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    One of the great purposes of a lair is to act as a record of achievement. We see this canonically in places such as the Fortress of Solitude and the Bat-cave; both are full of trophies of past battles and campaigns. The current lair items on offer are fine indeed but the idea of a lair could be greatly enhanced by the availability of trophies and not just furniture.
    Imagine, for instance, that every raid dropped a momento every time you first completed it. Be it a chunk of the defeated robot villain, a postcard from Kahndaq or something similar.
    More or less the equivalent of the giant penny in the Bat-cave. Perhaps a series of small display cases with a memento from each raid in each. This adds a new aim to the game; collect the entire set (which you do when you finish each raid).
    Make them non-sellable and non-tradeable so people can't claim trophies they didn't earn and I believe lairs could be much more a record of achievement and progress.

    On a related note:
    On the old forums I suggested that each Mentor should grant, upon completion of each level 30 mentor quest, a distinct item to that character. Superman may have a shard of kryptonian crystal, Batman a batarang on a display stand and so on.
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    Not sure why this thread was bumped up but i'll throw two base items requests I'd like to see.
    1. The model of the city in Lex Luther's office in BIA (for that matter can we get the painting of him that is in his office behind him on the villian side)
    2. The phantom zone portal wall from FOS2. Love the hands that press against the wall would look really great in a league hall.
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    If we have something huge like these I'll be in shut up and take my money mode
    (borrowed pics)

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    If I could add just one thing to my lairs, it'd be a big room, one huge open hall added to the original floorplan.