Stop changing rules mid-game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by FrankDma1962, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Wellens Well-Known Player

    That's very true too, the lockouts were a frustration and I think I can speak for a large majority of us in saying that we appreciate the fact that you're removing that. What say you about the map rotation though?
  2. YoloKytten New Player

    System like this can be jarring, in PS2 it has a memeic name:
    "Welcome to Planetside... 2"

    (Hint: the guys one ground is is you the new player. This you exactly 1 - 15.45 seconds after they enter the game and feel down. First lesson of teamwork right there. See how there is a healer immediately there to help? See how the second guy is off tanking while the man tank distracts from behind? See how the control is suppressing fire? )

    It emphasizes the believe that for players have to be jarred into having to do teamwork. This being said, I do think you guys should really looking into the PVP matchmaking for area play. I still think there are CR and PVP CR imbalances and there should be better and hard-fast logical limits. Talking to some pvpers it seems these limits do exist but the game is to flexible in when to obey or not obey these limits. This being said, I do think that when we consider the PVP matchmaking for legends, it work better for teamwork play because the abilities of the players is more restricted than that of arena play.

    Realistically speaking only for 8 vs. 8 and if you guys ever do it 12 vs 12 or 24 vs. 24, do you ever really want to be flexible on matchmaking limits. However, with 5 v. 5 and below the mean average of the two teams PVP CR should more evenly match. Perhaps two less than second order 10% standard deviation? In the same individual player CR should have a greater restriction, to that the player has to at least have some PVP CR in them. Say all player have to be now less than half of the maximum players CR.

    Does that make sense Spytle? Or should I explain how actually greater restrictions on matchmaking in the smaller match sizes better encourages players to work in teams rather than looser restrictions? (It is kind of paradoxical)

    You know you probably find it funny, but call the gear "Seasonal" gear get me thinking that its sold by Skeets workshop. lol. Also I agree that gear is something that should be adjusted; however, I don't think its the only thing that should really be looked at. (see matchmaking above for an example). Also, I think a cyclical approach is great with one caveat of your new system, ever 1-2 years you do want to have a semi-reset or hidden part of the cycle, that players are not aware of. In other words, don't show us the full hand of what to expect in new PVP gear. :3

    To everyone: Also someone you people are being real ******** to Spytle. I have re-read this post from the beginning and I feel like we need to address some issues with you guys understanding of what games are and what game developers do. If you still have a question about any of the quote threads above, please do youself a favor and watch these videos before you dig yourself a deeper hole:
    Game theory behind how Spytle does his job and introduction to MMOs development:

    So for the record he's actually doing is job quite well. (thumbs up for spytle)
    Game theory behind pvp gear in general:

    Game theory behind loot and pvp gear changes:

    Game theory behind pvp gear and map rotation changes as a cycle in even more detail:
    ^Blizzard fails because it struggles to implement this in its games fyi. What do you think the fundamental problem of WoW is?
  3. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Map rotation is here to stay. We like it because we get to add new maps and variations of them without affecting queues. There are some maps that require some fixing before they can get back into the rotation. We are aware of certain feats being restricted because of this, and we'll work to get that resolved. For now, we ask for your continued patience on that front. As you can see we are moving and reacting to feedback regularly.
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  4. risingtide New Player

    Oh boy a thread where the dev gets worked up and I wasn't even the see something new everyday lol.
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  5. YoloKytten New Player

    Great reply Spytle, I am going to edit it so, if they don't get what you just said make them watch the last video in the series. Though really for map development, would you like me to find more game theory video proving your point?
  6. Wellens Well-Known Player

    I really appreciate your responses Spytle and I'm trying really hard to see where you guys are coming from. I'm assuming that when you say new maps and variations you're talking about maps crossing between Arena and Legends? Such as Safehouse maps playable as Legends characters? Because if that's the case I feel like I can rest a little easier knowing why it's worth the map rotation. Not that you need my approval, more that I justify it to myself, you know what I mean? Thank you again for being so forthright.
  7. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    Wow, this thread got crazy overnight :)

    Thanks. It doesn't really help us now, but it's good to know that it's at least something that you're looking at. I can go back to asking for my T4 challenges and duos again now :)
  8. risingtide New Player

    What he means is they are able to add more maps to the game without affecting the ques. If all maps where available at the same time the queing would be spread out amongst all maps that are queable. The rotations keeps the ques to specific maps and makes que times shorter and people get into matches quicker.
  9. Wellens Well-Known Player

    That's a very fair answer. Thanks risingtide!
  10. FrankDma1962 Well-Known Player

    It seems I've lit a firestorm without really trying.

    Let me explain something about me and my gameplay. Attack if you will but even though I am a season veteran of this game from Beta this has been my first and only MMORPG game I've ever played. I've done my play solo. No league or team except when I queue up for any of the missions required to level up and raise ratings. I've taken and learned by my mistakes in the game and sometimes from guides here and there on this forum or the net. At times I feel like I get attacked for asking, what might be to some of you, dumb questions. But think please. For every one of me that actually have the nerve to ask there are many others who don't and go blindly on or quit the game.

    The last time I remember logging on was when the Celestial powers came out and I created a character based on a Polish folklore. I'm not on the forum that often because I follow to the best I can on Facebook & Twitter what is going on. Too many flame wars here when it comes to questions. I'm not on the game as long as some people because I work a twelve hour day and this is a mode of anger release by beating up "people" in the game. So that's why I really don't have characters on par with others who have been here as long as I have. I'm happy making characters and naming them then trying to get to each level or DLC so I can "keep up" with the rest. I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm asking for understanding that some of us still have question on what the freak we're doing in the game.

    Like the armor. I still don't understand why the PvE goes so far on level powers compared to the PvP which shows up with higher ratings in each category. Should I buy all the PvE first and put the PvP in my Vault until needed for a PvP mission? When do I "retire" a level of armor for the higher level? These are questions I've look for answers and have not been told what is right or wrong. All I have been doing from Day 1 was asking for help in certain threads on gameplay and having fun in the Joker one with stuff we all post for laughs.

    So attack me if you must but know I'm a lost soul in this game not looking for a league to follow or join but answers when I have "stupid" questions.
  11. Dametria Loyal Player

    this ^^^^
    I always wondered why I could get a full set of pvp gear in my support role as soon as I hit level 30 but not pvp gear.
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  12. SupertoadLive Well-Known Player

    Good idea. Working on it now.
    I don't use the wrong type of gear in stuff unless I've forgotten what I was doing the last time I've played. I'm not very good at PvE or PvP so I guess it doesn't make a big deal to me.
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  13. RapidRay Committed Player

    If there are changes being made along the way, such is the nature of any MMO with a player base that finds exploits and workarounds that make for HIGHLY accelerated progress that is beyond what the developers had intended.
    In the past, I could easly run a new character from the ship to LVL 30 before ever going past a LVL 25 mission. Not so now as the leveling up process has become more linear in what missions you are allowed to do.

    Those changes and the workover of the PVP gear being disabled in PVE content have one major stem the overwhelming tide of players who truly do not understand the way their roles work. Ask yourself how many times you've shaken your head because a troller wasn't giving power and wearing all DPS gear. How many times have you seen players run out ahead of the tank and get trashed beyond what ANY healer could keep up with? Seen tanks who can't hold aggro because they are swinging away at one target while the rest of the room's adds are hitting everyone else? Anyone remember the "Glass Cannons" back when the game first launched who could beast an instance but the rest of us were constantly picking them up after being one shotted?

    Whether you like or dislike any of the changes, you need to remember that we...the player often drive the devs to revamp content, not because we asked them to, but to keep us in line. Bank glitching, running raids under the floors and behind the walls, etc....we do these things. If the devs address it one way or another, we just have to accept it or, if it chaps your backside that badly, move on to something else.
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  14. DC-Doll New Player

    I know exactly how you feel. I know some full T5 people, (When I say full T5, I mean Full Traces or close to it) That are using utility belts from T4 raids just because they have more trinkets/wildcards than what they got from T5 content. (Stuck with an 84 myself due to that issue).

    BTW, since we're on it. What's with 84 U.B.s dropping at the end of Dox? I mean....I got an 87 from one of the O.C. Operations.
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  15. Xaetum New Player

    YEAH IM BRINGING UP SAID TOPICS... Ive played the game since beta never been a big forum fan but the PVP/PVE gear change really had me upset to the point to where I don't even wanna play. Anybody whose to say ''well its been announced before the update'' I have bigger fish to fry than to worry about Dcuo updates. The biggest question I have is WHAT DOES IT MATTER TO WEAR PVP GEAR AGAINST THE COMPUTER, there is no unfair advantage of wearing PVP gear in PVE. High valued PVE gear in PVP is another story. All that change did was piss some if not most ppl off because now we have no weapon or tricket in PVE. Ever since I hit lvl 30 on any of my toons I've never had PVE weapons. For the ppl that play for free, I'm sure they're upset for the fact their whole inventory now, is going to be taken up by a WHOLE set of PVE gear. NOW instead of continuing what I was doin now I have to spend even more time collecting PVE rings weapons etc. Its just a real set back for me at least. PLUS I EVEN KNOW WHERE TO GET DECENT PVE WEAPONS :mad:

  16. Chungweishan New Player

    I'm going back to the beginning of the thread...
    Where was the concern when the Devs were previously warned about PvP-Cash Gear even before it came out? I wrote many times new players would instantly use it for PvE Tiers 1-3 (if not higher). Regardless of actual intention, the problems it must have caused were ignored from that update until now.

    It is jarring. You're telling all new players that obviously saw the better stats in PvP-Cash Gear to progress through the lower-tiered content, while probably deleted/salvaging their PvE-gear after obtaining a certain Combat Rating (which also saves its progress at the highest rating!!!), by doing walk-ins, and maybe using Replay Badges... that they're leveling too quickly. Now they have to backtrack their progress and obtain inferior PvE-Gear because of your oversight?

    What's to gain? Hoping some players will be better in strategies and combat mechanics in end-game content because it takes longer for them to get there? That players will actually visit Central City once again for the Tier 2.5 gear?

    What's to lose? A whole generation of new players/alts (post-Seasonal PvP) that were used to a system that allowed faster progression to end-game content.

    It doesn't matter if certain "known-members" "veterans" or even other new players proclaim, "I never used PvP-gear in PvE Content, so they should too!" The fact remains that it was allowed, it was adapted into the progression of new players, and now they're punished for something not their fault. Honestly, if I was starting a new character, I would've done the same thing: bought PvP-Cash Gear at Level 30 and burned through Tiers 1-3, then moved on to actually obtaining Tier 4 PvE Gear.
    If PvP-gear isn't allowed in PvE-content, then PvE-gear should not be allowed in PvP-Arenas. The only players able to take advantage of it are the ones in T5-PvE Gear. Anyone with lower gear is a detriment to the team. That's the problem. It shouldn't matter if it's jarring that a T5-PvE Player has to progress like every other PvP-player starting with Cash-gear. What's jarring is the T5-PvE Player demolishing PvP-Cash Gear players (players that either are trying to progress through PvP with the Devs' intention, or just haven't had the opportunities to obtain T5 gear).

    I bet we'll see even more new players with PvE-Gear in Arenas because they won't even know about the PvP-Cash Gear. So be thrilled when your teammate has a 40dps weapon and think, "How wonderful these changes are."
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  17. Evil Leaper New Player

    I'm glad as a paid representative of a company that is charging me money so I can enjoy myself you can live without my respect. I just wish you would listen to the numerous other players that have experienced the game like I have. We cannot develop special gear to wear like you and Mepps can. You can say whatever you want and not be held to the same standards.
    How can what I said be a conspiracy theory when multiple threads complained about the same thing I said. Not only that but you are devising a new way gear is to be distributed. So hmmmm. I am unsatisfied with how the game has changed within the last 6 months. Numerous threads have been asking powers to be balanced and instead you give the most OP power a buff leaving the other powers in the dust.
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  18. Xaetum New Player

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  19. Radium Devoted Player

    Dude, you've been playing the game for 3 years, how do you not have, or even not know where to get, decent PvE weapon?

    Central City has 2 types of weapons that you can buy just based on your CR. 103 and 113s. If you only rocked the 77.9 PVP weapon before then you missed out completely. It also has the jewelry your after.
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  20. cdicke2 Well-Known Player

    I agree that we need more inventory space. I have DPS and Healer gear for PVE and PVE. that takes up my entire safe. I can store anything else in ther...
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