Stuck on Solitary Riot - What now?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Lifian, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Lifian New Player

    Ok, so I'm stuck on Stryker's "Solitary Riot" and just cannot seem to do meaningful damage in the boss battle before getting dropped (usually by the adds). I'm Gadgets CR 73 SP 70, have tried several builds, and am picking the correct shield for the boss inside. Since I can't finish this quest, I can only continue doing the Ace Chemical dailies and have to just leave it sitting there.

    I've been away from DCUO for over a year and just recently got back into it in the past month. My daily routine now:
    • four T3 "On duty" daily solo challenges
    • four T3 duos
    • Central City missions/ bounties
    • Ace Chem daily solo mission
    • Vault
    I try to get on the Alert/Raid bandwagon when time permits, but I have to AFK alot, so I can't unless I can get a block of uninterrupted time. Is there any other solo content that can be done that I'm missing, or am I doomed to repeat the above until I get figure out a workable playstyle, get better gear, and/ or more skill points?
  2. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Are you grabbing the correct shield?
  3. Rahiel New Player

    Make sure you're picking the right shield; it will prevent some damage during the boss fight. One of the guards makes a voiceover comment that hints at the boss you'll fight - pick the shield that is OPPOSITE of that boss. So for Heatwave you want the cold shield; for Metallo the anti-rad shield, etc.

    I've also found it helpful to draw the boss back near the entrance of the room, so that prisoners won't aggro onto you. A Sidekick or Backup can also help. If possible, try to avoid breaking the heal barrels until you need them during the boss.
  4. Jim Dandy New Player

    I've found certain bosses to be more difficult for certain powersets, but that could be perception bias. I would suggest waiting a day and trying again. You may get a different boss to fight, and have an easier time.

    I find Wayward Souls to be the best mark return for your time. It can usually be done in around 15 minutes, and will give 5 marks of war (including the missive). That's not much longer than some of the t3 duos.

    Good luck!
  5. Lifian New Player

    The wrong shield was the first mistake I made (I had assumed the cold shield was a shield AGAINST cold instead of a shield OF cold). I've since found the thread regarding which shield and the voice clues from the guard.

    I know the quest is available at CR 70, but is it supposed to be completeable at CR 70?
  6. FESTER665 New Player

    I know you said you're picking the right shield but just as was mentioned above the "right shield" is different to each person.... I had a league member complaining about the instance because he was picking the right shield, turns out he was picking fire because heatwave was coming, etc...
  7. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    I'm still using a fire shield for Heatwave and I don't have a problem. I read that it switched after an update to the opposite (ice for fire) but I haven't had an issue beating it.
  8. FESTER665 New Player

    Are you full T4 with mods and tactical mods ??? I personally have zero issues with the instance and rip through it no problem, but i'm nowhere near the 73/70 that the OP is....

    I think next time in I'll pick the wrong shield on purpose to see what happens. LOL
  9. Swamarian New Player

    Actually, unless something's changed, you can continue to do the Stryker's dailies without doing Solitary Riot.
  10. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    I am indeed. I'm going to grab the correct shield next time to see the difference.
  11. Magnificent Dedicated Player

    All this time I have been doing it with the wrong shields... lol
  12. Lifian New Player

    That's just the thing. I'm curious at what CR/SP people are when they're expected to be able to complete the mission. If I'm undergeared/underskilled, I can accept that and can continue to grind merrily away. If I'm just grossly misplaying my character at this CR, that's a whole different problem, and not one I expect the forum to necessarily answer. It may be time to get into a league and have some consistant teammates to run with.
  13. SoylentBob New Player

    Use your environment.
    Keep the turret alive, and it will trap the boss (buying you breathing room).
    Use the barrels. Be careful, the Boss and Adds will smash them, too, making them useless to you.
    Keep your NPCs out of the traps. Time the traps so you know when to call NPCs. Hit them with a barrel to keep them alive. Lure the boss to an area where no trap spawns under him.
    Lead the Adds through the traps. The minibosses will survive, but regular adds die quickly. This means less damage to you and less time spent hiting something other than the boss.
  14. Sanctimonious New Player

    The problem is that your CR is higher than your SP.
  15. Deviant New Player

    Sounds like Solitary Riot is the new Penguin Challenge. :D
  16. xxxDOMINOxxx New Player

    I am also 73 CR gadget troll with fewer SP than you, zero base mods and no henchmen/sidekick. I tweaked my loadout to add supressor turret and battle drone which helped a lot. Run it in DPS roll, not troll. Use SoylentBob's strategy above.

    Get the prisoners into their cells as fast as you can. Toss the health barrel near the entrance for later use. Try to toss the other barels near the entrance if you can, but you shouldn't have to. Use the backup console when it comes online.
  17. DoctorP2 Well-Known Player

    Well, I'm running an 80 CR tank and have gotten thrashed the last six times I've run this.

    Problem 1: The amount of time the adds are trapped in foam is incredibly short. To stand any chance of carting one to the back cell (which is the goal 80% of the time), you have to pick up the prisoner at the moment he's frozen and rush him back there without delay. Get shot at once or twice by one of the other adds, and you're slowed down enough that he breaks out before you arrive. Making it back to the foam cannon then is a struggle -- I regularly lose half my health on the way because the adds are firing at me constantly.

    Problem 2: Ranged knockdowns. The adds and the boss are incredibly good at slamming you to the ground again and again, leading to a 2-3 second period of trying to get to your feet while they're beating the snot out of you (and likely knocking you down again and again and again).

    Problem 3: When the boss breaks out, you have to spend time searching for the active control box to control the adds, time when the adds are actively attacking and beating the snot out of you (sounds like a recurring theme, doesn't it?).

    I know it's possible to beat this instance if everything goes exactly right (I've done it with my cr 87 dps several times), but man, it's putting a hurt on me with my tank. (I've tried running this toon as a dps too...same result.)
  18. thoughtpatern New Player

    I just did this with my mental hero 73 car 69 sp. I only got two prisoners in the cells then heatwave pops up. I was able to ko the two remaining rioters and proceed to smack he around like a bear hunts salmon. Had the cold shield. He went down fairly easily surprisingly enough. I was expecting a much tougher fight?
    Anyway I had adjusted my load out for max shields DPS role. Reflect pain grandeur and absorption mod 3 and a personal dampening field 3 plus a level 2 supply drop.

    He didn't last very long didn't even have to use the barrels.

    So should I expect more difficulty next time? As no adds came to his aid or anything
  19. xxxDOMINOxxx New Player

    I should also add that I used a precision lockbox consumable.
  20. wick3d New Player

    I would recommend adjusting your routine a little bit to include more instances where you receive marks of war. Run the 2 new dailys every day and for now, instead of running CC bounties maybe run the 2 new robot bounties, also try to squeeze in the T4 alert instead of T3 alerts you will receive 4 marks from the T4 alert and at a minimum 4 marks from the home turf dailys/bounties (with a chance up 4 more marks from the reward boxes). This will help you gear up much faster and make the instances easier.

    My suggestions for the Strykers instance is you utilize the health barrels and make sure you get all 4 prisoners into their cells before the boss arrives. You can also use the pillars in the room as shields if you get low. Kite the boss around those for a few seconds while you have damage over time ticking on him, or while waiting for a cola to cooldown. Hope this helped :)

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