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  1. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    This is an idea that would be strictly voluntary, and only between certain levels/CR.

    For new people, they could have the option to join (even if refused, they can join later) a "Sub-Mentor" chat/group that would directly link them in that chat with "person A" (will detail in a moment). The new player will be able to ask questions, voice chat (if both new player and person A are in the voice chat channel), get advice and guidance from person A; without having to shout across the main chat channel and get irrelevant comments, etc.

    Person A would have to volunteer as well, and have met certain requirements, like: X-CR, X-SP, have played said power for X amount of time, etc.

    This would give new players a chance to have help and advice with the power they've chosen, on a variety of topics and playstyle.

    A reward system could be put in place, for the people who choose to help. Example:
    After X amount of people helped, you can get a cool accessory only obtainable from the mentor program. With rewards similar, but with more people helped to meet reward requirements.

    This could, potentially, help out new players who are looking for that little extra bit of help from the early levels, on what to do, how to do, where to go, and how powers interact, as well as the best way to place skill points, and how to properly change roles with properly switching powers for said role.

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  2. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    We have almost all of that. They're called "leagues."
  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I'm not too sure on the execution of your plans, but I do think the idea itself is pretty cool.

    It reminds me of the mentoring system that GW2 has in place. Basically, you get assigned an icon to your name and it shows that you're an experienced and knowledgeable player willing to share your knowledge and guide others if they ask. IIRC.

    I like the reward idea. Similarly, in FFXIV you can commend a player who you thought was particularly helpful to you, though I believe this is only for instanced content.
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  4. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Actually we don't. Most of the newer people I've come across, are either struggling in their league, or they mention that their league mates are hardly ever available to help: and it shows. To top that off, I continually see in chats: "league recruiting, 200-250+sp, 160 arts, pst."

    Can't even begin to count how many people I've come across (recently) that talk about how empty or unhelpful their league is. Not to mention how many 15-30 minute increments I've used of my time, for those people, to help set them on the right foot.
  5. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Execution of the proposal is open for ideas, and that's even if the devs would consider such thing.
  6. travelingtheory Well-Known Player

    I dont think people understand what a big idea this is. Players love titles, they love people thinking they are awesome. Having a helpful title would be useful for everyone.
  7. Noble One Committed Player

    i remember this from FFXI online. was a huge thing when they did the launch on xbox360. i was in the dunes for hours helping people. it could be useful here too. the sad part is... we know the people that are in the game. i would say some rules would have to be in place so people actually get the help they need.