Stop changing rules mid-game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by FrankDma1962, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Replay badges don't let you skip or over gear content; you still have to play it the same amount of times as a person not using replay badges - they just go at a slower rate. Apples and oranges. Unless there is an exploit on that front i should be made aware of? Let me know if there is.
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  2. Liongale Dedicated Player

    Some people mistake honesty for rudeness. There's nothing wrong with what you said or how you said it- as it's not your fault society needs everything sugar coated for them.

    I will tell a story. I used to be a spoiled brat years ago. I was self-righteous, feeling entitled, and basically... I was like some people I see around here. It wasn't until a good friend finally had enough and told me to Stop It. She pointed out what I was doing wrong, what was going on, and instead of being defensive, I accepted that... and became a much better, well-rounded person for it. Blunt honesty saved me from being a terrible person.

    Some players are ruining the game by trying to find every exploit possible, and refusing to accept responsibility, or becoming defensive when called out on it. I actually feel proud to see someone like Spytle who can put his foot down for what is right.

    Stop looking for loopholes in the game! Whew.

    And for some relevant humour:

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  3. Neph Dedicated Player


    You said you felt that he stepped over the line. So, you made an accusation. By definition, an accusation is a charge (attack) of wrongdoing that is made against a person or other party.
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  4. Jamie New Player

    Speaking of using replay badges to skip content - do you have any more news that you can share about feat sharing?
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  5. Radium Devoted Player

    While I completely understand why you did what you did, and support it, you guys were warned by myself and others in the developer discussion threads that were opened before Season 1 began.

    Having that much health and damage in the form of a cash set is just giving to much power away without restrictions, but fortunetly the fix is here.
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  6. Evil Leaper New Player

    And zero sympathy from me when players complain that you are hurting the game rather than helping it. Your response is callous and uncalled for. You were the ones that designed the random loot to give you every roles gear other than the one we play in. You guys designed it so we can't buy every piece we need so your comment is just a slap in the face. You have lost all respect I have ever had for you.
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  7. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Great post. We can't discuss this issue often enough in my opinion. We have a significant number of players who not only cheat and exploit but honestly think there is nothing wrong with it. They justify it by using excuses like "it's too hard" or "loot drops are unfair" . Even if that were the case it doesn't justify cheating. It's like a cashier stealing from the store because they think they are underpaid.
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  8. twist New Player

    I don't exploit games so if there are any I wouldn't know, and I don't like the insinuation. Sub cancelled. Game over.
  9. IvoMnik New Player

    If taking advantage and gaming the system is valid for PvP in PvE , then why it is not valid for PvE in PvP ?
    Or is this a case where "A is A when it suits me , but when it suits you A becomes Z"
    How about healers(and not only) using and abusing max Item Level PvE gear in PvP and taking advantage of the stat difference ?
    As it is now, PvP sets are at least 1.5 , if not 2 tiers behind PvE stat wise in regards to the stats that are valid for both environments

    What maybe and most likely will upset people is if PvE gear is not disabled from PvP too - that will show double standards , and will erode the image of the game in the eyes of the players .

    I fail to see the logic if further down the line ( but not so further) PvE gear isn't disabled for PvP - the one point is that PvE rings have sockets , but I do not consider this to be a big issue , and the difference of the trinket effect between PvP and PvE trinkets - but that also does not seem too complicated to fix - is that tough to add proper , good stat boosts to PvP trinkets on top of the existing breakout and resistance buff , and add breakout to all PvE trinkets in addition to what they already have ?

    After all the trinket system seems heavily borrowed from WoW , and as far as I have seen and been told by WoW players , trinket-ing there was mainly for CC Resistance/Break at the right time to evade certain nasty skills .
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  10. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Not on topic at all...+1 for referencing one of my favorite sketches ever!
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  11. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Perhaps, and I will conceded that point, you can read it in a post I just made above, and while I would hope to have/earn/maintain the respect of each individual player like yourself, I can manage to survive without it.

    Now, your conspiracy theory regarding the RNG is just that - a conspiracy theory. The loot system is simply not designed that way. There is no system that tries to avoid giving you a certain type of loot based on your character's package. This just does not happen in any way shape or form. New ways to distribute the loot are being implemented and if they go well, I imagine certain elements will be backwards engineered. But that takes a lot of time and work, so we're taking baby steps like we usually do in order to maintain forward progress for the players that expect it. It's comments like yours, which are completely unfounded, and point to us being somehow corrupt, that lead to a similar loss of my respect to the poster.

    Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts. It's nice to be able to express unvarnished opinions, isn't it? Wish everyone else felt the same way. Anyway, take care.
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  12. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    As he's explained before. They feel a fresh 30 trying to jump in to PVP with the only gear they have and finding none of it works would be too jarring. Then there's the issue of below lvl 30 where there's only a select few peices of PVP gear to buy.

    Where in the opposite, you should already have a set of PVE gear from leveling, and you can start that progression from there like intended.

    I agree that they should just make it a clean cut on both sides, but they have a point with naked fresh 30's and below. The idea of having to wait months to get a solution to this PVE in PVP issue sucks, but I think the devs would agree, but want to solve it in the best way possible.
  13. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    You clearly have not read the other responses I made about that very issue. Please take the time to catch up on a thread before commenting. It's the least you can do when joining the conversation. Thanks.
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  14. Liongale Dedicated Player

    You have assumed a lot of insinuations in this thread that have been incorrect. Step back, self-evaulate, don't be so defensive, and stop trying to read past what people are saying. No one is a mind-reader. The best you can get is Patrick Jane.
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  15. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Been waiting for a new Spytle quote for my signature.
    Yes...this will do. :D
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  16. Spytle Executive Creative Director


    I did not accuse you of anything. Yeesh.

    Why bother? Going to take a queue from the incomparable Deathmike...

    Spytle out!
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  17. IvoMnik New Player

    And exactly why that would be the case ? One simple message , or one simple quest that leads you to the PvP/PvE vendors when you hit 30 and it being complete-able by only talking to the NPC and having RED bolded text in the window that pops up typically when one interacts with quest-giving NPC that says that Gear Type A works only for and in environment A and Gear Type B works only for and in environment B .
    After all , the very first PvP set is cash only , and if such a simple thing as the quest I gave as an example is added , I doubt many players will jump head on with lvl 18-24 PvE items in PvP .
  18. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    LOL, What?

    Nowhere in there did he accuse you of anything...He simply said if someone can get marks/gear as fast as somebody using replay badges, then there is an exploit and if there is an exploit that he would like to know about it...He didnt accuse anybody of exploiting, nor did he say that there even was an exploit

    Reading comprehension skills peeps.

    Or what he said^
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  19. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I can completely see where you're coming from. I think the issue is the timing of the change. Really I do feel if this was intended to be changed, it should have happened years ago, but I understand you guys have your limits. I'm sure you've noticed to volatility within the DCUO community and I know many people who would use something like this as "icing on the cake" to leave. To some people this is viewed as a "cash grab" because PvP gear no longer needs replays, yet PvE it may seem the game is forcing players who want to progress rapidly to use replays even in lower content. I'm not saying this is true, only trying to relay the whispers I've heard from players to you because if anyone can change public opinion and prove this is untrue, it's you and Mepps.
  20. Neph Dedicated Player

    I believe he got that from Ryan Seacrest...
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