stuck on connection to login server

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by suzumiya, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. suzumiya New Player

    anyway to fix this i been trying to login for last hr or so but for some reason i been getting stuck on connecting to login server and no reply from server tho internet is working fine. anyway to fix it?
  2. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    If you are still encountering this message you may need to reset your Internet options by following these instructions: Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Click the Advanced Tab. On the Advanced Tab Afterward click Reset > Delete Personal Settings > and click Ok. Then go back on the Internet Options and on the advanced tab, scroll down to Security and un-check "Check Server Certificate Revocation" and "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk" then click on Ok.

    If your problems persist after following these steps please contact us for further assistance.
  3. ChaosRDE New Player

    Im currently having this same issue, and I've attempted to fix it using the method stated above, with no luck.

    My game still gets stuck at the connecting to login server screen.

    Edit: I left the game running while I alt tabbed out after about 20 minutes or so, I tabbed back in to find myself at the char select screen, so it miraculously works now.

    Edit2: While I can see my character now, all the world is showing offline.
  4. ChaosRDE New Player

    After nearly 5 days my game is finally working again, the method posted by Sean F probably did fix it, I just realised that my game was set to EU servers for some reason, I may have done that by accident while trying to fix it before. But I can now login and play.
  5. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Cool, glad to know Sean's advice was able to fix your problem. Please let us know if you have any more issues!
  6. dravindead New Player

    my dc game will not go past the installing screen even though i have already installed it. what do i do so i can play? plz help!!!
  7. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Have you tried following the steps Sean provided ? If so, I'd also check to make sure all antivirus/firewall programs have DC Universe Online set as an exception.
  8. Adskiewon New Player

    i have the same problem and i did what Sean said but i'm still stuck.
  9. Rebelyon New Player

    From the launchpad issue and now I have graduated to this problem as well...
  10. greyman24 New Player

    Also have this issue, and I followed the directions, above. I apologize if this sounds snarky (haven't had my second cup of coffee yet), but this seems to be becoming a regular issue.

    It could be my timing. With 3 kids and a 9-5 (or 8:30-whatever), I only get the chance to get on once or twice a week if I'm lucky. But it becomes all the more annoying when those few times wind up being me spending my time trying to get the game to boot up.
  11. Masterdraco26 New Player

    I am having the same issue I tried the above steps given to log in and It did not work. I am game to try another way. Any ideas?
  12. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

  13. Xerukal New Player

    Aren't the servers down right now?

    Server status on the site says all of them are.

    EDIT: Oh, someone beat me to it above.
  14. Rebelyon New Player

    Funny thing as that it was showing server was up when I tried... oh well, I will try again tomorrow...
  15. dashay New Player

    i tryed what sean said and it did not work for me still having this problem for about 4 days now
  16. Lt. Surge New Player

    I did what Sean said and it worked a treat, I was tuck on the connecting screen on either validating server connection or connecting to server and straight after i did what Sean said it was working normal.

    I am running windows 8???? one with all the boxes and colours and yeah THANKS SEAN!
  17. EddieThong New Player

    I am still having this problem, no downtimes, no methods workings, nothing. I need some help with this.
  18. Victor99dcuo Well-Known Player

    this been happening after one of the updates, it needs to get fixed,
    this happened to me after, i shared a recorded video to facebook from the ps4 , than my dc universe account been getting stuck in login, i sent a ticket to get help, i think the bug comes from the record share gameplay to facebook phase.
  19. crimsonxxx New Player

    "thank you sean i have been searching threads and forums all morning to try and fix my issue and this was the correct solution
  20. Havok138 Level 30

    didnt work crashed again