Style Item bugged (XB1)

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    I have recently collected the "Contemporary Tech Back Style" from a Promethium lockbox, but the item did not appear in the back style list, nor did it count toward the style collection feat.

    The item was named "Contemporary Tech Back Style". The style was named "Contemporary Tech", and listed as "not collected". But as soon as I collected it, the item disappeared, and I did not receive the style nor the credit. I have also recorded a video of the occurence.

    I contacted support on the matter, and a Senior GM added another Contemporary Tech Back Style back to my inventory so I can try collecting it again. They told me if it didn't work this time, then to come to the forums. So here I am, because it still didn't work after the second time collecting it. Please help!

    I play on Xbox One.
    My character name is Raven Nocturnal.

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  3. Red Five Developer

    Thanks for your report, RavNoc. We've found the issue and have a fix in the pipeline. Once that's in CS will get you another item to consume.
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    Thank you so much for fixing this issue! How do I go about getting another one? Do I send in another ticket? Thanks!