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  1. L T Devoted Player

    Disclaimer: I'm pretty wealthy in game. Getting scammed out of 2B wouldn't really dent my total cash reserves.
    That having been said,
    I concur. I don't see direct player-to-player trades as good for the overall game. I can easily see a newer player being taken advantage of, feeling shame and disappointment, and quitting for good.

    Additionally, I'd suggest that the devs create tradable Raid, Alert, and Solo replay tokens. That would end a lot of bad behavior.
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  2. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    If players have an option to craft instance reset tokens by using replay badges, this can start a new age economically.
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  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Threads like this make me realize how great it is to not care about styles/ auras/ materials. Can’t get scammed if you don’t care to buy anything. Can’t complain about rng or spending too much if you’ve got no reason to even buy a single bundle. I’ve been playing 11yrs and have no idea what most of y’all are talking about with og this or nimbus that.

    Having said that, I get that people live for this stuff. I’m sure a lot of new players do and have been ripped off by unsavory characters via player to player trading. Best response has been from whoever said to record it, great idea. But I think 100%, everything should just go onto broker. I’m not even sure there should be a cap. Getting money out of the game should be a pretty high priority and if someone wants to list something for 4bil, go right ahead. Just don’t forget that your listing tax is non refundable. So if you over priced, oh well.

    Cash wipe talk always comes up. I’ve never cared either way and welcome the devs to do whatever they feel is necessary to do in an attempt to fix things. I hate how high some things are priced knowing that those items could help a lot of newer players become better in game. Head augs catalysts or random feat attached bits to get them some more sp. It’s meant to be a community type of game yet all we ever do to one another is hold them down from what I’ve seen. I try to post some rare things for cheap but I know it just gets gobbled up by the ones sitting at the broker and resold for a much higher asking price so the one change I’ll continue to push for is anything bought off broker cannot be resold.
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  4. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Best way to stop scamming AND gold sellers, is to simply remove trade. Not limit it etc. totally remove it. Cap the broker to a max of x amount of million (not billions) if this upsets anyone (it’s just fictional cash) if you have that much - then you’ve bought billions off gold sellers.

    Removing trading and replacing it with broker only (with a cap) settles everything down. (If people don’t like it - so what! They’re not gonna leave after investing so much money)
    You also have to blame gamebreak games for allowing so many to return after doing money glitches. They helped the broker to be in the state it’s in now.

    P.s. most of the styles are absolutely s**t looking! And all the lemmings just copy each other anyway.

    PPS: The U.S. broker is absolutely ridiculous! Billions for crap items. People have all these billions, and spend it on?…
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd be good with a broker cap raise, but people will cry 'you are DRIVING THE PRICES UP'. Removing hand to hand trades is not a good answer because it's a member benefit (one of only a few remaining). League bank won't work for a lot of items that are platform bound, and it won't allow for money to change hands.

    Only deal with people you know to be trustworthy and you won't get scammed. For all his faults, the 'super' guy will not scam you, if you are willing to pay the premium prices.
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yep....remove trade. Nothing like removing a valuable feature (moving things around from toon to toon would ALSO go away, save the shared bank) to stop the handful of scammers out there or stop the crying about too much of that 'fake cash'.

    BTW. If someone has 10s of billions, and had one of these valuable items, why do you think they'd ever sell it for 10m or even 100m? They'd have enough money to stay afloat forever without selling something. Good luck getting your hands on something once that no trade +100m broker cap goes in. I'm sure DI would take a hit too as what reason would anyone have to continue buying BBs or TCs past what they themselves need for personal use? To generate 10m in revenue selling a 'valuable' item? Why? You can generate 10m just running content for a week and selling drops to a vendor.

    Guess what....I've had multiple billions before (sitting around 3 right now)...never bought a dime off gold sellers, gltiched or even sold/bought anything over the 2.b cash also never get scammed. Trade with some sense in your head....Problem solved, no coding needed. Ok, so I did get scammed 1 time about 7 years ago...guy took me for like 12 stacks of exobits. A major loss at the time. Learned that lesson right then.

    I'll agree on a lot of looking like shite though. I don't personally care about the dress up part of the game anyway. And yeah, the glitchers/exploiters should not have been allowed back, or if they were allowed back they should have been stripped of ever nickle, item, style on all of their toons....then publicly flogged.
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  7. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

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  8. TomShepard Active Player

    Im fully with you on this.It 'd stop not only the 10 billion pricetags but also the fact that many ppl gets scammed trough trading.All you need to do is raise the cap to like 3 bill and have the same cap in trade while you have no broker fee(seriously why do we even have fee for the ingame broker???) The reason for ppl asking 5-6 bills and more for items because they can.
    I have been saying this for years,though i bet ppl will not get behind your idea because this community loves to push down ppl who have good ideas what'd make this game phenomenal.
  9. Topsykret187 New Player

    The problem is that everyone comes to trade chat calling this person and that person and the next person a scammer so nobody really knows who to trust. Also it wouldn’t get rid of name sellers/hoarders and replay badge scams.
  10. Zneeak Devoted Player

    The problem isn't that the trade limit is too low lol, the problem is that people can completely bypass the broker and its taxing system by taking the stuff off broker and selling it for a higher price exclusively through trade. There is also too much money around, and too many resellers bouncing items off to eachother. The average players aren't sitting on Billions upon Billions, exploits that lead to inflation lead to this, a lot of players have since then taken advantage of an inflation caused by several exploits.

    A change definately needs to be done. There's so many scammers out there across several accounts scamming people for Billions upon Billions. It makes no sense to not have Broker being the main hub of trading.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Well 'scam' and the name horders are not the same things. You can object to someone grabbing up all the 'good' names, then selling them for a high price, but it's not a scam if they actually sell it to you. There are plenty of well known sellers of replays, names, and high ticket items. Names pose their own issue as there is a timing problem with that guy dropping the name and you getting it. Personally I stay away from name trades, but If you don't know them, watch trade chat a while...inspect anyone you are going to trade with and record the transaction. You might report it, or just post it on youtube and out them. Most well known players who aren't known as scammers (and there are a few who are known for it 'quack-quack')...won't really want to have that stink hoisted on them. I've bought several and sold a few replays in my time and on the few I backed out of it was because the other party 'looked' sus. Low level toons supposedly selling high ticket items is a dead giveaway...if 'noobaccount195831454' wants to sell you a 2.5B premium box...I'd walk away. Or as someone else suggested, add another item of value to make the deal in 1 trade window.

    A friend of mine wanted to buy something (comic mat maybe) off a seller last BB. He looked legit but wanted 2.5b for the trade. My buddy was leery of going over the 1 trade window, so he offered something of about 500M value(TC item) + 2b on the 1st window, then said 'I'll give you the other 500m and you give the item back'. The item is just a placeholder for the 500M you can't add to the 1st window cash. A stack of 100-120 Paradox energies, a mid to high TC collection, certain OP or rare drops. That way NO ONE is hanging their butt out and if either party cut out after the first trade, no one was really screwed. Yeah, not everyone wants to do that 'hassle' but I'd think most legit traders wouldn't mind as long as the placeholder item had a proper value. Of course once you enter the 10-20 or 30B items....this is not really a possibility, but at the 2.5, 3, 3.5B can be.

    Of course this means you have to know the values. You don't want to find out that stack of 20 ancient vellums you got stuck with are NOT worth 500m as the guy said.

    CYA is the name of the game. IF you are unsure of the trade...walk away. Most people getting scammed don't put any thought into the fact they MIGHT get scammed until it happens. Then they become staunch advocates for everyone else.

    BTW. I realize not everyone has stacks of Paradoxes, high end TCs or drops laying around....but not everyone is dealing in 2B+ trades every day either. Most trades likely come in under the 2B can be done in 1 window.

    PS...yes, we need some sort of 'replay token' that we could buy with replays, then can trade and take the scamming out of that one too.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See I'd be down with this. Make the broker limit 2x the hand to hand trade limit. You could still get something from hand to hand, but if there is a broker option....why? Right now anything over 1B is hand to hand....anything over 2B means a scam is possible.

    And adds more tax to list items. And that's likely the only way we'll ever see any of the bogus money taken out of the game.

    Heck I was looking just last night and saw a few things up for 1 B that were undercut by 2 or 3 other people. That's probably 100m lost in listing fees just on a few items....sounds good to me.
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    We need broker fees to syphon off money. One of the reasons (besides the glitchers) we have too much cash is we have no-where to spend it(remember, even in the broker, that 1B you spend buying a top end item is not 'spent' it's traded to another player, minus the listing fee). A few 1,000 on repairs (unless you have Oracle bot) and re-upping batteries is not much when drop plans sell for 30K+ and loot is unlimited.

    The game needs a BIGGER cash sink somewhere. Maybe vanity items for the ultra rich (no feats...strictly cosmetic) or a higher 'tax' on big ticket items sold in the broker...whatever. We've got mountains of cash and no way of spending it back out of existence.
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  14. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    if were using it as a barrier to try to bring economy in line that number should be much lower than a bil and it would be a interesting way to address a long time issue
  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I agree with you on the problem and the bigger cash sink is a great idea as long as its implemented for the super high and not tied to anything an average player would need to progress or play as most players don't play the broker economy game and if implemented should in no way bar progression but be a way to siphon money out of the economy to bring it back to more manageable lvl
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    No I was thinking a title for 20b like 'small pencil...big spender'...or similar. Like driving a Ferrari. Nothing anyone needs but it does convey a 'message' about the driver.
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  17. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    I was going to like this, until you mentioned *all* servers. Xbox's economy isn't broken, and doesn't need nor deserve such a wipe.

    I don't know how hard it would be to separate any of these updates between servers though, if something was to be done. Sometimes when PCPS has an issue, all servers end up suffering because of it (partial example being mailing cash disabled entirely, even though Xbox didn't really partake in any of those exploits as far as I know. If they did, it didn't break the economy at all). If they had cosmetic items to sink money into, the prices would have to vary by server tremendously.
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  18. onaccountof New Player

    uhh, if someone has over a billion to spend, they ain't a noob.
    People keep burning their hands on a hot stove over and over again, then they complain about it, and then they do it again.... just stop, Don't pay those outrageous prices, only then will the situation change,
    Don't blame others for your own (preventable) mistakes.
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  20. inferno Loyal Player

    Hmm...If I were to hit your helmet strong enough to put a dent in it...Exactly how much money will pour out of you?