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  1. shaun10656 Well-Known Member

    the rapture feet if you fly with them the wings on the side glitch up and if you move your feet far apart they like stretch with the other wing on the other boot so they are stuck together and they just stay stuck together and just stretch hard to explain just wear the rapture boots and you will see
    see how the gold part of my feet stretch like that sorry for the gold aura[IMG]
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  2. FirelordAzulon New Member

    Top of Hive defender chest gets stretched when you're in attack stance.
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  3. Massah Well-Known Member

    Aeronaut Back is also rubbery (elastic) and stretches out with upper torso movement.

    *I thought the voltaic weapons Brawling and Handblaster were supposed to look "Phantom-Limb" like - But yeah totally see it probably should not look that

    & the Celtic feet much like Clown-sanity Feet are disproportionate on my Stryker Males...
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  4. Dreadwolf Well-Known Member

    Thank you for giving this thread so much attention! Keep 'em coming!
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  5. THEMYGOD Active Member

    I've also long had two Selenic Bows in my bow weapon menu listing. Same bow, same name
    Also, the Amazonian and Short bows are exactly the same, just differing names.
  6. THEMYGOD Active Member

    Another view of the Rapture foot style issue. The winged part on the inner calf distorts when in combat stance. This has been a catch in my craw for a while now. Such a beautiful style should not be marred by something like this. :)

  7. shaun10656 Well-Known Member

    i hate this so much don't u just hate how it ruins it all I cant find a better style then these feet but the bug just ruins everything
  8. shaun10656 Well-Known Member

    sector incendiary is broken its a awesome set but u wont catch me wearing it until its fixed
    1. you see the gloves from the top pov you can see that inside the gloves are nothing hollow transparent u can see right through them and see what ever is below or on the side of it
    2. you see on the underwear part of the legs you see that small black circle im like wth? is it where the stool goes out fix that....
    3.yet another random circle found on the underwear part
    4. the part that shocks me the most WHY WHY WHY is the chest a different material used for the chest??? the rest of the set uses the same material but when you get to the chest its turned into a metallic material that throws off the whole set cause it wont match cause the rest of the set dosent have that same metallic color that the chest does. for example look at the yellow part on the chest it matches the rest of the yellow parts on the set because its the same material/texture but look at the black on the chest its metallic and it just dosent match plz fix this and if you don't see what I mean just look at it yourself thanks for your time
  9. Moode1 New Member

    Angelic chest on a mesa female. Please fix it so you cant see through the body near the bottom of the chest piece from the back.

    Thank you.
  10. TKMcClone Well-Known Member

    Some Metallo's Maw style pieces not appearing when worn. (only head,shoulders and legs work)
    Post GU31 error seen on PS4.
  11. RadiantFist New Member

    A number of items have gone missing from my characters on the style listing.

    One of my characters, for example is a martial artist. He recently just started, but I got three different kinds of weapons for him but all of the sudden, all I can select is Bare Fists, and the others were missing.

    I just logged on to check what the style names were (I still have two of them in my inventory) and they were back in the list.

    Does it happen often when style items become unavailable and then return?
  12. TKMcClone Well-Known Member

    Sorry, if I'm stating the obvious...but if your weapon is damaged to 0 effectiveness your toon defaults to bare fists. You need to go to a vendor to repair your gear
  13. Archsprite Well-Known Member

    Contemporary Tech Shoulders for female characters is floating, lopsided, well above the character.
  14. marvelousman Active Member

  15. ADG Well-Known Member

    I would like for certain shoulder styles to STOP flowing through my characters torso as if her breasts were holograms, Why release graphics like this? I understand capes occasionally flowing through the body because it happens quickly in movement and I can look passed that easily, but the shoulders constantly swaying in and out of my characters body makes shoulders an eyesore.

    I also have duplicate entries in my styles menu. I have two Barbarian legs. Identical. Not the only error in styles. But no big deal as long as my styles work properly.
  16. marvelousman Active Member

  17. marvelousman Active Member

  18. Fools Fire Well-Known Member

    I like what you did with the Auras. The way they contour is very nice. Would you please do the same thing to the Plasmic Aura.

    Also, I agree with an above poster about the hands disappearing. I use the Fiery Blasters hand style and the hands disappear as well. I don't see why they couldn't be overlayed. If this wouldn't work with one hand style, the player could always use another.

    This would also be the same logic which could be used to allow headpieces to use any skin/face styles.
  19. Enickma Well-Known Member

    The Winged Fury helmet has and has had texture issues around the neck for some time now. I would really love for this to be fixed.
  20. Mediocre Username New Member

    Checkmate Operative Head doesn't show at all on striker medium model on PS4. Unsure if it's platform or update specific.

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