money and still has potential to make even more.

    Its lore is vast, it has enough content for new players, yet it does have some big problems even though it is a superhero/villain game.

    Its community is divided, yet we agree,I hope, that the game is an ok game and is worth playing.

    Whenever a DLC has been out for a while the community begins to get board, once feats and gear are completed players move on and get board. The is really little that can be done with that because it will basically make it feel forced and people will feel like the game is smaller than what it is(for lack of better wording).

    There are varying opinions on how to get the game to improve upon its base, the Dev's are doing what they can to give us meaningful content.

    There has been a big dropoff of vets over the years, with a few returning.

    There has been a few changes made to improve upon the game play, designed to give us better gameplay and to bring about a balanced, more leveled progress system, that is on a more flat curve rather than being up and down.

    People have conflated the Free to Play with being free, they were not here when the phrase was said to mean free to play as a free player, premium player, or subscriber, and some would possibly argue that because there are 3 ways the game should be open to all 3 groups.

    Note to self: wow I just realized that actually they basically have limits for each level, just like the escrow vs all access to money, interesting.

    There have been a lot of discussions as of late about the gameplay and the community. Some new some old.

    My suggestions is this.

    Breathe, it is for entertainment, it is not meant to feel like a job for the players, but it needs to be engaging, currently the only real engaging aspect is the RNG at the last boss fight or any boss fight depending on the player/group. Nothing wrong with the rewards, its just that it shouldn't be an automatic win there has to be more risk of failure and longer fights. Adding more health is not it either, it will be a problem for pugs, the unskilled, but there is a safe spot for the content.

    More flexibility for the players, with the introduction of augments and artifacts, players have some ability to change it up, yet if we watch what people are saying, not much is different with what each of us are doing. It really comes down to only 1 way to play each power, with 1 weapon, with the same artifacts. Now most games do this and I will admit that everything will not be equal but will say it Should be situational and force us to make sacrifices.

    Improve the NPC's. There has been plenty of adjustments to us but little to no adjustments to NPC's combat wise. To be blunt they need a buff. All the way around. If it adds defense to self/others right now, it is very weak, I know most would disagree, but large groups should overwhelm a healer, troll, DPS, but a tank should not be able to survive a boss fight with the adds and boss fight without damage debuff on the boss or at least 50% of the adds(IMO).

    Communication with the Dev's and the community. This is even larger. The community does not need everything told to them but we do need to be updated on where the vision of where the game is headed. Not all feedback is bad, even when it comes off angry, though it will be ignored.

    These are my suggestions, I am sure many will disagree others have their own.
  2. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    Serious question not meant in a rude way:

    What makes you feel like the game is in a tough place right now? I only ask because I see tons of people on here proclaiming that the game is dead or dying, somehow they know how much income the game brings in, and know Daybreaks finances in relation to the game, etc.

    But is that ACTUALLY the case? What are the sources?

    I ask because I've been here for a long while now and people have been saying this game is dead or dying for years and it's still up and running.
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  3. Lycan Nightshade Dedicated Player

    i for one would love more ACTUAL communication between us and devs(or whoever within the company makes certain decisions, like put the question to the guy or gal that could ACTUALLY answer the question). Now im not saying tell us when sales and double currency weekends are coming, it would be nice I cant lie but we know its not going to happen and I get that. but in most other ways they could be a little more communicative.

    and to be fair they actually communicate better then a few other games ive played......
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  4. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Not sure if any answer I give will be adequate to be a valid answer to your questions.

    I have been around, probably, longer than you to know that any answer to your question is bias just as my suggestions are, but I am not looking at the staff as being at fault nor the community individually, but both along with the parent company for how toxic and lacking of treatment of all parties involved.

    The fact that older content needs rewards for people, who actually need things, ie. styles, feats, etc. ect... and actually neglect 95% of the game, tells me that, just as a sample of why I believe it is in a bad spot. It says to me something different it says to you and so on and so on.
  5. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    They do, at one point they had people from the community that were involved to extent with communicating with them from the player view point. Not sure if that still is in place, there used to be Friday night legends where they actually did broadcast of league runs in PvP or pit them up in an arena style survivor mode and answered questions, that was engaging.

    I definitely agree with you about not needing those things, we don't really need the company financial report, or information on who is sick(though I don't wish that on them). It is only a suggestion which is different than a request.
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    A tough place?

    One of the things that I worry about in a game is when they stop fixing bugs, produce new content full of bugs, or neglect huge chunks of the game in favor of cosmetics.

    This is just one person, but a former league mate of mine rage quit when the broker went down just recently. His frothy foam filled ranty -on -the- way -out- the door speech was something like: "I can't log in for all day, they make floaty balls for characters, but the effing broker goes down? Eff this, I'm out of here"

    I'm assuming he's perma quitting, since the league roster shows that he deleted his toons.

    -edit- I don't mean this to be an attack. Also, not intending for this to be negative.