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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Kreonix, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Kreonix Active Player

    Currently many weapons either have a quicker blockbreak or a slower blockbreak or the blockbreak is unclippable.

    For example:
    • Rifle's blockbreak(hold range) is really delayed, slow, and you cannot clip out of it at all.
    • Handblaster's hold range blockbreak is probably is the fastest bb in the game
    • MA is somewhere in the middle of that but can be clipped
    I really believe all of blockbreaks should be normalized and have the same characteristics as other hold range blockbreaks. Please consider this.
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  2. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad guy disagrees with this. Different weapons preform at different speeds. All weapons are not created equal but can be mastered by a great player. Like The Bad One.
  3. Absolix Loyal Player

    All blockbreakers have a 0.35 second delay from input to the actual blockbreaker. This is already standardized among blockbreakers.
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  4. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Except Power Discharge.

    To the OP. The only thing that affects this is lag. Server or Individual connection.

    EDIT: Before someome brings up "But people clip their bb's with cc and I can't do anything." What happens is Crowd Control interferes because lag prevents breakouts from immediately working. DevDirt attempted to fix this last year with GU41 (He is missed), but only 3 months later did his work unravel. It's only gotten worse with crossplay. Ahri and I are lucky to get 3 scrims in without seeing counters completely ignored or having to mash breakout.
  5. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    I remember how smooth and fast breakouts were. Now not so much. :(
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  6. Roguester Well-Known Player

    Lately I am having the same issues,my block brakes don't counter certain players,but they can lunge and counter me,it didn't look like lagg,I think there is a glitch in the matrix.
  7. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Just remember, there is no spoon. :p
  8. Eminence Dedicated Player

    Why does it seem like flamethrower and explosive shot do not?
  9. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Well they both require hold range and then pressing the forward button. Probably the input delay.
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  10. Kreonix Active Player

    Rifle shot is definitely not the same. It has a delay, just like hal's blockbreaker. You don't even test this stuff. Just like you said rifle shot was clippable.
  11. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    It "feels" different. But it is the same as the other BB's. Hal Jordan's BB is different from Rifle.
  12. Absolix Loyal Player

    You have no numbers or testing while the hold range standardization of GU36 has yet to be disproved.
    -Weapon Traits Changes
    ยง Rifle Shot now causes additional damage, causes block break instantly, hits multiple enemies, and generally behaves like a hold range attack.
    Also, the conversation we had about Rifle was about Flamethrower being jump cancelable as you claimed Rifle didn't have access to a jump cancelable blockbreaker. Also both Mortar and Flip Burst can be clipped.
  13. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Canceled, not clipped, also while rifle does technically have a Jump cancelable blockbreaker you have to use rifle shot to get to it first which is not jump/power cancelable or clippable.
  14. Absolix Loyal Player

    All hold ranges that can be clipped have their damage canceled. That isn't different from any other weapon.

    I can go straight into Flamethrower without using Rifle Shot, or at least I was able to 5 minutes ago, and the plethora of people that could go straight into Flamethrower and jump cancel back when that would completely close the vulnerability window also speaks differently to that.
  15. Kreonix Active Player

    It doesn't change the fact that rifle's MAIN blockbreaker (hold range) is DELAYED and that it cannot be clipped. I don't care about the rest. Flamethrower's window needs to be fixed as well if what Eminence said is true.
  16. Absolix Loyal Player

    It is not delayed, read the patch notes, and Flamthrower's window was fixed and Flamethrower is still Rifle's preferred blockbreaker in PvP since it can be jump canceled while still retaining the first tick of damage, something jump canceling any other weapon's blockbreaker doesn't do.

    Also, Flip Burst, Mortar, and Rolling Barrage, I double checked this one to be sure, are all clippable. Rifle has 5 different hold range inputs, and can't simply ignore them because you want to. They are a part of the weapon and how it plays. Right now it is actually probably the 3rd or 4th best weapon in arenas at the moment.
  17. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Catwoman's block breaker appears to be the fastest of all the BBs. That thing will catch most blocks even on delayed input. I don't know why or how but definitely something is definitely amiss with her.
  18. Absolix Loyal Player

    Here is Flamethrower jump canceled without using Rifle Shot.
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  19. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Yea, we PC players definitely cannot do that with our keyboard/mouse.

    Her BB is not a channel and acts as a melee hold in terms of clipping. In terms of the .35 delay I'm not sure; I can test later.
  20. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Having a modified weapon doesn't alter the speed of the BB, except for Hal Jordan who's is bugged.