Stop simplifying Arenas

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Gargamond, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Absolutely, 100%.
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  2. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    This thread... Just the same people saying the same things over and over. There's no point of you all arguing if you're not even remotely close to changing the other person's mind. We all have our opinions on and our ideas of what "good" PvP is. Just like PvE players have theirs on what is "hard and fun" PvE (Random one-shots or dynamic activities during fights).

    Some people like PvP at what it is right now. Some people dislike it as what it is right now. I am an older PvP player and I miss how PvP used to be, it was much more fun to me and the population was definitely much larger for it then since EVERYONE could be competitive and not just the geared/money dumpers. But I can see why people would want it to stay as it is now, there's people who like having advantages other than skill and the ones who started PvP as it is now only know it as it is now.

    SOE really just has to look at the bigger picture though and see what is going on statistically when making changes. Is the "active" PvP population taking a drop after implementation of something? If so, change it.

    In my honest opinion... PvP is not like PvE in the sense that you need to keeping adding on. While new maps are good... PvP is something that if it is working good and doing good, don't add in more things. The progression in difficulty for PvP should always be your opponents practicing and getting better... NOT them getting stronger items that wasn't there before. In my opinion. :p
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  3. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Actually, the video itself is the very definition of obscure because it is not well known, nor was it an official announcement made by an official DCUO source of information, such as the announcements forum, or the marketing site, or the official DCUO YouTube channel, etcetera, etcetera.

    On top of that, the video was recorded and distributed by a non SOE employee, making its contents about as unofficial as it could possibly get. I know you can't possibly understand this concept, but other people will read this and it's for their benefit. Just be happy I don't have the same standards as Jeebie, regarding what is concise red official or unofficial.

    I don't know any other way of saying this, and I mean no disrespect to Tunso, but the PowerPoint presentation in the video makes Tunso look like kind of an unprofessional screwball.
  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Until they come to pass it's all just ideas.

    Mods were not added in GU33, Synthetic mods were added. I still can't get my expert or hybrid mods through PVP so the issue is hardly what anyone would call solved. Synthetic mods are something to limit the difference between those fully modded and those that arent. It's a secondary INFERIOR option. A bone thrown to those who don't have the time or money to get real mods.
  5. The Hornet New Player

    Interesting points.
  6. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Thanks for pointing that out. I meant "unprofessional". My mistake.
  7. Giggles Loyal Player

    I think you are posting at the wrong person. This isn't my thread. I was explaining to the OP (Garglemond) that it was changed to please the masses, and that a good compromise was made to keep both sides happy. I'm not against simplifying arenas by removing all the luck based trash. I'm against removing the items that are not lick based, like HT for example.

    Either way, I respect peoples opinions, it's when people misread my opinions, like Garglemond did, and then do not see that I am on their side in the entire argument, that's the only thing keeping me here. Read my first few posts in this thread. You will see what I mean. The OP, like me, enjoys HT, he is just arguing with me over something he misunderstood. :)

    Believe me, I empathize with people. I am lucky that I get to play while I am at work. What needs to her emotes are luck based PvE items. HT is not luck based, therefore should not be removed. However, expert mods, expert consumables, lockbox sodas, group sodas, etc all need to be removed. That alone will help MANY players remain even with others. Those items should be added to a PvP vendor for PvP marks. If the devs add in that we can purchase HT upgrades with PvP marks, that alone make HT accessible to all, as long as players contribute to the game via sub or $10 for the DLC, which I do not feel is much to ask for.
  8. Giggles Loyal Player


    Then you really have no idea what the word obscure means, just like you said the video delivered in a professional manner, you constantly contradict yourself. Just try to understand, that regardless of what you consider PvE and PvP, I never referenced HT in the removal of PvE items, I even clarified that for you. Yet for some reason you continue to argue. What exactly is so hard for you to grasp? LOL. :)

    The video regardless of whom it was recorded by, was recorded at an official SOE event (SOE Love2013) and then the people recorded are the devs themselves telling us what is to come. It doesn't get anymore official or less obscure than that. Check those definitions, you misused those words yet again. ;)
  9. Giggles Loyal Player

    They talked about adding PvP mods, that is what happened with the synthetic mods. Either way you look at it, that presentation was a road map of what is to come. Just because it has not been added yet, does not mean it will not be soon. Either way, as I said! I could really care less AT&T here nod of the day whether or not it happens, I

    am simply explaining why I do not consider HT PvE only, and that is because of the contents described in the video above. I love HT I think it adds depth and strategy to PvP. Fort hose who like simply, no brainer PvP, go play DM. It doesn't get any easier than kill or be killed. If you want some depth and strategy, play the objective games, where you need to cap a node/capture a rock, kill or be killed, and anticipate HT items at any second. :)
  10. Giggles Loyal Player

    I too am an older PvP player, been since beta. However, like any MMO, things change. You can choose to adapt with change, or you can choose to be left behind because you do not want to adapt. It is all a choice.

    I think they would have removed HT from PvP if it hurt the population, it's just that despite popular belief, people actually like and utilize HT. I have yet to be in a match where people do not use HT items on me, they lose 9/10 times anyways because I too have my own, but you'd be surprised how many people adapted with no problems. ;)

    I do respect your opinion, and others like yourself. If you guys do not like HT, go play DM. I mean that's as plain jane as it gets in PvP. The rest of us will stick to the objective based games. :)
  11. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Unless you are the only person allowed to make typos on here, Gaygles, that should read: "unprofessional". Tunso delivered his PowerPoint presentation in an unprofessional manner. The video was posted by a player in a much less than well known distant corner of the internet, thereby making the video obscure. Look it up on the dictionary again. Either you can't read, or you didn't read the definition of "obscure" at all.
  12. Giggles Loyal Player


    It doesn't matter what manner the message was delivered. The fact that the message was delivered is the only thing that matters. I would not call YouTube, and our forums "distant" corners of the internet. I can see why you never saw it before, you don't pay attention to anything. The definition of obscure is "not discovered, or known about". Just because you didn't know about it because you don't pay attention to anything PvP related in this game, does not make the video obscure. That just makes you ignorant. Stop confusing the two words. ;)

    Besides even you called it professional, either you can't write, or you just contradicted yourself again. (You see what I did there?). ;)
  13. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Unless you are the only person on this forum who is allowed to make typos, Gaygles, that statement should read: "unprofessional", instead of " in professional". Your opinion about the obscurity of the trexlight SOE live video no longer matters to me. You obviously don't pay enough attention to detail to really build a convincing and credible argument. All I really need to say to you is "try put". See what I did there?
  14. Giggles Loyal Player


    I didn't say anyone was the only person allowed to make typos. Where do you get these weird ideas from? All I said was you admitted it was professional, and you don't know how to use word obscure. Again, the devs telling us all this information themselves, is all the credibility I need for my argument. All you keep proving is that you are ignorant to the facts presented to you. :)
  15. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Ok, since you aren't the only person allowed to make typos, then I meant to type: "in an unprofessional manner", and didn't admit to anything. Tunso's PowerPoint presentation was actually quite unprofessional on several points, which I have already mentioned.

    Your argument is getting rather diluted and circular. The reality of the situation is this: HT trinkets are paid by pve marks and are therefore pve trinkets. Since you have said you think "all pve" should be removed from pvp, your argument also contradicts itself.

    As I said several pages ago, you have no credibility in this thread because of your attempt to teach me English, while in the very same post, you made several mistakes. All in all, I can see you feel you are an educated person, but you have underestimated me and my argument to remove all restrictions in Arena pvp. You keep saying you agree with me, but you don't support the removal of the restrictions, so you are actually contradicting yourself in saying so.

    Get a clue soon, because you look more and more foolish, the longer you continue.
  16. Giggles Loyal Player


    Regardless of your opinion of whether it is professional or not, whether you feel it was unofficial, obscure, etc, the fact of the matter is that the definitions of the very words you keep trying to use to describe the video are not being correctly utilized. The video itself is far from obscure, and far from unofficial, but you are entitled to your opinion, regardless of how delusional it may be.

    You also misunderstood my argument, so let me clarify it again for you. I said in my very first post, all PvE trinkets should be removed from PvP. Then you said you did not agree HT should be removed because it would simply arenas. Then in my second post, I stated that I have never considered HT PvE only trinkets, and therefore did not want HT removed either, and assured you I was on your side. The main problem here is, you either did not read that second post, or you again misunderstood what was being said. So I will again state, I am for HT in PvP, and still have no idea why you are arguing with me. :)

    My credibility is just fine. Again, it doesn't get anymore official than SOE Live 2013, and it doesn't get any less obscure than our forums, and YouTube. Just because you never saw this video, does not make it obscure, or unofficial, it simply makes you ignorant. You really need to brush up on that vocabulary and reading comprehension because if anyone needs a clue, it is you. Your ignorance is blinding you from the truth, that truth being that I am not your enemy. ;)
  17. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    I say again. HT trinkets ARE pve trinkets, because they are not rented with pvp marks. I used vocabulary you didn't and still do not understand, apparently. You had to look those words up because you didn't and still do not fully understand their definitions.

    You say you agree with me, but you do not fully agree with me. I have stated numerous times I support removal of all restrictions in all arenas, including deathmatches. You say you do not support removal of restrictions in deathmatches. You are contradicting yourself again and again. Your argument is illogical, and therefore you have no credibility here.
  18. Kroye Loyal Player

    I received a forum violation for a post in this thread joking someone was "farming Smurfs". I want to apologize for my comment and explain that it was a reference to a typo someone made when they directed a post at "Gargamel".

    I sincerely hope no one was offended by said post, and I hope it didn't detract from the serious discourse.
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  19. phen0mena Committed Player

    Hey bud, you ever think they reversed their decisions because their and your ideas weren't what the majority wanted, and they were losing players?

    Tricks are for schmucks that can't hack it. It's not complex if you have a trick bag that others don't, that lets you walk all over them. That's not complex. It would be complex why that is not understood.

    Returning things to what they were, is what players in favor of skill vs skill matches wanted.

    Ever think, they did this because that was the majority and not minority?

    You think they don't have things in game that capture all the statistics etc of player behavior, and found out that HT/etc was negatively impacting the participation levels with all it's crutches?

    Like, think about it. They said they were absolutely not removing this stuff. No questions.
    Then mass exodus, etc. You think they reversed this adamant stance on whim to a select few of hardcore purists? Give your head a shake ha. They were freaking adamant about HT etc being in arenas and it was 'here to stay' bla bla, and that changed. Think about that. You think lockouts were removed out of coincidence too? It's called scrambling.
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  20. Giggles Loyal Player


    Just because I do not fully agree with you does not mean I want to see HT removed entirely from PvP. That is what you continue to fail to grasp. You can't have it all. Some of the community hates HT, others like you and I do not mind it and enjoy it. Nothing changes the fact that a divide in the community exists on this topic.

    So what the devs did to try and please everyone is remove it from certain maps, this way players who dislike HT can play those maps, and the rest of us who enjoy it can keep playing the way we want. Was I upset when HT got removed from death match? Sure, but I realize as an adult it was done to please both sides of the community and I respect the devs decision, and I will adapt accordingly.

    Throughout this thread I have been informing you that you are failing to understand that the entire time I was telling you that in my opinion I do not consider HT a PvE only trinket, I also showed you why I do not consider it a PvE only trinket (the video). So therefore when I said all PvE trinkets should be removed from PvP, I was not including HT, which I also explained to you in my second post. Please open your eyes and start reading. Why is that so hard for you to fully comprehend?

    You say you have great vocabulary, but do not know how to properly use the words obscure, and unofficial in a proper sentence. Then you also say you read, but clearly did not read my fist couple posts. Everything you have said in this thread is the very definition of a contradiction. ;)


    Don't be sorry, that was funny. There is nothing serious being discussed in this thread. This thread has pretty much run it's course anyways. :D
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