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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mia Skye, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    Yes, yes, yes; another thread about Solitary Riot, but this is not a QQ thread about how hard it is. This is a suggestion that will help a lot of people out though. While playing it today I was talking on Vent with people from my league and I talked to the guy to see which shield I should take, but we were talking over him and I was unable to hear what the person was saying. So I missed what shield I needed to take. I went back to talk to him again, but couldn't. If we were able to talk to him more than once it would be great because then I wouldn't have to tell everyone to shut up so I could listen to the guy talk.

    Tl;DR Give us the option to talk to the security man that gives the clue about the shield more than once.
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  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    How about the chat window?
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  3. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    Hmm...I never even thought to look at my chat window lol xD I never usually look at it to see what Oracle says and because of the glitch/bug thing where most of it comes in 2 hours later I just never even thought to look :p Next time I do it I will look and see what it says lol.
  4. Im Charlie New Player

  5. Bishop New Player

    There should be a visual sequence for the shield too, all due respect not all of us can hear and I'm surprised at the lack of visual aid.

    I admire the immersion but audio tends to be only used as a supplement to a visual aid.

    Sorry to be the minority complaining.

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  6. Captain Just New Player

    That is a legitimate point. Hope they can do something about it. Similar to the riddler instance where text appears on the screen for the clues given for each clue box in the instance.
  7. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I agree with this.... subtitles, something in the chat box, something..... Had the same thing happen to me because my brother (on of the league members) wouldn't stop yapping... I think he did it on purpose because I asked him to be quiet. HAHA
  8. Clutch Committed Player

    But there is a visual clue. I have noticed that when I fight the artic leader in the first area, i get cold as the boss and when I fight the nuclear leader, I get metallo.
  9. Devilman New Player

    That is not always true. There have been times where I would have the arctic leader and still have heatwave. I didn't know that about the shields, then I put on the opposite shield and breezed through it. (fire for capt. cold)
  10. Little Sister New Player

    +1 for sub titles
  11. Brit Loyal Player

    This is exactly what I want. I work a graveyard shift job and I play during the overnight and early morning hours. While playing, I keep the game volume on mute to avoid disturbing the sleeping wife and kids. I have never felt handicapped before for playing without sound, because all auditory prompts in the game were accompanied by a visual which I could also clue to (for example, even though I could not hear "Shazam!", I could still see Black Adam flex his chest).

    Numerous other points in the game, including every Calculator and Oracle speech, are also transcribed to the chat window. I have no idea why this one is not.

    To date, I have not yet beaten Solitary Riot with the correct shield on. I have always selected the wrong one, and then beat it anyways through a combination of positional awareness and overgearing of the content. Lack of the visual or text prompt will not stop me from being successful, but it does seem inappropriate to have so many random speeches also transcribe to the chat box, but the one time the NPC is saying something vital to the battle, there is no way recieve the information without having the sound playing and telling everyone in voice chat to shut up for a minute.
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  12. Statman New Player

    Agreed. I've faced of the Earth leader, etc - which doesn't have representation within the instance.

    Subtitles would be the best option I think, and should be put throughout the game also. I don't want more stupid messages clogging up my chat window, it's bad enough everything said over the JLA communicator is put in there (these could also just become subtitles too).
  13. Octantis New Player

    I just go in and uncover the bosses' identity and most likely die. Then I know which shield to take :)

    Otherwise I believe if you stand by the entrance that leads back to the shield room (around the corner so that all you can see is the turret) I don't believe any AoE circles pop up there. Plus that's where you should be fighting the boss anyway as to avoid aggroing the adds.

    But yes, subtitles or visual aids in the many many computer screens in that room would be nice.
  14. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    In the next hotfix:
    • Prison Guard, who gives you a clue as to which boss you will fight, will now repeat himself. Just ask him again.
    Thank you for listening to me developers! -wink-
  15. Kroye Loyal Player

    Complain away. SOE needs to be more aware of things like this that are literally "game breaking" for some of their playerbase.