Suggested system requirements for 2021

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  1. Maxwill Committed Player

    Hello everyone

    As you may understand , i want to know the suggested system requirements for this game, for today, not the ones we had about 10 years ago, which the support told me...
    Yes I did send a support ticket to learn about it, but to be honest and clear they were almost useless, they gave me the suggested system requirements from 2011 or 2012 , or maybe from 2010...

    So what do you people know ? Please do some research and not just suggest whatever .
    I would prefer to play without any delays or lag or whatever . (stealth and some instances it's one of the issues)

    Yes i know some delays or lag is because of server or population or whatever, i just want to know what i have to do on my part , for maximum performance :)

    I am pc btw, and i prefer nvidia graphic cards and intel as processors.

    also 5-7mbps upload speed and 50-70mbps download speed is more than enough or not?

    Try to be as specific as possible please.
  2. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Fun fact, you can do the research yourself.

    A intel above i5-6th gen, 8GB of ram and integrated intel 4000 graphic card can run this game on 60fps just fine, if you have any SSD it'll save you a lot of time on loadings as well.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I run DCUO on 3 machines. One is a work laptop, so I will leave it out of the mix, but here's the others...take it for what you will.
    My 'gaming' machine has 32GB of ram, an AMD Ryzen 7 3800(both about 2 years old) and a 4-5 year old ATI Radeon RX 470 w 4GB Nvram. I can run all day at 60FPS smoothly if I run 1 or 2 sessions, regardless of what's running in the background. If I run 8, it start overheating around an hour or so later (depending on what I'm running) and I need to close some sessions or reboot to let it calm down a bit.

    On my 'old' machine, it's about a 10-12 year old Xeon W3520 (approximately I7 1st gen) w 6 GB of DDR3 ram and a 12 year old Nvidia Quadro 3850 (CAD card...not really made for gaming) w 2GB memory. I can pretty much run for hours at 60FPS, but do see some choppyness at times (highly active battles w lots of effects going on), especially if I have other things running in the background like youtube or music.

    So what's that mean? It means although the specs you reference from 10 years ago are old references, the 10 year old better hardware is still workable...meaning the 'optimal' hardware should be good. Any rig you have made up of 4-5 year old parts should be able to handle the game fine unless you do dumb stuff like me and run raids by yourself. Anything using 'current' hardware should be a no brainer. About the only thing 100% wrong on those requirements is the 30GB of hard drive space...that number is more like 70-80GB now. The minimum spec info is probably off, but I doubt I could find a P4 anywhere to try. I know my kid was running the game on an 10 year old core 2 duo (slightly better than P4) with built in Intel video, and it ran...just not real well.
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  4. MrStoob Well-Known Player

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  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Just because you didn’t like what they said doesn’t mean they were wrong. You asked about the requirements and they were right. You can run dcuo on pretty much anything. However how are they supposed to know the most optimal set up? You want someone to do all the research and just tell you while you say they should do some research cause they don’t know what they are talking about. If you didn’t like the answer you could’ve done the research yourself too.
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  6. Maxwill Committed Player

    Have you played a lot of gadgets dps in HQe and TRWE 1st boss as prec or might using tornado pull in stealth clipped with suppressor turret every 12 seconds ? and out of stealth clip tornado pull with suppressor turret every time you finish a flurry shot combo . WITH THE GRAPHICS CARD YOU SUGGESTED.
    about ssd and the cpu, you're probably right.
  7. Maxwill Committed Player

    My biggest problem - question is graphics card, in some instances , with stealth, tornado pull, suppressor turret i get about 26fps... nvidia gt 630 2gb , ps5 players don't have any problem , so i suspect that's the suggested hardware. But I don't know what kind of graphics card of nvidia is equal to the ps5 one .
  8. Maxwill Committed Player

    I did some reasearch and seems ps5 doesn't have any lag with stealth, so a pc player must have something equal to ps5 graphics card. But I don't know which nvidia graphics card is ps5's equal, I suspect the 1650 or the 1660 one .
    Keep in mind that a friend has 2080 nvidia graphics card and he was still lagging at validus open world, almost full phase. 24 fps...
    so if it's not the 1660 one, might be 2080 one...
    But the suggested system requirements I got from support ticket , aren't for today's maximum performance .
  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    But why go ask them about what you should have for maximum performance? And maximized pc doesn’t mean you will have perfect connection either. Your own internet will also affect it. So will if you are connected via wifi or lan. You can have the best set up. But if you’re on a McDonalds wifi (not saying you are) than what do you expect?
  10. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    If you're looking at what new specs to get, I would say any i5/i7 would be sufficient and any recent NVIDIA card you might find would be more than sufficient. You're getting old specs because while the graphics have been updated over the years, nothing about what you need to access it has really changed.

    I still play on a laptop that's got an i7 (I think it's maybe 3rd or 4th gen), a 770M (that I think equates to a 600series gtx, yes that's 3 digits, not 4), and internet speeds of 20 down, 1.5 up on a good day.

    That was probably pretty optimum back in like DLC 7? 8? Still plays great graphically. There's not much to the Video settings in game.

    At this point, I do see some graphical lag spikes, typically in an area with a lot going on. I imagine that's mostly due to bad internet and only a little to do with the gpu being older.
  11. Maxwill Committed Player

    I stopped using wifi back in 2014... next question .
    And I do care about playing as well as possible, unlike most of players which love getting carried . That's why i asked for maximum performance , guess what's my name :)
  12. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The kind of content you're playing will heavily impact what kind of performance you're getting. If you're in a solo/duo/raid then you'll likely have a consistent 60fps on anything built in the last few years. If you're playing, for example, the Validus bounty as you mentioned earlier and it's in a phase that is full/almost full then even with the latest graphics cards you are going to have performance dips because there are 40-ish people all in the one place, all firing off FX after FX after FX, along with the hordes of pets almost all of them will have active at the same time.

    I got a new laptop a few weeks ago with a 3070 GPU. I can get about 700fps in my base, where I am on my own and have minimal base items. I haven't done any open world bounties since getting it as I'm more or less done with everything I want from the current episode so I can't provide metrics on how that GPU is performing in FX heavy environments, but I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if my fps dips to the 30s/20s while doing an open world bounty in a full phase, simply because of all the things on the screen at the same time. I'll see if I can get on tonight after work and report back with my fps.
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While it's not the bible, here was an article that talked about building a PC rig to match the PS5.
    It references a Radeon RX 5700 as having the same general specs as the PS5 video.
    Follow up on that shows that the RX5700 is similar in performance to an Nvidia RTX 2070 super.

    So in very general terms, I'd say you are looking for the RTX 2070 or 2070 super. Good luck finding one of those nowadays. Dang bitcoin miners.
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  14. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Ok so I did my test and with me just standing still in the Flashpoint Gotham hub area I was getting about 370fps. I went on over to Doomsday and my fps hovered at around 65fps, and that was with about 20 people, maybe less. So there you go - with one of the most powerful mobile GPUs on the market (and I must stress this is a gaming laptop, so it's not a desktop GPU) there is still a huge dip in performance when there are multiple people around an open world bounty spamming powers and pets.

    If you want maximum performance and 60fps all the time then you're gonna have to shell out the big money. Alternatively, the major performance dips are only in the open world bounties and you should get a steady 60fps in all instanced content with basically any GPU made in the past few years. My previous laptop had a 960m GPU, which came out in 2015, and I always had 60fps in instanced content. There will always be huge dips in open world bounties, so you can't use that as a reliable indicator.
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  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    "You may remember from our last update that engineering had begun a major performance task related to how we handle text strings flying all around the servers. The team made nearly a thousand code changes, and we're looking forward to rolling these performance gains out with Episode 41.

    The teams also completed upgrades to our build infrastructure and hardware, meaning we can roll out new versions of the game (internally) faster, for more iteration and more time for quality assurance testing."

    Maybe closing LFG chat channel and any others that are open will help performance? :oops: /shrug /wary
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  16. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    I play DCUO on my dell laptop with I7 4510u and Intel HD 4000, and I play Hard Light, which is a powerset that you must know how to actually clip.