[SUGGESTION] Adapting all raids to the current CR of the group

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  1. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    Hey there,

    Having before a chat with some league mates, we were discussing how to prevent those dead times between DLCs and how the devs could make the game more refreshing.

    We ended up with the idea of adapting all raids to the current CR of the group. Imagine if all the raids were at the same difficulty, FoSes, Gates, BG, etc as challenging as, in this case, T5 content. That would be so refreshing. Who actually goes to the old raids? Many players have already the styles or don't care.

    Would be nice to see all that activity that an update of the old raids could generate. Not only doing just 2 or 3 different raids per week, otherwise doing 7 or 8.

    As rewards they can also implement the same idea as the BG helm of omnipotence, some kind of "legendary" item, which can only drop on each of the updated raids. For example, in T2 raids necks, rings or utility belts, in T3 raids feet, hand, waist and back, in T4 raids head and shoulders, in T5 raids chest and legs.

    There will be always something to do with the old content, and not only for getting special items, also for doing challenging stuff.

    Your thoughts.
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  2. Shaveric Committed Player

    Only problem with this is that the devs would lose the money they make from replay badges.
  3. Archsprite Well-Known Player

    This is one of the things I liked about Sacred2 (not an MMO, tho). All enemies scaled stats to you. Concept could be cool, but I think it would be a LOT of work to implement. Also, I think people like to faceroll earlier tiers (I mean, we are super, right?).

    edit: I think this would also end the Tiers they have. If a T1 raid group can go into a T1 Nexus.... (so loot as well as NPC stats would need to be redone)
  4. Owl Devoted Player

    I would like to have a client side Difficulty option:
    • Affects Incoming damage to an individual based on their client setting
    • Affects contents of individual loot boxes including Marks
    • At least 3 levels: Novice, Normal, Expert
    • Novice: Incoming damage reduced by 10%; 10% less Marks; No Iconic items in Loot table
    • Normal: Current damage, Marks & Loot table
    • Expert: Incoming damage increased by 10%; 10% additional Marks; Increased chance for Iconic items
    • Latest Tier released unaffected by setting
  5. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    I don't see how. The newest marks should just drop from the newest raids. Tbh, i think they will get more money :)
  6. Shaveric Committed Player

    So you mean like novice and expert levels right?o_O
  7. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    Similar but different, the raids scaling to the group gear level.
  8. JayJay2515 New Player

    I like the idea but at the same people run lower content for marks and styles plus the devs would lose DLC sales because people don't need the newest DLC to get the best gear.

    Secondly, it will weed out lower cr players because everybody overgeared would be looking for people with their cr and the amount of people in LFG shouting for T2 T3 T4 is not even close to that of people shouting for T5

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