STOP THE FREE CR ! Most "harmful" experience for DCUO !!!

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  1. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    I am currently mounting a new character and arrived cr 255 plus (without paying) arrived at the DLC the level of the games is catastrophic the players think that to mount the CR and for the players correctly mount if you remember the raids of this DLC or next DLC you know that for this type of player it is clearly not possible in pcik up mount quickly.

    Unbelievable but true in the pick-up instance I had we had a cr 326 tank the life of the latter melted like ice cream in the sun, the choices of Daybreak clearly kill the DC Universe Online experience, even at the beginning of the game didn't see anything as shocking as this ...

    I think Daybreak or EG7 should review this cruelly because the choices made by DB only create the most damaging experience and probably never seen at such a level on any other MMORPG or MMO-ARPG worthy of the name, the "pick up" experience is the worst experience I've seen on DC and it's even worse now!

    As a proof, a subject has just been made just now, I quote the subject: "the player to pay to be cr 212 and he doesn't know what to do after that, and now he is lost in the game..." the CR free artefacts are not mounted for their level which creates players not very efficient for the pick up experience and not to forget those who tag a role but don't play it and let's not forget the lack of SP which makes this type of player incompetent or even sometimes useless to the group!

    I think that the free CR 255 is too high a level for players without experience, if the devs want to see players reaching a certain "plateau", I think that level 8 would be fairer and by the first one of course, because some raid really starts gave a vision of what maybe the experience on DCUO and it would surely be more beneficial to restart the "pick-up" activity of some raid, or now, most of the current players don't even try to do old raids any more because of laziness or weariness...
  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    The CR Skips won't stop coming our way, and are good only for ALTS. But I think that your main character has to achieve the required Combat Rating first before being able to use the skip. As for not knowing what to do - the game doesn't really explain that. We need better tutorials in game to explain mechanics, roles, etc. Players can only do so much though.

    It's on the players to try to explain and help, or use the kick option if the skipper doesn't cooperate.

    As for the tank melting, perhaps he had wrong artifacts, loadout, etc. But again this falls down to not knowing your role properly or researching and this falls on the player. Was there a healer in the instance? Was it event\regular\elite?

    I'm against CR Skips for completely new players, they need to experience and learn the game. So I'm with you on that. But I think the skips are good for alt characters. That's all.
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  3. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    The free CR skips for F2P players really only serve 1 purpose...To get people past the F2P tier to either force them to stop playing for free and spend money or stop playing. Its one of the more clever bait-n-switch maneuvers thought up by Daybreak.
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  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    They can't stop doing them. No new player will ever get ques to pop, they will lose interest. And they are great for alts. 1 skip has become my 1st alt, 6 120+ arts and 326 now with 400ish sp. New skip is farming/ and catching up quick. Maybe using her for 4 weeks now and still at 90sp but with 3 100 arts and gearing quickly by doing nothing but event level. Even got the enhanced set in a day. Means my main only has to buy elite gear, 1st alt buys reg vendor, and now enhanced is done. Personally, I love getting a skip every now and then. Do they hurt groups? Yeah, but eventually they can become useful.
    It is on the player to use them appropriately. Don't go running into regular content, use event mode for awhile. Spam bounties for better gear and salvage for aug xp. Will take one dlc of that to be relevant for new dlc
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  5. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Well going through the solo story upto level 30 is the jest of learning the entire game.
    The cr skip does remove that experience and perhaps that warning should be made more bold for new player.
    Skip to f2p will also double size of inventory and the character slots from 2 upto 6 still giving new player 5 more chances to run the main story to learn the game , What really damage their experience is competative power hungry high ups unwilling group them in lower on duty content because they are not to their (homelander) standard.
    The skip allows them to partially catch up to solo most alerts , raids alone between the gap for feat points if enough players or league help them que in.
    All my alts are over the current skip but I feel the new player still deserves a chance to catch up (9 years of content) and with no skip they have near non at all because no ones around to do it with them either.
    Just goto metro or gotham to story zones and see for your self its not populated by new players like it was in the early years.
  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think they can keep giving out the skips (maybe not 2 a year like this year) but yes...they should require more than level 5 to open. Level 30 or some low amount of CR(T2 maybe?) that means you had to do something in the game other than get off the ship and run 1 mission. A) new people would learn a bit of the game, and B) it would give them some time to collect some Nth metal, Source marks, etc... before jumping up to a point where those things will be needed. Even if it's being used by a current player alt, we all know how to get an alt up through 30 and to a low CR pretty quickly.

    Maybe make it a premium benefit vs F2P. I know that cuts down on the ability for DBG to rope in some new players, which is the goal of the skip giveaways, but if a new player has any intention of staying around, I'd guess they'd spend 5$ to get a free 50$ value, and now they'd be a bit invested in actually learning the game vs stumbling around...semi useless.

    Yeah, there is an argument to make the skips more useful with SP and Source, but most of these 'bad players' people complain about aren't going to suddenly 'get gud' with 30 or 40 more SP and a full compliment of base equipment.
  7. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    This happened loooong before any CR Skip even existed.

    We would see that complaint when FoS were the top raids. At the time people would blame F2P players.

    We have been seeing this complaint with each new DLCs since.

    Sometimes people would blame F2P players.....
    then they would blame players with low SP.....
    then they would blame players who did not have the top gear or the top mods...
    and for some time now people have been blaming the CR Skip.

    But again..... this happened looooonnng before we got the CR Skip.
    So blaming the CR Skip is not really the answer.
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  8. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Same as it ever was.

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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    Giving them free stuff is a bait-n-switch? :confused: they were already free, possibly playing, possibly not. possibly paying, possibly not.

    May never play again already how is giving them something for free to actually entice them to play a bait-n-switch?

    All they got was more access to a game they were either going to play or not play anyway.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    The problem isn't the skip tokens, most MMO's have them.

    The problem is that the developers seem content, at this stage, to disinsentive players to play any old content except the most relevant. the whole relevancy window is ridiculous, the lack of incentive to run old content is ridiculous resulting in queues not popping.

    The lack of quality in game tutorials is severly lacking and even the stuff on Youtube isn't entirely helpful to new players because it's usually one of several things.
    • way too long (in some cases hours) where the video is better served as a sleeping aid
    • consists on someone dressing up as Advanced Weapon X Batman, not once but probably 6 times, 10 different colors
    • Has absolutely horrid instructions or loadouts or
    • Is just someone flexing their ****** while hiding everything materially useful, or;
    • Is hyperbolic nonsense about how a loadout is "OMG BEAST MODE BEST LOADOUT SINCE SLICED BREAD"
    Most videos of which are laced with Grunge rap or horriblly loud techno music raging in your ears while you try to see what the point is :)
    I mean there's no need to get rid of the tokens, there just needs to be meaningful improvements made to support the players post their boost, which currently doesn't happen.
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  11. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I always find these threads so weird, stop pocket watching .. use lfg

    I think one of the biggest reasons people dont get into dcuo is that theyd be 10 years behind. I personally think that if the devs wanted to bring in more players they should increase the sp for cr skips, its not like people are really buying all those old dlc and if they are i doubt its really enough people to justify not giving bigger incentives for new players to jump in.

    Ive tried and tried to get my friends to play, they logged in and got their lil cr booster but then looked at all the styles and worked theyd have to do & it really is 10 years worth of work... it turned them away.

    The devs dont listen to us when we say fix pvp but do listen when people say skill points shouldnt be bought? How does that make sense? You’d actually make money off of people buying sp

    Yes i think sp should be buyable.. i also think scoreboard should be removed so people can stop damaging the game because of the numbers they see at the end.. remember thats how pvp got broke in the first place
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Do your friends only play games if they get on fresh?
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  13. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    this legendary membership guy cant wait for the CR skip this coming anniversary. Hope its two of them, but if its just one... I dont know if I want to skip my nature, celestial or munitions toons.
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  14. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    For the most part.. yea, i cant really think of a game that I personally would be interested in today that i wasn’t interested in from its beginning..

    And i will be 100% honest with you, if i was completely new to dcuo today, just bought the ps5 and installed. I would feel to overwhelmed to get going, this is why i have a character thats like level 7 on xbox and never got any higher.. the devs need to find a way for for new players to advance through purchases.

    Ive said this plenty of times on here over the years.. i dont know what your guys real life money situation is, i dont care, i could give two flying tbh with you.. i have alot of money i could waste on the game, while others have alot of time... dcuo should be able to cater to both play types .
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