Suggestion for Floral powers

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  1. Mesmer New Player

    I realized that Blossom and Bloom (I do not yet have Cross-Pollination) neither one have blossoms or blooms. What I recommend is this.

    Bloom (the one that spreads three measly, sad-looking vines along the ground) be given a floral effect in addition to a brief shield. This would take the form of a massive flower appearing around the player, unfolding as many flourishing vines creep over the ground around the player. The flower would be of the same colors as the player, and would look like a hibiscus, sans stamen (which is, of course, the long stick in the middle; the stamen would be where the player would be standing should the flower unfurl to reveal them standing there).

    Blossom, simply add color-scheme-matching flowers to it. As it is, it looks more like some dessicative autumn power.

    I feel that the Flora tree focuses too much on snarly, carnivorous plants. The healing moves should be more like flowers, herbs, and pollen.
  2. flowers1UAE New Player

    Great to know. Thank you for the information, expecting more from the community to build other players too.

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