Suggestion: Power-Based Movement mode and Weapon Type

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    (It was recommended I repost this in gotham city/general gameplay discussion, so this is copied over from the powers/movement/weapons forum)

    Not a new idea I'm sure, but it's been years since I played last and I'm honestly surprised at how little has happened with movement and weapon types, and "super-powered" movement and weapon types were something I always wanted to see ages ago.

    So, here's my proposal/concept:

    Super-Powered Movement
    Subset of the Super-Speed movement type

    This is a ground-based movement type that behaves similarly to superspeed. The effect appearance and animations used for this movement mode are based on the power set your character uses, some ideas on that:
    • Gadgets, Munitions, Atomic, Quantum: A hoverboard your character rides on, with a rocket boost effect whenever you're jumping or going up vertical surfaces. The hoverboard would have slight appearance and color changes based on your power set, so a gadget board would not look the same as a quantum or atomic board, etc.
    • Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Nature: Your character rides a 'wave' of their element. Fire, water, ice, earth, etc. are pretty self explanatory riding along on a wave of the element, nature would be a mass of moving vines. When jumping you'd have a burst effect from the wave pushing you up into the air and catching you on the way back down. Think frozone from incredibles. Some similar effect for going up vertical surfaces.
    • Sorcery, Celestial, Light, Rage, Mental: Your character rides on a translucent disc created by your power (matches power color/effects). Sorcery might be a pentagram, celestial could be a yin-yang type disc with both the light and shadow sides intertwined, mental would be a telekinetic/purple disc, light and rage would use hard light constructs obviously. Jumping and moving up vertical surfaces with these discs would not really necessitate a unique effect other than the disc behaving as expected in those situations.
    In most cases a combination of the superspeed stance and skimming animations would fit this movement mode well. The hoverboard and disc powersets would just need a solid stance and leaning/balancing animations when turning or jumping. The elemental wave powersets should look more like surfing.

    Super-Powered Weapon

    A superpowered weapon type would bear a lot of similarities to hand blasters, with unique animations/effects based on your power set. For the most part this is self explanatory, the character surrounds his or her hands/feet with their power to punch/kick enemies, and can project balls/spheres of that power for ranged attacks. E.g. A fire character would have flaming fists and throw fireballs, a water character would fire off waterspouts from his hands, a nature character would have bramble-knuckles or shoot vines at enemies, so on and so forth. Some more specific suggestions:
    • Fire: Flaming Fists, throws fireballs
    • Ice: Frozen Fists, throws snowballs
    • Earth: Encrusted Fists, throws boulders
    • Water: Water sphere fists, shoots waterspouts
    • Nature: Bramble fists, shoots vines
    • Mental: Telekinetic fists, telekinetic blasts
    • Sorcery: Spell-bound fists, fires spell blasts
    • Celestial: Light and shadow fists, fire celestial blasts
    • Light: Hardlight knuckles, Fires light-spikes
    • Rage: ^- same as hardlight
    • Gadgets: Bladed Knuckles, Throws daggers
    • Munitions: Blast-Knuckles, throws grenades
    • Atomic: Radioactive fists, fires radiation blasts
    • Quantum: Gravity fists, fires quantum blasts
    I end up using hand blasters on a lot of my characters to get this kind of feel, I like characters that really dont use weapons or gear but rely entirely on their super powers, but in a lot of cases the animations simply dont fit or look right (like hand blasters with a water character, doesnt make a lot of sense for them to use pulse lightning or energy blasts).
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  2. EvilDeeds Active Player

    finally a creative thread actually worth reading this is what the game needs and will add some diversity to the customization
  3. BanesRampage Well-Known Player

    Honestly this would be sick
  4. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    it could be nice but the weapon would never happen bc wm is in place already, every weapon is already paired with another weapon so unless they rework everything i wouldnt expect any kind of new weapon to come, the movement while also cool will never happen either, skimming is all i expect us to ever get, we were suppose to get 1 for each movement style but they just scraped it an idk why bc i thought skimming turned out great, they have the light trail things an smoke trail things which are cool but i would only expect light (not HL but the literal word light lol) things to come, nothing major
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club


    Here's the thing I see with the movement stuff: the constant "platform" mentions just keeps bringing to mind this thought:

    "That's just skimming, isn't it?"

    Also, tying that into being a variant of Super Speed seems kind of limiting, especially since not everyone likes Super Speed (or the mechanics of Super Speed) but would probably like to see movement effects tied to their chosen powerset.

    Honestly I think making them movement mode skins would work better. That way players can keep their preferred movement ability while still getting effects for their power choice.

    As for the weapons, that could be getting into the realm of new animations and from my understanding that can be either time-consuming or expensive (possibly both). Back in the day, however, you'd get certain powerset moves that would either utilize the weapon you choose or change depending on your weapon choice (I seem to remember Brawling having a different animation for an Ice power than when you were using Hand Blasters, for example). Seeing if they can revisit that or activate that again might be a better option.
  6. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    I absolutely agree.
    And like to add my own idea of having Super-Powers that actually can be put in Loadout based on weapons. For example you see we don't have Super Strength Powerset and Earth powerset has at most 2 skills that look like Super Strength, so it would be just super nice to have new skills of Brawling that can be put in loadout, like bringing a big rock out of ground, jumping super high and punching the ground or stumping the ground hard by feet and so on . . ., likewise other weapons.
    For distance the weapon of staff, a popular skill would be jumping forward and hitting the staff on the ground that releases an energy based on Powerset, and charging the staff and throwing it hard forward to the enemy
    I like to mention a couple of skills for the most popular weapon and the rest can be figured later, Hand Blasters, for example raising the right hand up and releasing a huge explosion based on Powerset, like if it is electricity, it follows up with brightness and electricity beams surrounding your character, if it is fire, follows up with an explosion and a something like a small flame turning to a large bubble and exploding fast.
    Another skill could be your character turning around him/herself for a short time and throwing spheres based on powerset, as also mentioned in the main post.

    Although these all mean a lot effort and time that need to be spent, because it's not just 1 or 2 weapons or 1 or 2 powersets.

    So I'll say just pass on this, unless it is really likable.
  7. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    Would love a super strength move set