Stop crying about atomics

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  1. triplem assault New Player

    I was thinking that they should change might and power to vitalization and power or dominace and power. This might fix the problem with atomic "tanks" spect as superpowered getting increased power regen while spect might and power having the damage of a dps with a sizable amount of power to continously spam combos.
  2. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    The point should not be about nerfing Atomic or any other powerset.

    4 things need to be changed first before any other changes can be contemplated:
    i) Removal of the increased power regen from Superpowered

    Even Hybrid power regen from weapons is better than the old hit-counter based power regen. So power regen must be brought down to proper levels. And it should be based on hit-counter, like before, and not based on percentage of power pool. Because that will give too much of an advantage between even a 200SP versus a 300 SP character assuming same pvp gear level.

    With this, nobody can spam powers. Even a 3 shield loadout might become sub-optimal. Mental also cannot use their 3 shield loadout + Invisibility-Ambush Pain combo, because of the power costs.

    ii) Revert Power combos to be counterable

    This again avoids people spamming their combos. The price here though is that if this change is made, then for balance and fairness, the power combos also have to be granted the ability to counter as well.

    iii) Change pvp gear to be for aesthetics instead of stats only

    In my view, CR100/101 gear has become a crutch for a lot of players. A lot of players seemed to have earned their Marks of Valor during the AM + 1 shot era, abusing broken stuff. Now, things like Rifle 5 tap combo and Nature animal form (zoning into pvp while in Animal form) are being abused as well. Those players abuse stuff because they know they get thrashed if they actually have to start doing counters.

    So make it a level playing field for all. Newer players can have more time learning without getting wiped just because of the gear gap. Under-level 30 characters should be disallowed in pvp. Or at least there should be a big warning to not enter pvp until level 30.

    Real pvpers do not need the gear to perform.

    Pre-revamp, even CR100/101 gear cannot save some people. They were just that bad at the basics of countering. Or else, their game ping was like really bad, like 350-400ms or something.

    iv) In-game function for displaying game ping (not only for pvp but also for pve)

    This is a necessary setting that has to be shown, not just for pvp but also for pve. The difference between playing under 100ms, 100-200ms, 200-300ms, 300ms and above is vastly vastly different. Someone playing at high 200ms has to input their counters at a much earlier time compared to someone on say 70ms ping. At the very highest level, this is huge.

    Someone on 300ms and above needs to have like pre-cog powers to be able to counter consistently.

    Difference in game ping also makes a huge difference in pve. For dps, the player with the better ping can get more consistent dps. For healers, the player with the bad ping can be hitting their burst heals just a tad too slow. For tanks, countering may become a problem. For trolls, their detaunt may be hit just a tad too slow.
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  3. Snuffhim Well-Known Player

    Combos should be interruptable for pvp, but for pve I think it should be left the same
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  4. DulcesS Well-Known Player

    Atomic tanks heal a lot, while doing medium-high unblockable damage. Add a couple of shields to the cheese and that's it. Broken *** pvp power. I hope it gets nerfed to the underground.
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  5. triplem assault New Player

    I wouldn't mind if the made the combos interuptable for pve and pvp because I kind of miss using the ranged combos for block breaks to get immunities from enemys during raids and pvp, but I think the combo atom splitter for atomic should stay uninterruptable since its an all direction attack. And from what I remember atomic combos would only counter if you had your aura up. I don't really know how this is going to affect other combo powers though.
  6. spack2k Steadfast Player

    u thought ppl are crying alot about atomic ?

    be prepared for when shields get nerfed in pvp.
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  7. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    This is true, but it used to be more fun getting stomped on lol. Like when you finally win and get to T-bag the other guy was sooooo gratifying :D
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  8. Pyrometers Active Player

    It's funny because when fire tank health never moved and had flame cascade just like atomic everyone scream nerf but fire didn't have a ton of power to heal and spam flame cascade :rolleyes:.
  9. Snuffhim Well-Known Player

    I remember fire tanks being good but I ended up quitting the game during that time lol but as far as dps'ingnow fire is actually pretty solid, but for fire tanking now I have no clue
  10. DulcesS Well-Known Player

    Actually, I should be nerfed because I'm so OP =S
  11. Surtur Well-Known Player

    Yes, the shields are helping balance out the heals for atomic. There are going to be people really screaming then. LOL...Listening to the wrong players again it seems and or the people doing adjustments on PVP don't PVP.
  12. triplem assault New Player

    I just lost to an atomic tank with 122 dom in a duel XD. I have nearly 11 times that and I'm an atomic tank my self. This dps in tanks stance thing needs to stop because its just ridiculous and disrespectful to those who actually spect for the role.
  13. Kryptonian Being Committed Player

    Watch out guys, we might get nerfed at PVE despite people whining at a PVP instance
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  14. Johnny DCUO Well-Known Player

    ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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  15. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    No, atomic is definitely an issue. When an atomic TANK is breaking 3 times more damage than 9 other players there's something wrong.
  16. Johnny DCUO Well-Known Player

    Yesterday I entered PvP as an Atomic tank, and I got beasted by a gadgets troll.
    He was totally AWESOME.
  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i am not sure if healing is in general to powerfull in pvp... well, it costs a lot of power too, wich makes it ok, but considering you are going full power with mods, pop a shield and use soder cola invinite if ready, there you go: you are basicly immortal. just like powers that run a lot of shields: as mental, one pops the next shield when the other one is deactivated and with soder cola restoring all health you could loose, immortallity is yours. that makes PVP suck its own huge balls: there is just to many times that the fight ends only after the time out, because both players are set unkillable under circumstances like this... also: atomic had strong heals that also were dammaging and with the low power needed, there was nothing you could do against it. therefore a nerf was needed. i don't know: fire tanks can heal just as well (granted: they need to go power to sustain) and mental popping shields are as tediously aswell. not that ice had any less shields... nerf nerf nerf ^^ why do i even care? i will finish my pvp styles soon for the negltected villain side and then i most probably will never step a foot again into any arena whatsoever IMAO also they should get rid of vitalization as stat, take away power from might and have power as a stat on its own again, replacing vitalization... fixes a lot of problems, i would suppose...
  18. Snuffhim Well-Known Player

    By a gadget troll? What?
  19. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    Should've titled this thread, "My power is op and I'm enjoying it, so stop snitching."
  20. Johnny DCUO Well-Known Player

    Yeah.. :D
    He knew how to use his shields and debuffs.
    As soon as I get debuffed by a troll, my healing s*cks.
    He used shields for defence and a damage rotation with his other powers.