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  1. Plower Girl Active Player

    You can either que into alerts with the role option turned off or the role option turned on. In non role optional alerts you can see under your role symbol which role you are suppose to be. I am running into a lot of cases where people will que as a healer or tank but then only dps which is a problem because we are unable to complete the alert. I'm sure this happens for troll as well but I wouldn't know :)

    Just wishing that when you que into something it makes you stay in that role instead of switching to something else. This would keep people from saying, "whatever we do what we want we can do with 4 dps ****". That may be true but I for one like to play as the group was intended.

    Will this ever be a possibility? What are your thoughts on this?
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  2. Rasta Committed Player

    I know this becomes a problem, but there are instances when a group will all 4 roles will have problems and might experiment by switching roles to see if they can complete the alert/raid.

    If you want to run content the way it's supposed to be run form your own group. It's your group and if they don't want to do it your way then they can leave

    Personally, if the run can be done with 3 DPS 1 Troll or 4DPS it's going to get completed. As long as I complete it thats the only thing that matters to me
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  3. siressarchangel Dedicated Player

    I think forcing you to stay one role is a terrible idea. What if you are in an instance and someone goes down and you can't pick them up, IE a healer or troll....and one of your dps can use his/her armory to switch to the role needed...forcing someone to stay the role they que in as, would make that impossible. So no, I don't think that would be beneficial at all.
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  4. TreePuncher New Player

    I HATE that when a heal or troll show up as a dps.
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  5. MCAZR New Player

    I'm one of those people who queues in both roles and will only dps but I would take-off and solo the content regardless and being a healer would slow me down. :p
  6. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

    If you are only prepared to play as a dps then for pity's sake only queue as one. All you are doing is disadvantaging people who have made a specific choice that they want to play with a full set of roles. If you want to solo, go solo, but don't do it at the expense of other people's enjoyment of the game. Refusing to play a role you queued as just marks you out as a horribly selfish player.
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  7. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    For shame. I was hoping for this option and all ppl kno how to do is find away around it..

    Step 1: Que up for Alert/Raid
    Step 2: Pick ONLY 1 ROLE
    Step 3: Wait for players to Que.
    Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-4 when doing any other alert or raid

    Thank you for ur time
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  8. SeriousVanity New Player

    I really don't mind whatever I get. 8 healers; 12 tanks, let's run with it and see what happens. I've done so many alerts without a troll that I'm happy if I get a pot every couple minutes. It's also a good way to learn to manage your power, avoid enemies, etc.

    Time spent fretting over your group makeup is time you could be spending stomping tail. Who knows, you may even have fun.
  9. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    I walked a group through Courthouse. None of them could stay alive but i gave hints so the next time they run it they wont have much trouble. I have also gone through alerts without a troll (I dont need them) but my other group members do.
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  10. Lady Nomad New Player

    I also don't agree that we should be stuck in one role.
    Sometimes I que up for something and we are lacking a healer or troll so someone will switch. That helps the group. But I've done alerts with 3 dps and me trolling or healing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I like the option that the armory gives us to allow us to switch. If the group keeps failing and no one wants or can't switch, then I just excuse myself or we all mutually agree to disband the instance.
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  11. Laff Riot New Player

    Well sadly you need to either form a group or join a league. Just trying to que up will lead to this. I know because I randomly que up for the lower level stuff and end up with 3 dps or something like that.
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  12. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    Its fine if u do it as a backup plan if some1 in the group isnt that role but to have all dps and no support.
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  13. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I would like to have options to where players could choose what kind of roles they want to be teamed with when they Q for a mission. I run lots of alerts without support roles T4 and, lower. I ran the outer raid with 4 dps and, 1 troll last night for the 1st time. Since I know how good I am most the time I can carry players through. I do agree with you when you say just q and, get stuck with 4 dps or, players playing a role they are not geared for in T5 alerts or, T2 raids and, up. When I know I'm going to need support roles I always use LFG. I did try Brothers in arms 1 time with a toll, 2dps, and, a tank. When I was weaker lots of deaths later we beat that alert. I was up for the challenge I don't think the tank we had was very good. He spammed his power so, he had none to taunt enemies or, used a power and, waited till enemies started attacking the group to taunt again. At the bosses is where it was painful.
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  14. MCAZR New Player

    Yup, that's me. I just needed styles in those alerts so I'd take off, stomp the content, and was outta there. There were actually quite a few people who were very happy that I was being so horribly selfish. :p :p :p
  15. Lady Nomad New Player

    If there was a situation in an alert where there were no support roles then it would depend on the players. If it was a random pug, I would hope some communication would be used to determine if the instance could continue on without a support class. Some dps's do great managing their power without a troll. Likewise, some dps's can manage to stay alive without a healer.
    I know for me personally, if I found myself in an all dps situation where no one could change roles, I would excuse myself and try again. I love my support roles!
  16. David Ivanenko Committed Player

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  17. Bast10n Committed Player

    I always use pre-mardes for all current tier content. For everything else I Que up in both role as I am a 103 CR in both. It seems like 19/20 times when the que pops I'm needed as a healer. Could I run it in Damage Role...yes, I could solo it in damage sole, but what message does that send?

    DPS > Support Roles.. And that's the last thing I want a new impressionable player to think.

    Player perception:
    Over geared DPS - melts everything in sight. (Basically a one man show)
    Impressionable player " I'm glad that's over. I died like 10 times, if it wasn't for that one guy we wouldn't have made it. I wish I could have contributed. Some day, I when I level up, I want to be just like him."

    Over geared Healer - Supports the group. Allows them to participate. Gives them a chance to learn / perform their role.
    Impressionable player - " Yes, we did it! That was the easiest run I'v ever had here. I had so much fun. Look at the damage I did.. whoah, look at the damage that healer did. Support roles are awesome!"

    We have enough l33t DPS in this game. I choose to foster a team mentality.
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