[Suggestion] Push for Switch Crossplay with at least PC

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Takhisis, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I tried doing the outside missions on eu side switch also in the jld area but its Noone there..not much point with double marks when theres noone doing it :( I'm not sure why I even bother anymore.
  2. The Scrounger New Player

    Yeah EU villain side has been pretty much just my league running around and sparse couple others. I am definitely agreeing with the "why bother" sentiment as the game is practically impossible to do anything except solos.
  3. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I hope they do something,I canceled my subscription for now.It simply isn't worth it in my book when theres Noone to run the content with.I'll stay on pc though,will never stopp there.
  4. The Scrounger New Player

    Yeah my first month sub I believe runs out today, feeling I will probably not renew. Glad I went with the one instead of more haha.
  5. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    The initial adopters need to stick around and give it a bit more work if the population is going to hit a critical point where it can support and grow itself. If any future players come to the Switch, and they see no one there, because all of the initial adopters left so quickly... then those future players will also leave.

    That's just how it is. The frontier explorers and settlers had it the hardest... but without them, the USA would still be an East Coast only country. ^_^
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  6. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I've been a front for too long so I let someone else do that this time :p
  7. Fission Active Player

    Something definitely needs to happen with the switch servers, because as it stand the population is just too small. For a start they could merge US and EU like the did with xbone.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just a suggestion, but what about offering a free month or 2 of membership for anyone that signs up by X date (end of 2019?). It would pinch a bit at first, but people like free stuff and might jump in for the free period and stay later...also those already wanting to sub or that have subbed, might stay around long enough to keep the player base up(give them the same spiff). Discounted rate even...like 5$ month till end of year....gotta get the player base up if it's going to succeed.

    Like the dealer on the corner says...."First ones free kid!"

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  9. Liko Well-Known Player

    Agree they need to put NSW on a cross play server ASAP. The population is quite low, but all the population is low on all servers. Queue times on PS4 for older raids and alerts are just sad. They need to address the low population and queue times in general. I fear what the XBOX and NSW server has told us is this game isn't as popular as we think. It's also been out for years and a lot of people just don't like the way the game is using loot boxes either.
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  10. Great Architect Loyal Player

    One of the major problems this game has had - always, and apparently continuing - is that it has had no marketting support - it's one of the largest IPs in the World, and WB doesn't even mention it on it's Games and Apps page.

    The DC Extended Universe is in the cinemas, and we have DLC celebrating BvS, WoWo, Aquaman, Shazam... becasue I am sure that WB want a tie-in in the game.

    But where's the reciprocation? HOW HARD would it be for there to be an ad at the end of every DC film saying "Come and PLAY THE FILM! BE your own Hero. BE your own Villain - on XBOX, SWITCH, PC AND PS4"?

    Seriously, think about that last part - this game has a saturation across modern platforms that is practically without equal. Who else has a Superhero MMORPG on all 4 major platforms? Tied to a huge IP? Nobody.

    So why the hell are we the red-headed stepchild?

    Populations are low because there is no advertising. There is no advertising because... Well. That's where I'm lost - DCUO is a STORMER of a game. And yet, it appears, that according to WB at least, it's... not even there.

    If you want increased population on the Switch... you need to signal that to WB. If you want increased population EU Villain-side...you need to signal that to WB. If you want merged servers, you need to signal that to WB. It's about time that one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in the world sunk some money into one of their flagship properties. Agreed?
  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Out of curiosity, how much is Superboy's Plaque Rubbing on the Switch? I started playing during the first year and that was the rarest thing in the game. It would go for 25-30 million.
  12. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    very sorry to see this happening.
    wish they released the games initial content to start (up to the fos raids that had no dlc of thir own)...releasing additional content in monthly installments speeding up the process the further they got til they caught up to us in a year or so.

    getting onto the switch probably helped increase the games life by some but if this is as bad a crash and burn as people are making it out to be might actually make things worse down the road.

    i also don't think it would take much for switch users to get use to our economy in the event of a merge. All it takes is one rare drop to generate 25,50,100 million plus.

    spent some time today flying around metropolis picking up collections and exobits. kinda relaxes me on those heavy "stressed out from work" days. I ended up scoring a class A (was my first score too) and an Oan disabler. Undersold both by a large margin from what was on the broker but in the end i ended up making 30 million. didn't even need any stabilizers or time capsules. 30 mil might not mean much to a long term vet with billions but to a new player...you could finish off a lot of "classic" collections or buy some tc gear or a couple of cheaper chroma mats for feats...

    anyway fall is falling, school is starting, a new dlc is right around the corner. things will pick up for everyone soon.

    for a few weeks anyways...
  13. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    just as an fyi aside last night i ran into a few players who were queuing up for old content to collect as much nth metal as they can before the weekend.

    my little farming expedition yesterday didn't knly net me two rare collections i also picked up about 10 grand worth of nth metal from collection and exo nodes, open world bounties and heroic acts...
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Haven't looked it up, but with the low pop I'd think no one has more than a few million in game, so I'd be surprised if it sold anywhere near that. From what I remember, the first 'money glitch' on PS3 happened very early, and that's why the economy jumped up to bloated numbers early. I do have an account with a few toons...maybe I'll get them off the ship and go check the broker to have a look. If they already have things listed at 1 Mil + in the broker I'd be very surprised.

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  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Advertising costs money, and chances are better than decent that WB or DC isn't the company who has to foot the bill for advertising costs for the game. On top of that, WB/DC isn't necessarily obligated to offer free advertising on their varied media platforms.

    Most game advertising concentrates around the initial launch of the game. Outside the exception to just about every rule in the MMO landscape (WoW) you aren't going to see a massive advertising blitz for an eight year old game, much less an eight year old MMO. However, there HAS been some advertising, and what I have seen (some web ads on game-related sites) fits in with what I expected for the Switch launch.

    Add in DCUO being one of many titles under the Daybreak banner and they simply aren't going to get the resources needed for putting out a huge advertising push. There's only so much to go around.
  16. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    They did play DCUO on an episode of Riverdale.
  17. Jeronan Level 30

    They should have done this from the start! I already said before the game launched on Switch, why in earth they split the EU and US population in two region locked servers!

    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this was going to be a major fail! /shrug

    The game is just way too old and Daybreak was way too naïve to think they could fill up two servers on the Switch platform.
    It should have been a single global server from the get go! Period! More importantly, make it cross-play with Xbox One ASAP!

    I too just canceled my sub, as you can't get anything going at level 30 at the moment, besides solo instances! Even Duo instance queues are extremely long. :(

    I real shame! I really enjoyed playing DCUO on the Switch. Amazing performance and controls, but the population is just too small to do anything besides solo. :(
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  18. Poetic Play Committed Player

    They should have given at least 1 month free sub to new players for the Switch. And don't come at me like I'm looking for handouts, I have my own sub I pay for.

    The issue is this game's graphics are extremely dated, even more apparent on the Switch... And that along with the limits it places on free/premium players just don't work with the Switch console. Generally speaking, people are not going to pay for this game monthly with how old it is and looks, and they won't stick around with a pay-wall on a nearly decade old game.

    The only people playing on the Switch seem to be returning players who used to player on other platforms, or people really into comics, both of which are not enough to sustain a server in a healthy way. It's like a ghost town most hours of the day on Switch.

    They honestly need to merge servers, because the only way to solve this is to update graphics... Or remove the pay-wall limits. Neither of which they would do and I'm not even sure that'd half post-launch anyways.

    All the gaming Discords I'm a part of(besides the official Switch DCUO one) and my groups of friends who game voice that their biggest issue with it is they can't justify paying monthly for such a dated looking game on the Switch. Which I can't really fault them over. And we can all agree you can't play this game free for very long...With current gearing rates you hit the pay-wall and free limit within a week of playing, at-least I did.
  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not sure how you could hit the pay wall and free limit within a week AND have no one to run with if it's ghost town. How'd you run any raids or most of the alerts available to the base game? Not defending the game or DBG...I too agree that they should be giving out some incentives to get players in, but the pay wall wouldn't kick in till after T3 FOS's or T4 Batcave alert...that's not even mentioning the Event DLC stuff and DD content you can run at level 10.

    Now...boredom from running alone....sure. That would take about a week.

  20. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    really? that's actually kinda cool