Stop Crashing my PS5

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Random Mind, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    This game has hard crashed my ps5 twice in less than 24 hours by which I mean, it completely shuts down my system and it has to repair itself before I can login again. These were numbers 7 and 8 I think since I bought my ps5 in July 2021. I mean disconnects are pretty annoying but hard crashes make me angry. This didn't happen on my PS4 and it hasn't happened on any other games that I play on my PS5, so why does DCUO crash PS5s?

    The crashes happen the same way as regular disconnects, you are warping somewhere and all of sudden.... BANG.... your screen goes black, except instead of being booted out of the game, your system shuts down and you have press the power button on the system manually and have it repair itself before you can log in again.
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  2. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    This happens on my sister's PS5 too. Its one of the reasons she doesn't play DCUO much anymore.
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  3. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I understand that completely.
  4. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The warp thing happens on occasion, but its rare. Just don't get up if you get revived with a ton of enemies on your screen. Flee and come back. That will minimize the crashes.
  5. Emoney Dedicated Player

    This is the main reason I still use my ps4 pro exclusively for DCUO. This game did a number on my ps3's hard drive years ago, and I wont let that happen to my ps5. We have to remember, there isnt a client for ps5 yet...we are basically running a port on the 5. The devs have stated a client is in the works, so until that day, my ps4 will get use. I still play gta5 on it as well. And even when the ps5 client comes out, I still may never play this game on my ps5.
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  6. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The loading screens alone are worth it. By the time DCUO kills your PS5... you'll have a PS6 to worry about. The controller analogs from dashing around the map are more likely to give out 5x before the PS5 does.

    Life is short. Don't be a paranoid cook.
  7. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Warping is the main reason for my disconnects and crashes, I rarely disconnect while I'm in combat or travelling. I put fleeing in the same category as warping because you are changing locations and DCUO has to load the new location instantly. If I get knocked out while I'm facing a boss, most times I will not flee until the fight is over so that I get credit for the kill if I crash and then if I do crash, I can claim the reward when I log back in. I will chance it if the fight just started and there aren't many people fighting the boss.
  8. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    It happens at least once every time I do the weekly T5-T6 bounties with a group. It can also happen on occasion when I leave the seasonal vault.

    The worst ones are the Metahuman/Onimar Synn mechanics where they teleport you and you crash ><
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  9. Emoney Dedicated Player

    It's not paranoia it's common sense. Those repeated hard crashes are not good for the system, and it's not like I can go buy a new ps5 at at store around here still, almost 3 years into the generation.

    I'll save my ps5 for games that are worth and built for it. DCUO looks and plays the same on the ps4, and even if I have faster loading times, I still have to wait for the slowest in the group, so that's a wash.

    Good luck playing with your ps5, hope you're right.
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  10. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    You are exactly right, I can't just go to Best Buy or where ever and pick up a PS5 like we did for my PS4. They just aren't there. My sister was fortunate enough to get select by Sony to purchase one directly from them. So far, I haven't been able to get one. I have received the invitation from Sony to put my name on a list to purchase a PS5 but I haven't been selected to yet.

    The PS4 is still great. I hope it continues to work and be supported by gaming companies for a long time.
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  11. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Using your own logic... that the game isn't designed to be run on the PS5 and that is why we shouldn't do it... well it is designed for the PS4 and it has the exact same problem amongst others... so I'm not really sure that this upcoming native client upgrade is going to be the savior of your PS5.

    If it dies... it dies. Sure as hell not benching it for years on a what if...

    To each their own, I guess.
  12. Emoney Dedicated Player

    First of all, I didnt say bench the PS5, unless this is the ONLY game you play, and if thats the case, seems like a PS5 is a waste of money.

    I play PS5 games on my PS5.

    As to the issue happening on the PS4, not even close. I've had my PS4 blue screen once in the past 3 months, and it doesnt force a hard reset and data rebuild like the 5. The PS3 used to do it darn near 3 times a day and it totally destroyed my hard drive. I learned from that mistake and will not destroy my ps5s hard drive.

    You came on here complaining about an issue that stems from running a PS4 client on a PS5. It wont be fixed until the PS5 client comes out, so deal with it or stop playing dcuo on the PS5.
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  13. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    I came on here complaining? What? I came on here saying that the game crashes sometimes... period. I'm not going to let that force my hand into reverting to my PS4 and I suggested you do the same.

    The PS4 is awful to play on once you've experienced the frame rate of the PS5. Its a horrible experience for me now at least.

    You know what's bad for the PS5? Everything. Every second that fan is spinning is time off the natural life span of the system. A crash once or twice a month that is usually preventable if you see it coming... shouldn't be a valid reason to go back to that choppy mess on the PS4.
  14. LetsGoBULLS92 New Player

    I can only assume you either don’t really play this game very much or you’re straight capping. Crashes in the game are not specific to the PS5 it happens on all platforms. And PS4 games consistently bricking a PS5 is not normal. Obvious you just have some kind of problem with Cyclonic.
  15. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I play at least an hour a day upwards to 5 or more. My ps4 hasnt crashed at all cept for right after the update. Once in the past few months like I said.

    I never said all ps4 games, or even any other ps4 games, but this game forces a reboot and file rebuild, which is horrible for any computer system, you're gambling with that kind of constant error.
    I dont really have a problem with Cyclonic, but he has jumped on my comments before rather harshly, as if his opinion matters more than mine. I'm not arguing who's opinion is right or wrong, just stating hard crashes on the ps5 damages it over time. If ya have a secret source to get another ps5 no problem, cool. The rest of America has a hard time finding them.
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  16. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I wouldnt know what it looks like or plays like on the ps5 cuz I never installed it on my 5. No point in taking up hard drive space when I already have it on my 4, and I'd never touch my 4 again. Considering I have a regular ps4 and a ps4 pro, I may as well use em instead of packing them away. So, I use them as my dcuo consoles, and play ps5 games on my ps5. No other games force a reboot on my 5 like this game has been reported to do quite frequently, so mine should last longer right??

    I never said you had to do anything, take all the risks you want. Just sharing my method for those that dont want to destroy their ps5 over this game....seems like you took issue with me trying to help.
  17. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    It just happened again!!! What's up Daybreak/DI... are your servers powered by hamsters? Is a PS5 too much console for you? If so, you might wanna put a warning on your game... "Please be aware our game is almost 12 years and is currently not able to run properly on current generation consoles and will crash on a regular basis, play at your own risk."
  18. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Funny, I always thought it would be the lootboxes, membership fees and the grinding that would drive me away from DCUO, turns out it might just be these constant hard crashes that makes me leave.
  19. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    So PLAY ON A PS4 UNTIL THE NATIVE PS5 CLIENT IS RELEASED! PlayStation consoles have long had issues with emulation for games from previous PS systems, going all the way back to the PS2. And that's what the PS5 HAS TO DO, it has no choice but to emulate the game, because it's a game that was made for the PS3 and PS4, and not yet for the PS5. Backwards Compatibility is NOT flawless, and should not ever be assumed to be so.

    If you foolishly got rid of your PS4 when you got the PS5, then go rebuy the PS4! They should be cheap now that the PS5 has been out for awhile. ;)
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  20. Siramez Well-Known Player

    reason PS5 is crashing is because it is using PS4 version but using PS5 hardware, and they are working on native PS5 client which could be coming soon to fix all of that. So for now, we have to deal with it... it's funny I haven't had this issue for months