Stuck rolling after revive (PS3)

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Greenman_x, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Many times after being revived, people are stuck rolling and cannot stop until after hitting either Select or Start

    I dont know what causes it specifically, but it has been a persistent problem since launch

    Hopefully others chime in on what happened as they were knocked out...Ill try to keep updating myself as I see it happen
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  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    As far as ive seen it only happens in PVE as revives in PVP hardly ever happen and it does not occur after rallying
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  3. Luthia1281 New Player

    Dang... Been seeing the green name's responses lately. SoE must have had a PR seminar ^_^

    As to the OP... Ive been seeing this a lot lately. please fix.
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  4. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    This happens on the PC too.. not just PS3. I'm on villlain USPC. Have to hit Esc twice to fix this on the PC.

  5. Omega Boy Committed Player

    Yep, I've encountered this problem many times in Nexus/Paradox as have almost all of my league mates. I think it probably can happen everywhere, but that is where we do the most reviving. I can hit block to get out of it as well since that is a little quicker than start. I also saw another thread about this yesterday. I'm not sure if that was the first since it has been ongoing for awhile.
  6. deltablues New Player

    I only see this bug in raids, specifically Nexus/Paradox, which is where it's the most deadly. Also, I would say it happens to me at least 50% of the time after being revived. Just about any button makes you roll so you can't use your shield, soda or even use your joystick to get away from the place you were murdered.
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  7. Dump Truck New Player

    This is a problem. I get it roughly 50% of the times I'm revived. Unable to attack or use powers until hitting the start menu OR I can use powers but no weapon attacks until hitting start.
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  8. Luthia1281 New Player

    Yeah this is a horrible bug, right up there with the no cog bug. Specially since it usually happens at critical times (nexus last boss, wave last boss). If you get hit with this bug you get up then have to open the menu, wait for it to load then close it and you can get killed within that timeframe again and be potentially out of the fight cause of this bug.
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  9. MercPony Devoted Player

    This mainly happens to me when I'm in Prime or something T5. Hitting Select always fixes it.
    Most cases it happens I was using a supercharge or holding range on my weapon. Other times its if I got knocked out in the middle of rolling away from something.
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  10. Vixen Well-Known Player

    This happens to me in nexus I can't get out unless I hit Start. Usually after rolling into the boss which is a sure way to get knocked out again
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  11. Senshirou Committed Player

    This happens a few times whenever I play on any day. Its been going on for to long to now.
  12. VoZhD123 New Player

    I've noticed this issue as well, when I'm in Nexus in the third room. I'm a controller and I usually have to hold my target lock since I'm moving constantly around to pick people up. If I get killed while holding target lock then I will have to double tap R1 my animation will correct itself. I find this issue only happening to me when I die holding target lock though. Others, feel free trying this assumption out and maybe it will work for you as we'll. it must be a register issue with the code when trying to target something while knocked out.
  13. Critics New Player

    Happens to me all the time
  14. ifichalone New Player

    All the time doing Mbot and Obot USps3
  15. Goony New Player

    it doesnt constatly do it while holding target lock cause i hold target lock 100% of the time, just sometimes, it has been happening more recently when ive been in wave and die i get rolly rolly. another thing happening when i die that happens occasionaly along with rolling is if i try to use half my powers it wont work until i use a power on the opposite side so holding r2 then any of the buttons wont work unitl i use an L2 and a button.
  16. Master Manipulator New Player

    Yes happens all the time... I think with devs looking for more info... I will offer this..

    The reason I think it may appear to happen more often in raids is because it almost seems like a glitch with

    hitting the revive button to quickly after getting the option, after someone picks you up.

    Raring to get back into the action too quickly may be our downfall...

    And its not just rolling around like it makes you roll or something... its just that nothing works correctly.

    Weapon attacks don't work correctly, Power attacks don't work correctly etc
  17. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    I experienced this bug last night while running Nexus on USPS3. It only appears after you are Knocked Out and then revived. After hitting the X button to get back up if you do a weapon attack you will Roll instead of attacking. Everytime I get this my powers still work though I just have no weapon attacks until I hit start to bring up the menu's then hit start again to go back to the action. My weapon attacks will work like normal at that point.
  18. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Seems to happen quite a bit and yes I think Master may be correct as it does not seem to happen if you wait to revive
  19. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It hasn't happened for me in a long time. It used to happen quite often just queuing into an alert, having nothing to do with being revived.
  20. Blitzplayer New Player

    This bug is annoying for sure, but whenever it happens to me I just tap the block button to fix it.
    I find it similar to when you are ko'd with either side of your ability tray held in causing it to sometimes stick the hold on rally. When this happens, tapping the side the tray is stuck to fixes it - for me at least.