[Suggestion] Push for Switch Crossplay with at least PC

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  1. Takhisis New Player

    Please move this thread if in wrong place, seemed the best at the time.

    -There are so many games available to play, and so many dedicated gamers to those games, that the most frustrating part becomes a player base that can be available for everyone to enjoy the content, when they are able to enjoy it.

    -DCUO offers enough content, cosmetics, and grind, to support a solo player for a long time. However, it is still finite and further playtime requires multiplayer. Much of that multiplayer content, is locked up behind grind/content, much of which requires direct support from a friend. For example, beginning raids/alerts/duos/pvp. No one wants to wait 20-30 minutes for 10-15 minutes of content. Said content, usually ends with a high Cr/Sp queue player that trivializes the content.

    Personally, I enjoy the storyline over content length, and the grind over new content after. However, the waiting time for the reward of waiting are too close to each other, due to not enough players willing to participate.

    -Diverse consoles + PC has diluted the player base. I started on PC, when most consoles were just single player games. My kids started on Xbox, mostly single player, to multiplayer ps4, to the wonders and disappointment (in humanity) of voice/text communication and teamwork content.

    There are countless games that could have lasted way longer than they did, if they had the full playerbase available to do content. Unfortunately, limited to one platform, once multiplayer content began, the game died.

    I wanted to write this just to express how crucial crossplatform support is, to friends and family. My kids currently have a switch, and instead of being excited for DCUO, they are excited for crossplay with me or their siblings on Pc/switch. There are not alot of option for games like that atm, and as much as I have enjoyed the content on DCUO right now, I would enjoy playing with kids more.

    This extends beyond just families though. It is already frustrating to find an active league playerbase that makes the game enjoyable at the times the player needs. The bigger the available gamer pool, the better. Please rush as much crossplay support as possible for all upcoming and existing platforms.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    PC is already cross platform with Sony. They're not going to cut that.
    Edit: Just to clarify, Daybreak has already expressed interest in having crossplay across all the available platforms. The issue with available crossplay lies with Sony, Microsoft and now Nintendo.
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  3. Vantabat New Player

    Like the OP, I'd like to see Switch/PC crossplay as well. One step-son plays on PS4. The wife is willing to play, but only on her Switch. Other stepson plays on the same rig I do (Linux multiseat).
  4. KingGuy420 Active Player

    I'd love to see across the board cross play. It's just about the only thing that's going to fix queue times at this point.

    But isn't the Xbox broker economy wildly different? They didn't have the crazy $ hackers early on like we did. Hell, the Switch's economy will be pretty much non existent for a long time. I don't see how they'd adjust to our "800 million $ aura for sale!!!!" broken *** economy.

    Unless their economies are just as screwed up... I have no way of knowing lol.
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  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I agree, but at the same time. A majority of this game is playing the broker, unless most of you pay 1000's for TCs. Putting the PC and PS players together made sense. Both economies were both jacked up. Xbox, I think, does not have the kind of $ that PS and PC have. Now throw in the switch. It just wouldn't be fair.

    Heck I've been on another break for the past two months and have a good quarter bil waiting for me.
  6. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    And subject the new Switch players to the ridiculous broker economy of the PC server, and the speed-hackers, no thanks.
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  7. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Late merging in general isn't a good idea. I wouldn't want Xbox or Switch to experience the nonsense PC and PS have right now.
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  8. Rossolon New Player

    Not only pc but Xbox one if all versions connect to one single server it will provide customers with accessibility to their characters and membership on all platforms. Microsoft already made the alliance with Sony so i hope its one account for all platforms. That is true cross platform
  9. Magician Dedicated Player

    Not to mention the logistics of economies with merging with PC and a new Platform that would cause disparity issues, think about the character names not being available for the new platform plays which PC players hold onto.
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  10. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Population is key. One time at a first impression. Otherwise may turn out just like the xbox server.

  11. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Since we already have PS4/PC, why not Switch/XBox?
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Yea agree, better off putting them together.
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  13. Lord Sypher New Player

    No reason to not have XB1/Switch at the very least.
  14. Hurly-Burly Active Player

    On the bright side, more names will be available. One of the most dreaded parts of DCUO imo is the naming portion of character creation


    "Name Taken"
  15. Sean1M New Player

    I honestly really want crossplay. As a roleplayer it would greatly expand my capability to interact with people on different systems. Not to mention my own characters. And I'd be able to enlist my Switch characters into my RP League.
  16. dresserball Dedicated Player

    As I recall, the broker was not that bad before the merge with PS. PC prices were lower.
  17. The Scrounger New Player

    TBH I think at this point we really just need a global switch server. It's pretty quiet over here on EU switch side
  18. Sean1M New Player

    A global switch server would be nice indeed. Still would prefer to play with PC though.
  19. Snap New Player

    I have been queuing for hours a day trying to get all t1-2-3 content (queuing as both heal and DPS) on EU Switch and not even duos are happening. I really don't want to have to play this game solo :( LFG chat is very dead aside from the extremely rare high cr recruitment.

    I really do like this game but there's nothing I can run!
  20. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    To think, we didn’t get content all summer just so they could release a port and people call it a ghost land