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  1. Lerch2000 New Player

    Sorry if this isn't the correct spot for it, but I did do a search and all suggestions seem to be here.

    But is there a way, we could get a well-lit room (lights on all sides) for costume creations (colors), I have been using the streets in front of little bohemia for a long time now, and whether it's my eyes or the lighting has changed over the years, it's getting harder to get that exact color one wants?

    Another superhero game still running offers a green room for screenshots, something like this but extremely well-lit.

    Sorry again if this is the wrong place, the moderator can move it to the correct location if need be. I don't visit the forums much.

    Have fun all.
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  2. Limey Committed Player

    You didn't search hard enough. All suggestions being here are wrong. Test feedback is for feedback of new unreleased content/features that are currently available for debugging.

    Here is the description of this forum, taken directly from this forum.
    "Discuss changes and feedback on new features currently being evaluated on the public Test Server."

    Suggestions are better posted under the Gotham City/General Gameplay forum. The description for that forum is: "Start here for general DCUO discussion."
  3. Lerch2000 New Player

    I did search suggestions, the first page everything is here, but thanks for coming in here for no purpose but to affirm the reason I hate using the forums.
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  4. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    I understand. Lighting may change from world to world, indoor and outdoor. I think the best place to go now is House of Legends as the lighting there is pretty well done. On the flipside of that, try going to the Death of Superman Metropolis area, as the lighting there is very different from anywhere else in the game and will allow you to make contrasting comparisons. Dialing in that perfect color can be difficult. You will get the color just right. Best of luck and have a good day.
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  5. Lerch2000 New Player

    Thanks, I didn't even think of using that version of Metropolis, I did think of using House of legends but honestly with the... what is it 150 player load per phase, with the PVP, It gets a bit laggy.
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  6. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Understandable, hey at least those phases are thriving! PVP can be a lot of fun! I hope it helped. Those two areas I suggested are vastly different in terms of lighting and the DoS Metro area will reveal if your colors are off one way or the other. For a long time I didn't realize that the red I thought was perfect was closer to pink until I went there. A friend had to tell me!

    It also does not hurt to check the balance of color, dark, and light settings on your TV/monitor. I used those areas and a different game to go back and forth as a reference point to balance my TV color as well. That will really help to make the colors pop, especially if your TV/monitor has a full range setting so you get more colors out of the spectrum.
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  7. myandria Item Storage

    Good point about checking the color balance of the TV/Monitor. If you have an older one of each (pre-1080p, pre UHD) then the colors may seem a bit off, even in the brightest areas. If the PC monitor is used for the PC, the graphics card/software is another place to check. Sometimes, it only takes a simple adjustment of the graphics card software to fix many color rendering issues. However, if you are upgrading your graphics card software but have not upgraded the graphics card, then your PC is not fully rendering all of the possible colors it can handle. The color picker may not show all of the possible colors fully, and those colors may seem dark, dull, washed out or too bright.
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