Stuck rolling after revive (PS3)

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Greenman_x, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Changeme New Player

    in my experience this bug only ever occurs with me when i die & im locked onto a target. also, i have noticed on occassion that breakouts seem to be a bit slower when im locked onto a target. try it out, maybe its just me
  2. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Try this, at least on a PS3:

    You'll see this happen VERY often. Go inside Nexus, where you'll be greeted with heavy lag (note that this perhaps happens much more frequently when there is a lot of lag, which is always everyone on PS3). Go at least in the first encounter, get knocked out while doing anything, even spamming Powers as a DPS. When someone revives you, you should be unable to move for a second and when you move, you will roll.

    Pressing and holding Start button to quick-access the PDA is the best workaround to this but it's very annoying in combat because it leaves you vulnerable for like 2 seconds.

    Sometimes, even the Social Menu (D-Pad LEFT) opens up and the Action Menu (D-Pad UP) without pressing their respective buttons after a couple seconds.
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  3. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Had that happen to me again last weekend, in Paradox in a tunnel. Not very helpfull, when you're supposed to solo-heal.
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  4. Veziann New Player

    Happened to me in BIA last night. Had to hit start to stop rolling on the floor. I wasn't laughing.
  5. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Used to happen a lot when entering League of Assassins alert, but that was long ago, when it was still a T2.
    I've seen it happen a couple of times more recently when entering Strykers alert.
    I've never seen it happen with being revived, only when spawning. Then again, I haven't played any T5 content yet.
  6. Minarum New Player

    this has been a issue since the game came out. dont expect a fix for it
  7. Master Manipulator New Player

    This is happening more often it seems like lately...

    If you cant reproduce it... just run nexus or paradox on ps3... and you will get it.

    Don't just stand around getting killed.... try and smash through the content.

    And sooner or later...upon death ...

    after someone picks you up and you revive you'll notice you cant do much until you hit select or start.

    A better idea would be to run Paradox with other Devs on Friday Night Legends on PS3 and we ensure you will come across it.
  8. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    this is still happening long after being reported, update?
  9. Kam New Player

    This is still happening. Any updates?
  10. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    yea this is super anoying I was in NEX last night and couldnt pick someone up becasue everytime i tried to move closer to them it would make me roll away and his timer went out before i could hit start to fix it and get to him.

    needs to be looked at
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  11. Master Manipulator New Player

    This seems to be happening more and more lately...

    Devs if you're going to try and reproduce it...

    I feel like you're gonna need a full 8 man team...and it seems to happen more often when you're one shotted and then revived and try to get back up
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  12. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Got that happen again yesterday in Nexus. Was back up, but instead to heal or shot at the boss I was just useless rolling around.
  13. XODUIS Committed Player

    Its happens the most often when you get overkilled by a one shot (25k) or when you're in the middle of a cast and get killed
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  14. Goony New Player

    i was getting it last night in wave, would die then immediatly upon getting up would cast one or two spells then move away only to be rolling rolling rolling
  15. Sinastra New Player

    This happens a lot in wave and nexus (ps3) but i notice it mainly in wave...when i am revived i start to roll and it's usually a roll into a bad
    spot...i solo heal both raids, and when i die and am revived and i have an even longer delay to heal because i have to hit start to play normal, sometimes these raids don't allow for this extra delay and this glitch can wipe the entire raid...please figure out what causes this and fix it.....*sadface*
  16. preydemon New Player

    seriously it happens almost everytime someone goes down and get revived, I can say it happens to me a lot and really getting annoyed with it, having to press start or select to get back to were I can move or use my powers and weapon, usually end up going down before I can hit the start button, please fix this issue
  17. T20thoughts New Player

    I've experienced another version of this bug a few times, where I'll be revived (usually during Nexus) and not be able to clip healing powers.

    I'm a Nature healer, and what happens is that I can use one power at a time, but I can't do, say, the Growth-Meta-Blossom clip. Hitting Block seems to get me out of the bug.
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  18. Sinastra New Player

    T2O- i get the same glitch as you...if i die midheal (i'm nat too), when i'm revivwd i either get the no power working glitch or i get the roll glitch...when i solo heal nexus or wave i don't always have those extra seconds to hit start/block...i wish they would fix these problems soon...a new dlc with new glitches is upon us, hopefully you devs can fix these problems, pleaseeeeeeeeeee... *sadface*
  19. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    This has happened to me and I corrected it by holding block and rolling. Once I let go of block, everything was back to normal. I didn't need to press Start to access the menu or anything like that.

    At a guess, it would seem that when you are holding the block button, the a boolean variable for blocking sets to true. When you release the button, it sets to false. When you are knocked out, something causes the blocking variable to become "true" but because you weren't holding the button, you can't release it to see it back to false. Thus becoming trapped, rolling.

    That's just a theory, but based on my experience of clearing the bug suggests that by blocking and rolling, I am resetting the variables back to how they should be. So maybe if the devs could check the coding which occurs during a knockout and a revival. Then perhaps insert a new line of code on the revival command which refreshes the blocking variable upon revive.
  20. DARKKNIGHT New Player

    If you hold block for a second when it happens it fixes it.

    The new issue I've come across when being revived is that you have no control of your character for a few seconds. ( Can't drink a soda, can't roll, cant block, can't pop a shield, can't cast an immunity, can't cast any power for that matter)Which makes it highly likely that you will be knocked out immediately upon getting up.

    Edit: Another bug where you slide around on the floor after being knocked out. Which I can only assume happens when your moving in one direction and an attack knocks you out and pushes you the opposite direction you were moving.