Strongest DC Character

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  1. Baltizare Member

    Lord Chaos not only did he kill half the teen titans but he also killed his mother Donna Troy and father Terry Long. so powerful the remaining titans went back in time to kill him as a infant.
  2. Jax Prime Well-Known Member

    I dont know why everyone here is saying Superman Prime - He is rather weak compared to the upper beings of DC.

    Superman Prime 1 million is the strongest incarnation of Superman (Golden superman). Unless we are referring to the same person... Though saying Superman Prime is confusing because Superboy Prime once came to be known as Superman Prime.

    The strongest is the Over - monitor, Then the Anti, then the Presence and Luficer & Michael following by other characters.
  3. Jax Prime Well-Known Member

    Phantom stranger could take him :rolleyes:
  4. Jax Prime Well-Known Member

    With Prep... Batman can beat anyone :rolleyes:

    Out of the JLA, Flash is by far the strongest.
  5. melvinpox Well-Known Member

    I agree that Batman with Prep can beat ALMOST anyone. But we aren't talking about beating someone with Prep as far as I can tell. We are discussing who is the strongest. An argument can be made for Flash. Not sure if "by far" is accurate, but you might be able to win that debate. I still say Marian Manhunter.
  6. ReggieLightning Active Member

    Well...Hard to say...I mean In the new 52 Flash did some crazy stuff...
  7. Mighty Hyperion Well-Known Member

    by strongest are we talking physically most powerful? if that's the case than DC has made it pretty clear that it's Superman..... if we are talking who would beat everyone else than you have to go with someone like Zoom or Wally West Flash since they can pretty much do what they want the speed force time travel stuff.. not to mention they can go back and make it so you never were.
  8. melvinpox Well-Known Member

    Maybe this should be "Which DC character wins in an arm wrestling match? Physical strength only." Then we go Please everyone, don't even suggest Batman.
  9. Mighty Hyperion Well-Known Member

    I still say superman (they have just made him that strong )..... Actually I'd say Parasite because he would just sap the power of whoever he was arm-wrestling against (makes sense)
  10. melvinpox Well-Known Member

    You make a very good point.
  11. OMG Active Member

    I would also add he has almost every super power you could want in one hero.
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  12. Mighty Hyperion Well-Known Member

    doesn't help that DC continues to add to his list of powers (sort of like batmans utility belt)
  13. OMG Active Member

    Batman is a 1 eyed joker so unique in the DC deck but Superman is the ace of spades.
  14. Rebelyon Active Member

    Guys guys, please... its always ALWAYS Batman.

    I mean come on,

  15. Humane Well-Known Member

    Although I like Batman, get real people.
    Superman doesn't have to come close to him to beat Barman. A little eye beam from orbit and that's all she wrote.

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  16. Michael Woodruff Member

    There has to be Rules to this kind of Arguement

    like for example Powers gifted from an alternative source shouldnt be allowed (example drawing power from say a yellow sun Or a set of gods)

    I think it should be their natural abilities from their Native enviroment (meaning Superman would have to be under Kyptons sun)

    otherwise its a Fanboy Wank off
  17. Lucaefor Well-Known Member

    Art has to be translated and this is the case with Superman.

    He was created to be an ideal of everything you want a human being to be, a paragon for humanity. He is invulnerable because he has no flaws and kryptonite represents the fact that despite this, he must still abide by the will of God.

    A bit like the statue of Venus by the famous italian sculptor, de Milo, the one with the arms chopped off. This aspect of the sculpture was intentional, de Milo was making a statement about beauty i.e you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful; even the goddess of love herself is imperfect.. she has no arms.

    Superman is a great role model for kids and a shining ray of hope that one day the human race might be kind and benevolent instead of what we are right now.
  18. CarlynnCarnage Well-Known Member

    Well duh.

    If he's an ideal of everything a human being should be, they shouldn't have made him an alien.

    But I think he's a bad role model tbh. No one can be that perfect. It's the same sort of disappointment as when you find out santa isn't real.

    Plus I still think he's a jerk.
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  19. FuzZzy Lumpkins New Member

    Everyone seems to forget that superman is vulnerable to magic. He is flawed.
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  20. CarlynnCarnage Well-Known Member

    LOL! Either way he's still a jerk...

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